GTA 6 To Feature New Time Arena

The Grand success of GTA 5 makes each one of us to think about GTA 6, its new features & its next level adventure. Rockstar has not yet officially confirmed about GTA 6 but various rumors are circulating in the market which confirms its development.

GTA 6 To Feature New Arena

GTA 6 has a very long list of expected features from which we are sharing. One of the most discussed feature is female protagonist and another is new time arena in GTA 6.

What Is New Time Arena In GTA 6:

Taking a look on the past, what Grand Theft Auto series has gives us? It took us to 1986 arena in Vice City, 1992 in GTA San Andreas. then 2001 in GTA III and last series have little upgraded themselves and put us in modern time.

GTA London series was also a benchmark in creating new style in Game. It creates new theme and events in Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961, by this series Rockstar has taken us to 1960 which was a new time period for the game.

Now in GTA 6 we would like to see some new time period, in last two series Rockstar was dealing with modern world. But now we are done with this arena and want to see some new arena either retro look or future theme or some sci-fi based arena.

Taking GTA 6 to future world will open all doors and windows for creativity and adventure. It will allow the developers to imagine in a different way and recreate the thrill of Grand Theft Auto series among the GTA fans.

So what do you think of new time arena in GTA 6? Share your ideas in comments and stay connected for all updates on GTA 6.

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