GTA 6 Gameplay Trailer Video: Female Protagonist

The repercussions of GTA 6 can be heard very well and among them, the most vibrant one is a female protagonist as in a lead role. Fans are appealing a change in GTA series which can be seen in trailers made by the fans. Among them one of the fan trailer points various desires.

GTA 6 Gameplay Trailer

In this fan-made video, a female protagonist is shown, she is landing in a city via aeroplane and then some unusual thing has occurred due to which she starts fighting with mafia. She is doing a lot of adventure either with cars of bikes or even helicopter.

Video opens with a city in which stylish and luxurious cars are racing with each other. Video is mainly focused on the female character which seems quite attractive. And find some interesting thing in video as you can change the clothes of the leading character. So enjoy the video below.

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