GTA 6: Protagonist & Character Ideas

GTA 6 protagonist and characters are creating a lot of buzz over the internet. All the die heart fans of GTA series are expressing their views about the changes in the main protagonist of the game. People want a female protagonist which should be added in the game.

GTA 6 Protagonist & Character

GTA 6 story line must be molded in such a way that GTA fans must able to play with a female character in the game. Various fans are suggesting their views and here we are suggesting some of the ideas which can be implemented for GTA 6.

Firstly idea can be traditional one as of COP and CRIMINAL. Here protagonist can be FBI agent who is very sincere, kind – hearted and duty loving person while of the other hand, he will be dirty criminal with all the badness.

The main problem with this idea is that the switching between the characters as for example driving on the road during the game play and then started doing rash driving by crushing the people on the streets will be a typical one.

Second idea is based on all the fans requirement, which is a female character. Their can be a unless discussion, that whether a female protagonist should be included or not but as per the fans demand and hot rumors, fans are in support of the female protagonist.

Female character can be added in GTA 6 as dirty FBI agent who is eager to take up all the challenges and opportunities, or she can be a criminal also who is trying to spread his entire gang in whole city.

These are some of the ideas which we put – up for you and if you also have some more ideas for GTA 6 protagonist and characters then kindly share with us in below comment box.

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