GTA 6 Fan Made Trailer: Really Entertaining

As Rockstar is working on GTA 5 online, but GTA fans are expecting a lot from Rockstar. A new fan made trailer oozes out for GTA 6.

GTA 6 Fan Made Trailer Really Entertaining

This trailer simply starts with a car driving on the gig-zag road after this trailer goes interesting, car stops…a man comes out and then sits in a helicopter.

This helicopter then flies to the sea where he saw a cruse,and  then goes on flying over the sea and the beaches and then suddenly this helicopter starts changing into other type of flying machines. It turns into a fighter plane, fighter helicopter(where it shoots to opponent’s helicopter).

It also transforms into Boeing plane and many other types of aircraft and there is lot more twists and turn which makes you happy. So enjoy the trailer and stay connected for more updates.

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