GTA 6 Release Date

Predicting the GTA 6 release date is a catchy business, as GTA 5 has just released in September 2013. But looking on the history of the GTA and with below chart we might able to see the GTA 6.

Name Developer Year
Grand Theft Auto DMA Design 1997
Grand Theft Auto, London or (2) DMA Design 1997
Grand theft Auto III DMA Design 2001
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Rockstar North 2002
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Rockstar North 2004
Grand Theft Auto: IV Rockstar North 2008
Grand Theft Auto: V Rockstar North 2013
Grand Theft Auto: 6 (GTA 6) Rockstar North 2018?

It started in 1997 with Grand Theft Auto which was in 2D for PS1, it was basic game, but it gained a lot if attraction, then till 1999 it launched three versions which showed the real success of GTA and from there onwards Rockstar has started has made its mind to continue its GTA series. In 2001 there comes the GTA III and then in 2002 comes the GTA Vice city which become the milestone for developers. Vice city became so famous that even today GTA game is known for this version. In 2008 GTA IV and now in 2013 GTA V, when GTA launched it smashed all sales records globally.

GTA 6 Development And Release Date:

Though still there is no official announcement for GTA 6 but many hints can be picked which speaks a lot about the GTA 6 development.

Firstly, on the October 2013 in a press conference Leslie Benzies told that “We’ve got about 45 years’ worth of ideas we want to do”. Then later on he also mentioned GTA 6 by adding “We don’t know what ‘GTA VI’ will be, but we’ve got some ideas.”

As this conversation indicates that Rockstar does not want people to know about GTA 6 as GTA 5 is on its peak in current scenario and time difference also matters as there was 5 years difference between GTA 4 & GTA 5.

Secondly, in an interview with a website(Ballerstatus) Brooklyn-born DJ Whoo Kid, 41, talked about his music in video games, saying “I was in ‘Call of Duty’ and I was in some ‘Grand Theft Auto’ games. I’m bout to be in the new ‘Grand Theft Auto’ that takes place in New York again.”

This also intensifies that NYC-based Rockstar Games is in the process of developing another title. Currently Rockstar is paying more attention for DLC’s and Online GTA features.

 About GTA 5:

“Grand Theft Auto V”  was launched last year for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and is an open world action game developed by Scotland-based Rockstar North and published by NYC-based Rockstar Games. The title received highly favorable reviews, was the 15th installment in the “GTA” series, and the first game since 2008’s “GTA IV.” The Spike Video Game Awards gave the title the Most Anticipated Game award in 2012. Following its release, the game received the Game of the Year award at the 2013 Golden Joystick Awards. Only three days following its release, IGN listed “GTA V” as second on its list of “Top 25 Xbox 360 Games.”

Within just 24 hours of its release, “GTA V” generated more than $800 million in revenue, equating to around 11.21 million copies sold. Three days after its release, the title had surpassed $1 billion in sales. By Oct. 7, nearly one month after the game’s Sept. 17 release date, “GTA V” became the largest digital release in the PlayStation Store for the PS3. The game also received a score of 8/10 on

So What Does This Tell About GTA 6 Release Date:

All these qualities of GTA 5 commit the die hard fans of  GTA to query for GTA 6 and yet there is no official announcement for release of GTA 6 but we expect in October 2018. In between we also expect some other version of GTA to come. For example, San Andreas and Vice City.

Update On 8 January 2015:

The recent rumor about GTA 6 release date talks about GTA 6 to release only for PS4 in 2017. It also says the game won’t release for Microsoft Xbox console, which leaves us in little doubtful position. We don’t believe this rumor and don’t want you to believe as well since Rockstar has yet not officially announced it. Moreover the rumor don’t give any proof which makes us to believe in it. Stay tune with us for more updates on this.

Till then if you have any valuable comment or idea to share, then please feel free to suggest or put your idea forward in below comment box. We will be appreciating your valuable comments.

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  1. you be able to choose your own gang u want be in. and desinger clothes like jordan and true reilgion jeans and different hair styles and u have real realtioship with females and they should have weed store were u can buy weed and smoke it when you want to and sell it to. have gang wars with a gang u dont like and have yo flag hangin like u want it too. make yo person say wat u want it to say.
    more realist stuff and u can choose your carrer if u want to go to highschool and stuff like that and make the cars and atv and dirtbike sound like the real thing and not samething sound the same

  2. other suggestions
    1. usable gas stations
    2. speedometer
    3. traffic officers
    4. all buildings,hospitals will be accessible
    5. all honda cars (type r, honda ek9, s2000, Si, SiR)
    6. tattoos should be more realistic
    7. more guns
    8. more cars
    9. more car customizations (tuning, rims, engine bay, racing seats, exhauts, turbos)
    10. more maps please include asia, europe, arab countries

    • I agree with a lot of things
      Make it more real life based
      Vehicles (fully customizable with different vehicles to chose from)
      Wide variety of weapons and attachments
      Family life etc (pets children custom houses)
      Have big diesel trucks(ford or dodge) that actually blow black smoke
      And be able to customize your weapon,
      Vehicle, and character more in depth
      Put Texas and some wide open country for ranchin huntin etc on the map and be able to own a ranch and whatever you desire
      Also more accessible buildings like convenient stores, gyms, etc (love the strip clubs btw)
      Also be able to go to the store and buy military uniforms or emergency uniforms so that way you can get on the military base without automatic 5 stars if you want a tank or jet and if you are feeling helpful you should be able to be a cop to help make arrests and traffic stops along with being a emt or firefighter
      Also military and emergency service missions
      Make the cops more realistic say if your speeding they pull you over if you don’t stop they chase you or say you get in to a wreck you have to wait till the emergency service gets there or you will have a warrant for hit and run etc

      Even though it could take a while start out as a young kid 18-20 just doin small robberies then when you get more experience with more crew members make your way to casinos and banks etc

      Have more side activities to do as well
      I have more in mind just thought I’d through a lil bit out there

    • Add realistic weather features like:

      Also whenever you drive when it rains or snows add windshield wipers animations which will make it look realistic

  3. you should include honda cars like honda EK9, S2000, Honda SiR or Si and nissan gtr, Skylines. i also suggest that you should include drag race and you can customise your engine, engine bay,tuning of engine and realistic rims like spoon, advan, te37 and recaro seats so the game would be more fun.

  4. I think we should be able to do anything a real person can do in real life.
    1. They should add all the cars on the market until then
    2. The car should have a speedometer
    3. The gas station should be usable
    4. There should be 4 users 2 guys 2 girls
    5. The should add more and more types of guns.
    6. Last thing you should be able to choose a career at the beginning of the game
    These things will make the game more believable
    By the way we need more airports

    • I think the game should be a world map of the usa. Also there should be teenager charaters as well as grown up`s and you should be able to go any place you want to and do things that real people do such as…… work a job, make music, have a family, going to school,.

      Antonio Rainey.

  5. I think in GTA 6 that you would be able to lift and lower cars, trucks &Evans and give them hydraulics. I also think that we should be able to go all around the would when ever we want

    • Definitely think they should make it so u can lift and lower cars… Was a little disappointed that there was no lifting the cars in gta5, also think they should make it so you can change the tire/rim sizes (bigger,smaller, wider etc…

  6. Johnathan Monaghan


    (1:) there should 4 people to play, 2 boys and 2 girls.
    (2:) There should be speed limits, 1-2 lanes of highway, 60*65, 2-4, 65*80, 4-6, 80*95, if you go 10miles over, police will pull you over, and they will fine you.
    (3:) There should be Gas in the car, which means when the first you get in your car, there should be 80% of gas, the max should be 100%, the minimum should be 0%, when it’s at 20%, the gas tank should say, [ALERT! ALERT!] when it’s 20-45%, it should say, [Warning], 45-50, says [not bad] 50-100%, it’s should say [GOOD! GOOD!], when it’s reaches 8% an alarm should go off in the car, at 2%, the cars will start slowing down, at 0 1//4%, it’s will stop and I will stop, at 0%, it dies, which means you have to call a taxi.
    (4:) These cars should be added in GTA VI:

    [2002 Cadillac devillles]
    [2000 infinity i30t]
    [1999 Ford150’s]

    (5:) The busted scene, when you’re player is being arrested, it should show until handcuffs are on you, then It should spawn walking out, you should have to pay $750 dollars, $1000 dollars in GTA III, When you’re being Wasted, which means the player’s dead, it should be there until a doctor takes him, you should spawn leaving the hospital, you should have to pay $2000 dollars,
    (6:) You should have 100% health and 25% armor beginning the game.
    (7:) You should be able to marry, have children, and sleep, the maximum sleeping should be up to 19 hours, minimum should be 2, when you nap, it should be 4 hours.
    (8:) You should have a iPhone 5s as a phone, you should be able to play on it
    (9:) The game should start, the first player, Mike Maddox, robbing a bank, his half-brother [thinks he’s his friend] Mickey Maddie, will be grabbing the money, it should have 120 missions and 100 S & F missions, some mission should be optional, at Mission #115, you should be able to rob the biggest bank of history, which you’ll get 900 billion dollars out of there
    (10:) You should have an Apartment, which is 2 bedroom at the beginning, you should start out with $0 dollars, after the first mission ,you should have $50,000 dollars, each mission, you should be able to get $200, until Mission #115, Missions 116-120 should be A, B, C AND D, A you should talk with your half-brother, B, you should be able to have a talk with your half-brother again, C and D, you should crash telephone poles
    (11:) You should be able to travel to GTA 5 or anywhere but GTA: San Andreas
    (12:) The protagonist should have a white skin color, and have a voice actor, because Claude from GTA III never had a voice actor, So GTA 6 should be same,
    (13:) You should be able to have mods.
    (14:) When your about to die, and your not be hurt, your health should be increased to only 30, when your health is 60-100, it should say [BEST], 60-45, it says [NOT BAD], 45-25, it should say, [WARNING!], 25-10, it says [ALERT!, ALERT!], 10-4%, it says, [GET HEALTH PACK NOW! GET HEALTH PACK NOW!] 4-0.5, it should say, [GETS BIG HELP!!, GET BIG HELP!!} 0.5-0, you should look like your about to pass out, at 0, you should pass out.
    (15:) You should be able to text and call, you should be able type what you want to say.
    (16:) Mission should have it marked With a letter for First, middle and last, the First should be big, middle, medium, last, small

    • Johnathan Monaghan

      Weird one.

    • They should also add las vegas and be able to rob the casinos….i mean for me that would be a good mission
      They would have strip clubs in las vegas
      Be able to stay in hotels
      Rob casinos..banks..hotel money
      Get drunk in the bars in vegas
      They should add girl characters…i mean there are girl gamers too
      And they should have relationships like have them have kids(we already had that with michael and amanda but they didnt do much)

    • There shouldn’t be cops anywhere trying to pull you over because of a speed limit ive had all the gtas and beat them by going over the a speed limit and had more things to worry about other then cops

    • Thank God you’re not a game developer.

  7. I’m going to start by saying I love GtaV. I think what yall could do is give it a lil more realistic taste. Such as the main character is a senior in high school big ball player and he screws his whole life up for one dumb mistake rather it was a girl callin rape or a guy snitching on him selling drugs. Something close to that. It could even be like sanandreas rider sweet smoke and cj grew up together it doesn’t need to be them exactly but i think you get what I’m saying

  8. I think that in GTA VI there should be an option were you can get married and kids and stuff like pets too. They should also make it have London or somethin so you get ride a plane as a passenger so you do not have to fly yourself. There should also be more shops and also where you can customise your own house option and have any job you want so there won’t have to be any mods you have to download. I agree that there should be more sports e.g hockey,soccer,football e.t.c you should also make it 3 charecters like in GTA V and that they can call you to hang out and that when you do you can have a mic to communicate with them and tell them to drive and stuff. PLZ READ THIS ROCKSTAR. P.S I have GTA V on PS4

  9. Hey guys of GTA fans i want to know that can they but the new GTA 6 game to be a bigger map like New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx or New Jersey. And new Missions like to have the characters a job to do in their life like to be a poilce or a store person like the LCPDFR game. And new vehicles and guns too. Because we just have GTA 5 already so let make a new place like New Jersey.


    AND MY NUMBER IS 3474792790


  10. Hello r⭐ plz add all usa citys, detroit, Hollywood, LA, and many other places plz dont add any thing stupid like the whole world. That would take like 8 years. And when you create your GTA Online charactor you should be able to change it to a boy or a girl so you are always comfortable with your characters appearance. Thank’s Rockstar Games!

  11. I think you should add many more opportunities to do stuff on gta online… Gta online the the place where my friends and I have fun, and I love the idea of say having your own child or pet in gta online and also more ways of making money… Say adding the stock market to gta online?? And making more ways for your character to look more ya know personal… Like your own height weight age anything… Just some thoughts… Hope you see this

  12. Please make the stealth better. For example I’m on top of a building with a sniper with a suppressor and the cops still know where I am

  13. They should add more cars and increase drift possibility and make it more realistic with more houses more characters more weapons and of course more ways to get money 🙂

  14. They should let welven DA great be a character n the real wings so mostly the whole world can enjoy their life style or NFL players trying to plan a robbery to get all of the NFLs money





    • Just What he said but it should be in Cleveland at least give our city something

    • Great ideas my man those are all great and i love them they should really put those in the game then i will absolutely buy the game no hands down no matter the price.

    • we need more things like selling dope and crack so u could get yo hustle on and put spinners on rides and put sex things in it

    • You should have a new gmc 2015 truck and more car and thing and more house opportunities and so characters the game should be like real life

  16. They should cross all the gta games or bring back Cj from san andreas and he has a continued story. Or do smething similar to the gta iv series with the episode of liberty city.

  17. They should make a gta for this year or next year leading up to GTA 6. Like with vice city and san andreas. It could be called gta los ventours based in las vegas or something like that. And dont wait 3 years to make a whole new game. Make one then make the other.

  18. When you come out with Grand Theft Auto 6, can you please make it a serious game? Not cheesy, like 5? please, Rockstar?

  19. I think the there should be a female protagonist as part of the multiple protagonists because it will give a bit of diversity for the game. Instead of seeing it in a male POV. Imagine this: Vice City, Liberty City, Los Santos, America, + Japan, +then the world, Space. Now my brain hurts lol. But an American map would be rad. I also think that GTA 6 should have part where you go to Jail but, experience the time sentence for the crime for example: Jail rumors of dropping soaps (just an example not literal). To give it more of change of time, Time Machine perhaps? One of the protagonist is 17 year old boy to 25 year old (Flashbacks). The choice of buying and customizing your house(s) should be included. Going to School? Hanging out with Patrick McReary? Spanish Protagnist? CEO? BANKRUPTED? Selections of dialogue to say to other people similar to the walking dead game play. GANGS. Clubs like the Maisonette 9 and Hercules?

    • Well Rockstar we all know you guys will make a great game if you listen too us or not (Yourfans)but if you guys do bring a female protagonists bring back Catalina from San Andreas I think she would be perfect for the role because it makes since she was the only character that was a main character on GTA lll

      • I also think Catalina also known as an Columbian cartel leader And Ceaser Vialapondo’s Cuzin would fit perfect for the role because. it makes since bringing that character back than putting some random On

  20. ROCKSTAR should bring back Vice city! Now that will be awesome!!!

  21. You should set it somewhere other than America, somewhere like the UK and you can go across bridges and tolls. You should bring JETPACKS back into the game as well

    • Dear Rockstar,

      I like GTA 5, i want to compliment rockstar on the HUGE sandbox they created for us, I also enjoy the fact that they brought back the weapon wheel from red Dead redemption, and combining other aspects from their other games, I also like and enjoy driving cars around the desert an greenlands, flying around the city, narrowly escaping head-on crashes, (my favorite place to explore is the deep sea in a yellow submarine, because I live in it), it makes me think they want to own up to the mistakes they made in GTA IV, (the attention to the small little details in the life simulator continues to impress me) which makes me think, will they listen to the complaints about GTA V?

      -First of all, rockstar, listen to your REAL fans, its up for you to decide who they are. I love the game overall, but the radio, what the fuck? Its a step in the right direction from gta 4, but I hate how the majority is ONLY FILLER.

      -I mean, just look at non stop pop for example, theres only 2 songs that can be described as “pop” and thats the Hall and oates and pet shop boy songs, the rest is hip hop or techno. The people in charge don’t even know what pop is, and that’s a shame.

      -robocop wanted system, I like the idea of stealth, but do they magically know where I’m at? I was hiding on top of building and they spot me. I stole a car and drove off, but a cop spawned 30 feet in front of me, (don’t say otherwise, because I was watching the map) and I switched cars when the cops weren’t looking, but the cop car that dove by noticed me because the undercover system is wayyyy too sensitive. Why can’t they just only recognize me if I drive violently? The ideas are good, but they are fundamentally broken, and I will not accept that.

      – I heard they might add in more radio stations as dlc (very EA like, might i add) i hope this is the case, because then, they would give us the other half (good half) of the radio as dlc, and that is better than nothing. (Nothing would be rockstar leaving their radio alone half finished) i don’t like what rockstar are turning into… i mean they have GTA Online, which is just an attention and money grab, you don’t need an attention grab for a game series like GTA, plus, once a game goes online or MMO, it’ll not be as good, just look at Elder Scrolls Online for example, (Elder Scrolls is my favorite series of all time, and I was disappointed with a PAINFULLY AVERAGE online game of it.)

      -and by the looks of gta 5 storyline, it looks like they barely gave a shit and were like “pacing with a longer narrative? FORGET THAT!! Lets copy off of the newer saints row because they originally copied off of us, SHORT ASS STORY WITH EXPLOSIONS!!!”

      -With that in mind, please rockstar, fix the narrative pacing, even if you have to put in generic drive from A to B like missions, that way there will be proper build up to awesome missions. Also, some of the missions in V felt like they were multiple missions crammed half-hazardly together, like in the middle of a simple driving mission where Trevor drives to Los Santos to reunite with his old mentor, Trevor randomly interrupted the narrative going on at that minute because he wanted to blow up a biker gangs trailer park… what?… why couldn’t that have ITS OWN MISSION? all that would do is make the mission count larger, that would not hurt… oh, Rockstar were desperate to increase the fun meter in the game, meaning every mission HAD to have an explosion. Well, “over the top” is never the same as “fun” sometimes, people view simple story moments as fun…

      – no first few hours of the game being built up? Like GTA 4. This would’ve made me actually care for the narrative. Step back in my opinion.

      -you’re trying too hard to be crazy. In GTA 4, everything Niko did that was crazy could be justified with reason. Rockstar seemed to like that since they did the crazy 10x with Trevor, with rhyme (clever ways to be crazy) over reason, and left the charm behind in the torn up asphalt from a Delorean being driven by a tiger.

      -put less filler in your radio, also no more filler side activities like golf just so you can make GTA seem like its bigger, (bigger is not better, sigh) instead, bring back quality side activities that MADE Vice City and San Andreas, like chainsaw massacre (btw, why are there no chainsaws, or other crazy melee weapons in GTA 5?) And gang/territory wars. Bring back the jetpack. (Since you DO enjoy teasing your fans about it in GTA 5)

      -don’t pull off EA like tactics (GTA Online credit sharks on PSN)

      -dont copy off of saints row, because it wants to be its own thing now.

      -i like the idea of gun customization, but really? It felt so limited and unimaginative. Why no James bond or Austin Power like gimmicks to add to your gun? That would be better than just a flashlight and suppressor.

      -Make the story serious again, less penis jokes. Oh, and below are suggestions to a better pop radio station…

      Haddaway- what is love?
      Queen- under pressure
      Breathe- don’t tell me lies
      Owl city- fireflies
      Stevie wonder- part-time lover
      A-Ha- take on me
      Laura Branigan- Self Control
      Aerosmith- I don’t wanna miss a thing
      Wang Chung- Don’t Let Go
      Toto- Africa
      George Michaels- Careless Whispers
      Billy idol- eyes without a face
      Tears For Fears- Head Over Heels
      Tears For Fears- Everybody Wants To Rule The World
      Foreigner- cold as ice
      Paul Young- Come Back and Stay
      Michael jackson- rock my world
      Michael Jackson- Man in The Mirror
      Simple minds- don’t you forget about me
      Adele- someone like you
      Michael jackson- rock with you
      Soft cell- tainted love
      MGMT- Kids
      Europe- Final Countdown
      Aldo Nova- fantasy
      Stan Bush- The Touch
      Psychedelic Furs- Pretty in Pink
      The romantics- Talking in your sleep
      Culture club- Karma Chameleon
      Queen- we are the champions
      Asia- heat of the moment
      Paul Engemann- Push it to the Limit
      Joe Esposito- You’re the Best (this game needs a kick ass karate kid reference)

      -With that list, your fans can properly compare your radio with previous entries in the series. No need to fix the rap stations, they were good, but i would add in more gangsta shit though, and again, put in gang wars and have the ability for the Families to take over LS.

      – For car customization, I’m sorry to say, is kinda boring. Put in more badass and various decals, and bring back nitrous. right now, the car customization is boring and half baked. Oh, you want me to JUST ACCEPT something as better than nothing? Or that its ONLY a step back in the right direction? No, i would rather have nothing (and have the original color randomizer thing from previous GTA’s because, to be honest, that is much more fun than seeing how little the car upgrades visually affects my car) if the only interesting thing you can customize is the color, and suspension, (the car horn sounds, headlights color, and license plates are just details of nothing and SHOULDN’T BE THERE.) this is why i hate GTA 5, they’re not bold enough to take it to the next step and make it more fun, they’re too busy making the tone of GTA bipolar with tennis, golf, yoga, and interactive therapy simulations.

      -Below are suggestions for a more gangster radio.

      Kendrick Lamar- Swimming Pools
      Eminem- under the influence
      520 TRU- Cash Game
      Eminem- evil twin
      Mc Eith- Straight Up Menace
      Apache- gangsta bitch
      Lloyd Banks- Hands Up
      A$AP Rocky- Goldie
      Ice cube- why we thugs
      Young Jeezy- I luv it
      Eminem- lose yourself
      2pac- California love
      Three 6 Mafia – Ridin’ Spinna’s
      Eminem- brainless
      Eminem- legacy

      -While you’re at it, make an Indie station that is not intentionally bad (I know you were trying to poke fun at the Music industries stating that “any music goes”, and stating that Hipsters liked listening to trash and blah blah blah), but that was an insult.

      – stupid preorder bonuses that are restricted off to anyone who didn’t preorder. I want my Vintage GTA hammer, could care less for the blimp.

      -stupid chop app. Seriously? I have to buy a real app on my real phone… for what? Ohhhh…. chops happiness. Why restrict content off like that? The ability to make your pet dog happy would fit right in next to golf and yoga. Oh…. no, I don’t want freshly squeezed milk. Thank you though.

      -why are there clothes and gun weapon color options restricted for GTA online?

      -why is the ability to purchase houses restricted to GTA online?? That shit worked perfectly in GTA SA and you didn’t even have to be online. Milk overdose, take me to get my stomach pumped before I get rad gas. WHY DOES ANYTHING HAVE TO RESTRICTED TO GTA ONLINE? milk milk milk.

      -But the worst part of all? Gta doesn’t even feel like GTA anymore. Gta was always about climbing that ladder, in San Andreas and gta 4, you start off literally in the gutter, and you SLOWLY climb to the top while you deal with a noteworthy antagonist while your trying to make a name for yourself, but in GTA 5 you already are at the top, and you just rob banks for fun, oh… and don’t worry, there’s no proper antagonist to go against, so the entire storyline is just cheery with a side of tea and crumpets :-P, V felt like an aftermath of a previous title or 3rd act of a story.

      -Also, in previous titles, there was a single story arc worth about 90 or so missions, letting Rockstar flesh out the story as much as possible and add in story moments that urge the player to keep playing, like Dimitri burning down your safehouse and Romans business, and then later kidnapping Roman, then sending a hitman to Romans wedding to kill Niko and Roman. And Roman in GTA 4? His character and the relationship he had with Niko drove the story SO MUCH, when he was killed by dimitri at his own wedding, making his newfound wife give a bloodcurdling scream while Niko shot the Hitman’s dead corpse over and over again, it pissed me off and it drove me to instantly play the finale. But in GTA V? No, there was little to no character development, and the little development happened BEFORE the story even started.

      -IN GTA V there were 3 story arcs, Trevor had an arc, Michael had an arc, and Franklin. Each were only 20 missions long, (some intertwined) not much room to flesh out, huh? That means the story moments that were supposed to drive the player, just failed to me. If the story was fleshed out more, I WOULD HAVE cared for Michaels family, meaning i would care when they moved out because of michaels behaviour, i would have cared when Devin sent “assassins” to kill them, and i would have cared enough to WANT to save them.

      —-(Maybe the devs should have been bold enough to kill one of the family members in the ambush, to show that the antagonist wasn’t an incompetent buffoon and could do serious damage, and later have an entire chain of missions where the family mourns their loss in EXTREME DETAIL to drive the story even further and AT LEAST ATTEMPT to put in emotion instead of jokes, like in the current mission, theres a shitty tea bagging joke. Seriously, at a story point like this??? How about replace that shittiness with a family member attempt to save Michael and have a drawn out battle ensue with sad piano music playing in the background, where that family member starts losing, but keeps fighting anyway, because of their growing devotion for Michael, ending with their life being taken, and their body falls to the ground in slow motion while Michael watches in horror (maybe he had a wound that made it impossible for him to get up and save them), maybe throughout the rest of the story he becomes more reckless, more willing to give up his own life, while at the same time he mourns his son and internally replaces Franklin as his son, making the “Kill Michael” ending make much more sense, Last of Us style. Sigh, this story HAD potential, but rockstar didn’t go for it)

      -But because the story was so rushed, i just viewed the family as annoying stereotypes. There, i said it. What does GTA 5 add??? STEREOTYPES!!! THAT’S IT! I also would have cared for Lamar, and would enjoy killing Stretch for trying to kill Lamar, but who was stretch again? His appearance was too insignificant for an antagonist. It’s safe to say the entire story was too rushed for a noteworthy antagonist.

      -Gta is obviously going through an identity crises, just compare 4 and 5, 4 had a serious and engaging tone, and 5 trashed the serious tone for entertaining novelty… One of the things wrong with this game was that there was no proper backstory, nor tutorial.

      – I hear the story of how Trevors life sucked until he met Michael, who turned into his mentor so to speak. Michael and Trevor robbed banks until Michael had kids with a stripper and was forced to settle down, Ultimately being called “a pussy” by Trevor. Michael and Trevors relationship became shady when Trevor killed someone in public and Michael had to help him lay low. This all culminated to Michael snitching on Trevor so he can move on and go into protective services and start a family. <- where's this story?! I wanna play THIS ONE, it sounds like a proper first half of the game, oh well, it might become prequel dlc or something. Having it as a dlc is better than nothing.

      -No, no no. You know what would be better? A proper antagonist that did something horrible to you to drive the story, and culminates to his death, just after the protagonist either mocks him or points out his flaws. Remember in V where Michael was kidnapped by the chinese drug overlord and tortured? Nope, me neither, because the story completely negates it afterwards.

      -Another annoying point about the Writing capabilities, why stereotypes? If you rely on parody and/or stereotypes to do the writing for you? You sir, are a lazy fuck. REAL writing takes passion and/or philosophy, and you are able to do your OWN writing and not rely on any other substance that is not your writing. Don’t give the whole “Well. Rockstar just took inspiration from LA culture.” NO, they're just incompetent hacks who are so uncreative they have to make a Sandbox game based off of a real location instead of using their actual brain and creating a new location that could be much better than LA., having realistic games dumbs down societies views of creativity. After saying all that, why can’t you create a game that is not absurdly realistic? Like the Elder Scrolls, or the new X-Men movie? Oh, what’s that? That way, you can’t have stereotypes get you out of a jam? Pathetic.

      Sad thing is that Rockstar won't care what the "minority" think. Because to them- Quantity<Quality…

      Look at what i said. More 10/10 like reviews THAN ANYTHING ELSE… There's golf and yoga in the game just for the sake of being in there… It has everything but everything is either second best or already done.. The Easter-eggs felt like shitty fan-made creations to stay cool after the 2005 bigfoot thing… You know, instead of making the eggs harder to find, they have it right out in the open and that just cheapens it to me.
      The explorable ocean and Submarine were the only redeeming quality here… The premise of heists was good, but lack of any other depth as to WHY they were doing it was sub-par. The story was pointless outside of a few clever mission. "The re-imaging" speech from a few trailers was just an empty promise because all missions just have shooting and explosions with apathetic characters shouting clever one liners along the way. It still feels like a less gripping GTA with more explosions rather than creativity.

      I went to college recently, took a writing class, and I gotta say its fact that GTA 5 broke a few rules to creating a narrative. You have to make the purpose of the narrative clear. Is it about an exciting heist story, or is it a comedic parody of society? Is the story about dealing with family problems, or is it about a huge buildup to having a face-off with the main antagonists? Is it about the FBI, or is it about pulling off heists? Is it about a mentally damaged man learning small tasks like yoga, or is it about crazy suicide missions gone wrong?

      You have to have reason in mind. Parodying society? Why? Just reasons. What's your side of view of anti-liberal? Just stating the facts and acting like its a joke. Michael has a hard time keeping up with the newer generation? HAHA, that's funny, no seriously, i don't need to hear the punchline to get what you're trying to say.

      -Remember, Rockstar and fans, this is just constructive criticism.

      -Also, the visuals, open world interactivity, and overall game engine suffered from the restraints of the PS3 and Xbox 360 and couldn't achieve what it had intended, i'm glad this game has been liberated by moving to the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

      -One last thing…. Before planning a zombie dlc trend, just look at the Last of Us and their creative process.
      Anyways, I hope you get this man, hit me back,
      just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan.

    • UK = boring shit

  22. yall should make it for u to can create your own protaganist but still have gta online

  23. Will u please make the game for xbox360 no game creator has ever made a newer version for it you will be thanked i love your idea and think it is a good or shall I say one of the best games in the world,you should make it for xbox360 and you will be thanked sooooooooo much

  24. Kevin Campfield

    I think you should bring it out for the ps3 and make it were you can put lift kits on your trucks and put exzost stacks on your trucks

  25. they sould put it on ps3 and make more characters and online u can make your character buff

  26. I think gta 6 should have customizable 18 wheelers that would be really cool. It should also have custom air planes so when you’re flying in the air it shows color from behind the wing.

  27. U guys should have GTA 6 released in 2016 I can not wait till 2018 that’s way too long

    • Yea an you should add cars like a Chevelle and a nova more trucks and race cars Like a Dodge charger a challenger and A s10 and clothes like polo Truck fit, levies, o and car trailers

    • Clearly you don’t know what “development time” is. If you think that it is taking too long to make a new game, which you have to communicate with other companies and industries for copyright reasons, make a whole new map, set up multiplayer servers, make sure that the majority of players who buy this game are happy, set up a whole, quality story line with around 100 missions so that people don’t get bored with the game you spent years making, then make your own game.

  28. More muscle cars such as the super bee hemi cuda superbird etc etc unlimited houses just like San andreas bigger garages more custom upgrades for your car more detail custom make paint jobs like midnight club Chrome spinners for rims on cars upgrade interior for houses/cars lots of ideas

  29. I think we should be able to dodge bullets like in the movie the matrix I think that’s be pretty sick

  30. Please. Put for Xbox 360 i love this games


  32. We should be able to fly across different cities and we need to have multiplayer in story mode so we can invite other players on jobs and we also need 30 car garages and the properties online and on story mode must not be too expensive thanks and good luck to rockstar games

  33. I think gtaIV should be Chicago since their known for car jacking n add snow with frequent trips over seas n guest appernces from famous Chicago celebrities n Obama n add a fight club so with a real fighting experience so when yo player grades he has somthing to do with all the strength he gained chrome n black guns also n better clothes some Chicago fashion n some better shoes

    • If GTA 6 isn’t on Microsoft then what will it be on. If its not on Microsoft then i have to buy another console which makes me spend more money, and I am a big fan of GTA 4 and GTA 5 so GTA 6 should have better graphics and it needs to have WW2 airplanes in it because i am a big fan of the WW2 stuff. GTA 6 better have bigger garages so i can fit more vehicles in it.

  34. Well i want grand theft auto six on ps3 cause when I looked it up on google web site cause I want it on ps3 cause my nigga say he want the new grand theft auto six cause he had told me cause I was playing grand theft auto five cause we was so shell cause I had spent the night at his crib cause we had called some girls to smoke with cause I had a bad girl cause we was talking about me her going out on a real date cause I had her number in my phone now cause always call me if she need something


  36. Hi guys,
    I think that When you Find a car, and you spend money on upgrading it, you should not have
    To park it in your garage to save it. And it shall be spawned with you when you have finished you mission.
    So long my homie mudafuka bros!!!!!

  37. Dear GTA Players

    We have been thinking of what we are going to do we are going to make it so it is set in London
    Paris and Las Vegas and we are adding the Ferrari and we’ve added children so you can look after you own children very Check this Out They Even GROW!!!!
    Have Pets such as Chickens Cows Pigs Dogs and Even Pubs so this is the game for Beer/wine Drinkers also they have it so you can get on the train

    Your Sincerly
    RockStar North

  38. randall beriguete

    They should have for xbox 360 and they should fo it in mami and if u can gly to different places like las vegas

  39. When you just modified a cool car and you put awesome rims on the gangster can steal the off your car and sell them for drug money

  40. I think gta6 should have different countries like russia for mafia kind of stuff, US(cause gta starts here),countries of africa for dealing stuffs(guns,drugs,diamonds,gold……), india for smuggling and the characters should take over a state and deal ppl out of the country for money. Bangkok should be there(think bout the movie hangover my hommies)…..and gta6 should take all of ur ideas too… will be fantastic……we can be wanted in bangkok…..and all crazy things u think of… from continents to continents….cant wait for gta6 to release…..

  41. Love this game!

  42. They should make a GTA online only version with more character creations in a different city like Chicago with sesonal whether changes from fall,spring,summer and winter.

  43. GTA 6 will be played on PS5 so…. it will be more expensive!

  44. For GTA 6 these cars should be added;

    Mitsubishi Evo 9 (2006)
    Subaru Impreza STi (06-12)
    Toyota Supra (1998)
    Mazda RX-7 (1995)
    Acura Integra Type R (2001)
    Volkswagen Jetta GLI Mk5 (06-09)
    Volkswagen GTi (06-12)

  45. What I Think you should do with GTA6 is make it even more realistic than GTA5.
    -Add Realistic vehicles, as in ones you are able to drive in real life
    -vehicles can run out of fuel, you have to fill up at a pump
    -mud pits and rock roads for offroading
    -you should be able to mod any vehicle
    -a bag gun so your not pulling a gun randomly out of no where
    -more missions
    -when cops are after you, you should be able to grab a hostage and threaten the cops you will shoot if you don’t let him go
    -stay with three characters
    *-you need to make an actual MULTIPLAYER MODE. Not an online mode but with the same T.V and system
    -More types of stores(Purchases from a car dealership, etc…)
    -Online shopping(like kijiji, find a car and it will show a destination to pick it up with a truck and a trailor)

    I have a lot more but all those would make the makers of GTA6 look like way better professionals than any other game in the world!!!

  46. Hey how about you make it larger put the UK n other countries like france n America put every detail on there make it a massive game make it more realistic like window wwipers work on rthe cars more shops n more makes on clothes people doing real stuff like going the gym or going shopping for food make it more realistic 🙂

  47. i Have An Idea On How You Can Make Gta 6 . . Well First Of All You Can Play In 3 Characters .. First Character Must Be You In Some Kind Of Gang Like Lost And Damned Except This Gang Will Be Doing All Sort’s Of Bad Things .. Robbing Banks , Drug Dealing , Killing People And They Must Have Like Their Own Sort Of House Where They Live In Like A Big 1 And They Gang Clothes Must Look Thuggish,And Like Each Member In The Crew Has A Gun And A Dog .. Then The 2nd Character Must Be A Big Business Man And Rich Person That Gets Involved In The Wrong Sort’s Of Business .. And Then The 3rd Character Must Be A Owner Of Some Club .. He Still Owes Someone Money And Things Go Wrong ..

  48. I think they should make a game more real like carrying a bag of weapons and not letting a gun just pop out of nowhere and make more better criminal chasing feature like wanted postures in the streets and pedestrians will see the photo and call the cops that you are there and they should most importantly try and increase missions as there were very less missions on GTA 5
    and other things are :
    1) they should try and make the requirements less as Konami sports said that PES 2015 and PES 2016 can be run on a 5 year old PC
    2) try and make a much larger map and try and make the whole country if not the whole world

  49. I think the fuel of the cars should get less, and you must be able to refill your car. You should also be able to use the indicators on your car. There must also be speed limits, and if you go over, the police must chase you. All these stuff will make the game more realistic

  50. Please Make Gta 6 In Chicago Or Some Place That You Can Go Mudding And Please Put 2015 Cars Into It.

  51. I think you should make it in Detroit mi

  52. They should make it in Palm beach Florida and for ps3 Xbox 360 ps4 and Xbox one

    • I totally agree, GTA VI needs Palm Beach! I think it should have Vice City, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, The Gardens Mall, Jupiter, all of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. I also this they should have the Florida Keys, Orlando (they could have parodies of Disney World, Universal, etc.) They should have nearby Caribbean islands as well, and maybe even Cuba!

      GTA VI needs to come back to The Sunshine State! And, I hope it comes out before 2018!

  53. Greetings Rockstar Games, I’m Brian Jackson II, & I’m a huge fan of Grand Theft Auto, & I Have An Idea For GTA VI. My Idea is Very Good. Grand Theft Auto VI Will Feature 3 Playable Characters. One Returning Character, & 2 New Playable Characters, One Of The 2 New Characters Is A Female Character, & The Other, A New Black American Character, Like Carl Johnson, Luis Lopez, & Franklin Clinton. I Was Thinking that Niko Bellic From Grand Theft Auto IV should Return As The 1st Playable Character For Grand Theft Auto VI, As His Story Is Not Quite Finished, When The Government Agency (A.K.A) The I.A.A Has Tracked & Captures Niko, & Offering Him Deal. Either Do The Jobs & Give Him, His Life Back, Or Be Sentenced To 25 Years To Life In Jail For Crimes, He Committed In Liberty City Seven Years Ago. The I.A.A Hires Niko Bellic To Kill Trevor Phillips Because He’s A New Threat To National Security, Due To His Psychotic Behavior, & General Insanity In San Andreas. So Niko Is Back, Doing What He Did Best, Killing People & Get Paid For It. Niko Would Travel To Los Santos Find & Eliminate Trevor, Along The Way in San Andreas, Niko Is Also Finding & Rescuing His New Love Interest Named Connie From An Unknown Mafia Crime Family, Who Wants Niko Dead. The 2nd Playable Character Is A Female Character, Her Name Is Carla Rey. & She Works For Certain People That Pays Her Well Like Her Friend Lamar Davis, & Her Employers Such As Gerald, Simeon Yatarian, Lester Crest, Ron Jakowski, & Martin Madrazo. Carla Is A Free Spirited Nice Person, But Is A Hard Working Person, But The Same Time She’s Pretty, Tough, & Fearless, Determine To Succeed, & She Can Be Quite Vengeful If People Look At Her The Wrong Way, Or Antagonize Her. & She’s Also On A Quest To Find & Rescue Her Older Brother Chris From A Gang That Kidnapped Him. The 3rd Playable Character Is A Black American Character Name Ambrose Tanner, The Guy who has been on The run From The LaFamillia Cartel for quite some time. He & His Son Are On A Mission To Find & Rescue His Wife Envy From The Cartel That Snatched Her. Together These 3 Characters Have One Thing In Common, Saving Their Love Ones. So The 3 Main Characters Will Conspire Together To Pull off Some Huge Epic Job Missions & Pull Off Some Big Scores, In Order To Save The People They Love From Groups Of Bad Guys In Grand Theft Auto VI. With The Help From The I.A.A, Lester Crest, & Special Appearances From GTA San Andreas, Carl Johnson! Yep! Carl Johnson, Returning As a Central Supporting Character. In GTA VI Will Not Just Take Place On One Island, But 3 Islands! Yep 2 New Islands In San Andreas, San Fierro, & Las Venturas. The 3 Main Characters can Go To Airports & Travel To San Fierro & Las Venturas Or They Can Take The Bridges That Connects To Los Santos, To San Fierro, To Las Venturas. I was Think Of Some Returning Characters, From GTA IV TLAD, TBOGT, & GTA V Like Roman Bellic Even Though His Death Was Non-Canon In The Deal Ending, Brucie Kibbutz, Litttle Jacob, Packie McReary, Mallorie Bardas Bellic, Luis Fernando Lopez As A Supporting Character, Tony Prince, Yusuf Amir, Tom Stubbs III, Real Badman, Maybe Bernie Crane, Angus Martin, Malcolm, DeSean, Cloe Parker, Mori Kibbutz, Gracie Ancelotti As One Of The Secondary Antagonists Who Wants Revenge On Niko For Kidnapping Her, Lamar Davis, Lester Crest, Simeon Yatarian, Gerald From GTA Online, Trevor Phillips, Ron Jakowski, Wade Herbert, Martin Madrazo, Patricia Madrazo, Natailia, Michelle/Karen Niko’s Former Love Interest, Charles Doberman A.K.A The United Paper Contact, The Lost MC, The Angels Of Death, & More Chinese Triads.I Gotta Tell You Rockstar Games, You’re Going To Love My Idea Trust Me. I Know Grand Theft Auto VI Will Be So Overwhelming If You Pick My Idea. The Return Of Niko Bellic & Carl Johnson, A Storymode Female Character, & Many More. Reply To Me When You Finished Reading It, And Maybe Agree to The Idea.
    Sincerely Brian Jackson II
    P.S Check Out My Youtube Channel, It Called FridayNightsMeFilms Do Not Space, Otherwise It Will Never Show up. Thank You.

    • that is a excelat idea I think that it should be like your idea

    • Brian jackson 2 is right but we should get michael de

    • Brian jackson 2! If they dont make down! That would fill up so many holes in the stories as you said, and it would be cool to see returning charaters and over lapping plots. If rockstar doesnt take this into concideration they must just be high. Ive read most of these comments this has impressed the fuck ouutta me. High hipes over here!

  54. Make it in Kentucky

  55. I think they should make the AI better when driving around. AI is always agrresive only because some people go crazy while driving dosent mean that the AI should be crazy too.and in first person they should add mirrors on the car for you can see and drive better. And one more thing shuld be able to go in side almost every building with out loading.

    • AI is made so aggressive because that’s the origin of the GTA series. Even in next gen they don’t have the hardware to render an entire world and every building interior at once without making some major graphical sacrifices. So it could look really shitty and have no loading times or look great with loading times.

  56. I think you should definitely put in GTA 6 the ability to put smoke stacks on trucks

  57. The cars need lesspower because they had way more power than than the trucks did and trucks need to be diesal or normal u should also add bigger jacked up trucks that can haul trailers with cars on them but other than that im really inpressed with this game company on a scale from one to ten I would give it a 10 really fast

  58. I just can’t wait for grand theft auto 6 so I can buy it and add it to my ps3 collection.

    • i dont think your ps3 will be alive in 2018 or be able to cope with the game , know mine wont it would be 12 or 13 years old by then i think

    • is not going to be for ps3 is for xbox one ps4

      • I think grandtheft auto 6
        should for playstation 3x,box 360 , X box one and playstation 4

        • josh Lee perkins

          I think that that should stick to what that do best Stillin cars and robbing banks and killing people for no good resin and I think in gta6 that should make it were you haft to robbe a gardarmery so that have enough guns or anuther idea is that are in a big gang war and thay realized that a hellacopter WUS careing a big boom so thay high Jake it and that go up and up then set it off and jump out but what that don’t realize is that boom cuntand nukeler waest but that thought that it WUS nothing so a couple weeks latter that whack up and everyone is dead but were thay got the waest on them ferst that got UST to it so that spine there time building cars that have spikes and roll cage is so what do you think text me for more info at 859 432 0095 think you

  59. I im waiting for gta 6 tell me wen it release in new york

  60. I m waiting for GTA 6. Tell me when it release in UK.

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