Will Rockstar Unveil GTA 6 At Gamescom 2016?

GTA 6 is the most anticipated game of franchise after a blockbuster success of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Rockstar Unveil GTA 6 At Gamescom 2016

The GTA 6 though expected to be released in 2018 or 2020, its development is almost confirmed but not officially.

The most latest news for all the die hard fans of GTA series, is that, GTA 6 is rumored to be revealed along with Red Dead Redemption 2 in forthcoming Gamescom 2016 event.

These are the two most darling titles of the studio as well as for the fans. The rumors about these 2 Rockstar games seems to be never ending process. Though nothing officially said from the Rockstar.

As per the GameNGuide, there is much probability that GTA 6 along with Red Dead Redemption 2 will be finally revealed at Gamescom 2016. This is pretty similar to Electronic Entertainment Expo, again all this is expected but being very optimistic might give some results.

On the other hand N4BB, gives two aspect of this situation, one favors the unveiling of GTA 6 as its
much expected by its fan and other is the unleashing of next-generation consoles (Xbox Two and PS5).

GTA 6 is expected to be a lot different with its predecessors, first and foremost it will feature the most demanded female protagonist, a big map which will allow players to transfer them from one location to a new one and this edition might get to new location outside US most probably London.

So friends lets cross our finger and see what will plated to us in Gamescom 2016 event. Whether GTA 6
will finally be unveiled to satisfy the lust of the world wide fans?

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