GTA 6 Confirmed In Development Is Very Old News

The whole internet gaming world is buzz with news, GTA 6 confirmed in development. But it’s a very old news which we shared almost a year back. The Leslie Benzies interview which goes viral is actually a interview which he gave long back, October 2013. But lets discuss it once again as it has gone viral.

GTA 6 Confirmed Date

Rockstar Games have indicated that GTA 6 might soon come out. Rockstar Games has revealed that GTA 6 game is in development stage. While the news is not surprising because GTA versions are famous, but the GTA lovers are still awaiting GTA 5 to be still available on PC.

Rockstar Games, a multinational video game developer and publisher, revealed when Leslie Benzies president of Rockstar Games spoke of developing about the origins of GTA 5. Benzies has been quoted saying, “We don’t know what GTA 6 will be, but we’ve got some ideas.”

While it is not a full-blown declaration or confirmation about the game’s next version, this statement points at the company’s intention of releasing the next version. Earlier there were doubts whether GTA will have its next version or not.

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Benzies further underlines that everything depends on the idea, the settings, different stages and the story that will decide the course of the next version of GTA. However, it is noteworthy that as the life cycle of GTA 4 is about to end, Rockstar has begun to conceive what GTA 6 would turn out to be.

The company has a history of bring new versions when the version twice previous is phasing out. GTA 5 was released when the GTA 4 was three years old.

Benzies has, however, pointed that the company has plenty of ideas to make the GTA 6 unique as the company claims more than 45 years of experience. He also maintained that the company is more focusing on the online gaming market for GTA and will focus at GTA online rather than the PC. Benzies further added that the company is in no mood to rest and focusing on online version. In addition, Benzies revealed other plans of the company.

GTA which is Grand Theft Auto is one of the successful games from Rockstar Games’ stable. Benzies has worked from the start of the game when the idea was first conceived to develop the game with co-founders Sam and Dan Houser.

Although Rockstar became a big time player after the launch of the game, the core of game is still the same even after so many versions. The latest game is in full production for just three years.

Benzies shared with reporters the genesis of the idea for the three characters. According to him, they try to play with all pieces of the puzzle to create a good experience.

All said and done, the GTA lovers will definitely love the news about the GTA 6. They are waiting for the game for some time now. Every GTA fan likens GTA to the movies because of the cinematic experience it yields. The game keeps users engaged and engrossed completely. However, Benzies does not call it a movie, but an album. In each GTA there is the same set of members such as visionaries and extremists. The quality graphics and animation, add to the flavor.

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