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11 thoughts on “Subscribe

  1. i want gta 6 for ps3 please try to make gta 6 for ps3

  2. I think that you should have the same character as gta5

  3. hey gta 5 is fab, but what is the release date of GTA 6 ? eager to play the game 🙂

  4. i would love to put some job’s in gta 6 and i want to be a cop for the xbox wersion

  5. GTA 6 wanna be set in Somalia in Miami London and Sand like in trailer please add soldier jeep light sabers with better graphics to see better view and please rock star Games add a solider clothes to work in police and military base please add a Beta Rage Engine GTA V has a not good graphics but GTA VI want to be on Beta Rage Engine please Rockstar Games thank you
    By muaz hope u like my question

  6. How much is it going to cost and is it worth it

  7. I think GTA should let you go to any state in the world and go in to people houses

  8. i think gta6 should add pets that u can feed, take for walks, and take care of online such as kittens and puppys that soon grow up also i think they should add kids and teens to it not only adults.they should also add some jobs to online meaning u can get paid a certain amount depending on where u work, also there should be more stores added like pet stores, fastfoods, amusment park with more rides, places u can go to chill with friends, e.c.t … just some ideas i thought would be interesting 🙂

    • I agree with unknown that it a good idea about the pets and kids and teens but would it be any cooler it u get a gf and get married and have kids on GTA 6 it be like real life

      • I think just make it more harder mission n harder to get away from police. More life story..gta5 is kinda short then all the rest of the gta

        • I aggre with unknown and the rest of you you all have good ideas. I think it should be made in Atlanta and it should have kids and terms and ???? your ideas!! Awsome ideas!! Love you people!!

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