Some More GTA 6 Expected Features

GTA 6 featureGTA 5 is emerging as one of the best game in the series till now, and this lead to over expectation from fans which will be surely satisfied by the GTA 6 according to the latest rumors.

As GTA online is hitting massively so certainly some new features are expected in the GTA 6. We have already provided some expected features in GTA 6, and now some more features according to the latest rumors.

There is a rumor that GTA 6 will have a special feature to plan heist after the story line is complete and  fans would be able  to see a beautiful woman as a main character. Also they will have the ability to swap out main cars in gameplay that would spawn back at safe houses like the main character cars in GTA 5.

Another feature is customizing the main character to look however the user demands with customizable facial appearances and better hunting experiences.

Rockstar is continuously giving hints for GTA 6 as it keeps on saying “We don’t know what ‘GTA 6’ will be, but we’ve got some ideas”. These ideas include that next sequel of the game will be for Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms.The developer of Rockstar Games has not confirmed any details of the GTA 6 officially, but the company’s president has promised the fans of the series that any future releases will include new features and ideas, that will keep the fans engaged with the series.

Rockstar is preparing to move the game to the next level, for this developer are focusing on the minor details as customizing every vehicle and have better hand to hand combat. They are also thinking of adding a very unique  feature i.e. ability to have a family and have kids and the ability to buy property and maybe even own pets and other animals. And after the campaign is complete the ability to go out and find a day to day job or become a criminal and plan your own heists with the people of your choosing. And the ability to have to survive like having to eat food every day to survive.

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