Will Rockstar Release GTA 6 For PS3 & Xbox 360?

GTA 6 release date is too far to be predicted as currently Rockstar is focusing only on GTA V online mode and PC. Rockstar is all set to release much-anticipated online Heists mode. Next week is the time for all fans to see new player-versus-player modes, daily objectives, and new free roam activities to go along with online Heists.

GTA 6 Release For PS3 and Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto VI release date is the hottest topic in the market. Though there is no official announcement for its release date, so each person has its own prediction and faith. But going through the history of Rockstar’s GTA series GTA 6 is going to take a long time around some 2018.

With its rumor of release date 2017, there is a new discussion going whether GTA 6 will be released for Play Station 3 and Xbox 360? Reason of this discussion arises as we have now Play Station 4 and Xbox One in the market, which are the latest console and are the successors of these two console respectively.

Going by the official announcement of Sony’s PS3 department, they will support the Play Station 3 till 2015. And with this statement a lot of things get cleared about the answer of our question.

Another part of the question goes for the Xbox 360. Here also going by the official announcement, Microsoft will support Xbox 360 till 2016. With this we have now full answer to our question.

Also one cannot ignore one more fact, by the time GTA 6 gets ready to release there is a very high chance Sony and Microsoft might bring next generation consoles in the market (i.e. PS5 and Xbox Two). So PS3 and Xbox 360 will be outdated at that time.

By seeing all the above facts, we have a strong feeling that Rockstar’s next installment Grand Theft Auto 6 is not going to be for PS3 and Xbox 360, but things can also be seen from a different side. If Rockstar feels and a lot of fans support or advice then might things can change a little bit. By seeing the fans feelings Rockstar might introduce GTA 6 for PS3 and Xbox 360 with some less features. But overall chances are less.

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