GTA 6 To Feature New or HD Universe

Grand Theft Auto V released on September 2013 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with HD Universe and this version of the GTA series was the first one with the HD universe. In San Andreas the previous universe were 2D and 3D. The HD Universe is also known as HD Era and formally known as Grand Theft Auto IV Era. GTA V is the first game to have more than one protagonist at a time.

GTA 6 To Feature New or HD Universe

HD Universe firstly released in 2008 with the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. It is a fictional universe with various cities, characters and storyline, which all are connected, although each game only shows parts.

Friends now there is a big debate among the fans, weather Grand Theft Auto VI will have the same HD Universe or fans going to see same new arena or the universe?

Let’s begin with reason that why we actually needed HD universe. Rockstar has created the HD universe only to recreate the cities with more real like feeling as it was not possible with the 3D universe as 3D was like LC which doesn’t have statue of Liberty, a Times Square or an Empire State building. So they want to reinvent these cities, so they introduce the HD universe in cities like LC include the Statue of Happiness, Rotterdam Tower and the Star Junction. They also added boroughs of New York into LC like Dukes (Queens) Broker (Brooklyn) Algonquin (Manhattan) and Bohan (Bronx). Along with this other main factor was the drastic change in the graphic factor which was certainly not possible in a 3D universe.

The fans are in a continuous conversation that with the new generation of console GTA will have some new universe which might rediscover the Grand Theft Auto VI, while the other aspect says that till now we have 2D, 3D and now HD universe which provided the placed to get all confused out of the way.

People also claim that this debate was sane when GTA V was launched as people were assert on the drastic change in GTA V, as they firmly believe that V is a totally new world because it has a new number, though its arbitrary to say R* instead of tied down to specific numbers and console generations.

There is discussion on GTA online also, which seems less awkward as GTA online is a very famous one and any change in it, will affect the GTA legacy which is a kind of milestone for Grand Theft Auto series.

People go on giving their views about universe amendments along with this they also believe that the graphical difference between GTA V & VI will not be as evident as it was between IV and SA along with storyline which might not be as tied in as they were between III, VC and SA. So all this might not be cleared at once, which can be a big reason, they will stick to the HD era as they have visited two cities which only shows that they still have a lot of scope to discover in the HD era.

So considering all the factors we all are in dilemma whether to with HD universe or try some new one, but in our view, we are stunned to an HD one as it seems to have a lot of potential which is yet to be identified with next Gen console.

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