GTA 6 Release Date And Rumors Round Up

GTA 5 release date was September, 17 2013 and it appears that Rockstar is already working on Grand Theft Auto 6. Recently Rockstar has also delayed Heists Update which could also be a indication that Rockstar is working on GTA 6 in the background.

GTA 6 Release Date Rumors

Various rumors are circulating that soon GTA 6 is going to be released as GTA 5 announced for Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PC platform only, so Rockstar is expected that all fans will be buying new GTA.

The GTA series is always filled with excitement & adventure and with GTA 6 these are going to increase exponentially as now Grand Theft Auto 6 will be first of the GTA series to be launched for new generation gaming console as Xbox one & PSP4. As new gaming console is in the market, which forces us to think that will Rockstar pay more attention towards the new console for game development or will it prefer the old ones which is currently present with all consumers. Rockstar always improves in each version. It always focuses on the minute details which make the game more interesting and enjoyable.

It is also expected that GTA 6 is not going to release too early as previous GTA versions were released with a time gap of 6 years. But the grand success of GTA 5 will fascinate Rockstar to release GTA 6 as soon as possible as it keeps on saying that it has 45 years of experience which is going to be implemented in GTA 6.

Up till now GTA 6 is in the news due to its place that weather GTA 6 is going to be in Liberty City again? Or the metropolis New York City? Various fans are predicting other cities, but it is still unclear whether GTA 6 will be in New York or Houston. Another rumor was of city stories, it is expected that Rockstar has registered its new game version name as “City Stories”. It is also expected that GTA 6 is going to be city stories but It is confirmed that the name, city stories is being used for the GT PSP sub series.

Many fans surprise that how can GTA be improved, but the new gaming console will make a lot of difference and will provide more futuristic settings.

Hence GTA 6 release date is yet to be officially announced, but according to the previous release dates it is expected to be released in 2018 or 2019. Till then stay connected and updated.

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