Exciting GTA 6 Gameplay Trailer: Made By Fans

This is a fan made GTA 6 trailer with starting in San Francisco with a car ravishingly moving around the city. This video has a two leading persons in which one is detective and other is a person who just works for money and this time he is trying to escape a person from prison. Graphics are pretty cool and the fans just loved the fast and furious movie.

GTA 6 Trailer 2:

This is another fans made video in which he first shows a person in middle if battle with some rebellions and then he suddenly starts moving in a plane and then he himself drives various helicopters, choppers and plane. Though this video does not depict any story but makes feel that various fans loves driving planes.

GTA 6 Trailer 3:

This is a bit interesting GTA 6 trailer as it shows the real combat with guns. Here story lies within securing a plane which is a task given to a protagonist. This video starts a person driving a Lamborghini for reaching a place to secure the plane. Meanwhile he receives the info about the mission through a radio. After some time he reaches that place and finally secure plane. Here this fan wants to indicate that he wants to see all though tradition things in GTA 6 for which GTA series is known all over the world.

GTA 6 Trailer 4:

This trailer starts with a various locations. firstly shows the urban part of a city with big buildings, then comes to natural arena with various waterfalls, then goes back to vintage arena with transitional railway platform and train. After that again some cars with shows driving skills with drifting. The most interesting part of the video was the learning dance and then showing different moves with different cloths.

This video actually focuses on the making of the GTA as it shows all the process and efforts which Rockstar puts to make a game.

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