GTA 6 Close to Tokyo And Is Currently In Development: Report

Grand Theft Auto 6 is the most anticipated game after the GTA V’s grand success. GTA V took a lead with grand opening and continued to precedent of its video game series glory. GTA 6 currently famous for its rumors, and the next in line is the GTA 6 which may be close to Tokyo which is in Japan. So this might be the first GTA game goes outside the US.

GTA 6 in Tokyo Japan

Rockstar’s GTA series has rarely gone outside the US. The first mission pack in 1969, a London based mission. Till than we haven’t seen a game outside the US but there was news that in 2003 Rockstar developers were keen to put the game in Tokyo. Even Rockstar went to visit the Japanese capital on a reference trip to take pictures, meet locals, and assess the general vibe of the city to see if it would fit Grand Theft Auto’s aesthetics.

Later company also filled the trademark for GTA Tokyo, GTA Bogota, GTA Sin City. Though developers were very enthusiastic but later the project was dropped as major problem of using the Japanese city as a location being the metropolis’ road system presenting a huge hurdle for development and on top of the fact that Rockstar decided to leave the series’ brands and car types intact, as their names would likely have to change if Grand Theft Auto went abroad.

Another interesting info from Techradar website was the confirmation of the Grand Theft Auto series next installment i.e GTA 6. Though this seems to be an open secret but it confirmed its development in preliminary stage.

Another rumor is about the Rockstar new game Red Dead Redemption 2‘s release date is in 2017. Though we have enough speculations about the GTA VI, what we can do is sharing the ideas about the GTA 6 shifting outside US or even new locations where you want your GTA 6 to be placed.

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Source – Techradar

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