Launching First GTA 6 Forum & Community

Update: We have shut down the GTA 6 forum because very less people were actually interested and lots of people were spamming making harder to manage.

GTA 5 is going to have Heist Update very soon and expected date is February 24, 2015, which is early then GTA 5 PC version release date. With all these updates for GTA 5, we are here to announce a very interesting news for the die hard fans of GTA 6 and the news is that we have started a GTA 6 forum.

GTA 6 Forum

About GTA 6 FORUM:

GTA 6 forum is a platform where all fans can share and exchange their views, ideas about the GTA 6. Forum contains various categories in which any member can start any new topic for discussion or even share its views in previously discussed topic.

Our GTA 6 forum has a very light theme and easy to access platform where any fan can join it by simply signing it with few details and then you are ready to have interesting discussion. GTA 6 forum contains various categories for your convenience.

Firstly it contains some important information which you need to know as it contains all changes which we made to rules and regulation of the forum. Also new features added to the forum will be notified in this category to make GTA 6 community better. This category also contains a feedback category where you can give your valuable suggestions to update the forum.

Another category is about Grand Theft Auto 6 which contains various subcategories such as GTA 6 Pre-Release Discussion, GTA 6 Mission Discussion, GTA 6 Online, GTA 6 News & Rumors Discussion and GTA 6 Post Release Discussion. Each sub category has its won topic such as in GTA 6 Mission Discussion you can share your GTA 6 mission wishlist, expectation and desire. Discuss the Tips/tricks about the best attack? Whats new way to find the hidden cars or hidden weapons? Share your new creative ideas and interesting things.

Other categories are general and other game discussion, This GTA 6 forum does not provide opportunity to discuss GTA 6 only but you can even discuss other features such as graphics, media and entertainment. Not only this you can even share your views about other Rockstar games such as Read Dead Redemption and other GTA previous versions.

So Friends this forum is just for you only. So get ready to log in and have fun with community. The URL of forum is

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