GTA 6 Lead character Female Protagonist

GTA 6 Lead character Female Protagonist
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  1. Theg should make a girl character and they should make cars look real life and the name of the cars real life they should have different citys and each character lives in different city and all then have family and more things to do like real life go out to eat and do dinners have pool parties and more shoping cloths and better cloths and nice houses they live in like on the beach and all that to make it feel real

  2. They should make it where u can buy a phone, pawn shops like watch dogs 2 and restaurants and they should make a woman character but not main they should bring back Franklin and new special abilities and real cars and not just one tank and the special vehicle thing in story mode and the female is like Franklin’s gf . more interactions and cars that have hover mode like Lola agent colson from avengers.

  3. Johnny Depps Logo

    Ok first of all, I think there should be a female character. But she has to be some sort of badass. Like she has to have grown up in a bad neighborhood or something. Having children shouldn’t be in GTA 6 because this isn’t the sims. I think there should be more cities…possibly even more weapons. I don’t think dating should be there either but I do think that you should be allowed to get more intimate with strippera and hookers (except the girl character of course) I’ll be thinking of other things but this is basically just how GTA should be to me

  4. GTA VI Should Have 2 Strippers And 1 Online Prontagnist.

    First: The Game Should Take Place After The Mission “The Time’s Come” In GTA V

    Second: Female Characters Are Sapphire, Juliet & Online Character

    Third: New Weapons New Radio Stations New Cars & Set To Be In Mexico

    Peace Out

    From: Henry To: Rockstar Games


    • They should keep Franklin and make him go to a different city but he can go back to see Michael ,travor they should make it by the whole USA

      • Or put and animal or a girl you can turn to

        • There’s something called peyote plants on XB1, PS4 and PC platforms. they are little plants that you eat that make you high and turn into animals, and theres no mods required for it. Just search on google “peyote plant locations gta v” and goto single player and find em.

    • I love to see in GTA 6 that u can make your own Gun and Customise your Own gun I think that will be a fucking Azming and I we should have a mission we’re u steal a super of yours chose and be able to store in your Greange and then u should be to Customise I them and sell it for a lot money

  6. I would love nothing more than a female protagnonist in GTA 6. She’s going to be scarred, angry and not take shit from anyone. She will be a King among men. I just want something new and GTA to take a new direction. She could even have a tragic backstory, Like a prelude mission where she robs her bank with her boyfriend. The mission went south and she barely escapes with her life but her boyfriend/husband dies and while he’s dying he tells her to take care of the baby but the baby dies as well because a bull ripped thru the womb.

    • that it is actually a profound problem of modern men to poalko fall into a passive mode. Assuming depressive syndromes due to hormone loss and fall under the influence of women because it is easier to enjoy the role sado-masochist slave.

  7. – I like a female Nene Leakes inspired character.
    – I want a ghetto fabulous protagonist. (voice, hair, shoes, EVERYTHING)
    – Make three leads. 2 males, 1 female.
    – Make her really funny. I mean just really really funny.
    – PS girl can never bear a child…. barren…, owns a Peruvian Inca Orchid or a Sphynx cat… also loves apple bottom jeans (still keeps her old pair till this day, sad but true)
    – Make her husband the other main lead. As for the other guy (you know what to do).
    – They could do a Bonnie and Clyde inspired characterization. Make their banter funny, like you guys always do.
    – But make them serious if the need arises.
    – (Random Scene) Girl flirts some Stan Lee wannabee, while husband tries to squeeze in, unnoticed. That sort of stuff.
    – (Twist) one of them should die. That would make the most interesting storyline ever. Make the male players cry. Like when their boo leaves them (sad but true again)
    – Everybody needs a funny loveable bitch once in a while. Peace Ya’ll

    • duyyyyyyyyyyyy

      woman character in gta 6 is problem. she’ll be able to depress or broken because one of her family died.

  8. I think this will be better.They should try re-imagine some cars from back to back gta games.Also have like 2 males and 1 female at least.The city should be in vice city.Better bigger and in high quality graphics.Maybe they should add in Trevor from gta 5.Like how Johny from gta 4 was found in gta 5.Spice it up with interaction(talk to random people or chill with them).Datinh from gta 4 should also be there and obviously strip clubs for the 2 male characters.And the girl character can work there as a stripper(Just as long as shes hot).I think that can be cool for the game.Maybe police supercars(got it from hot pursuit) can be added for a little drama.Even prostitutes can be added for the 2 male characters.This can also be cool.Instead of five car in a garage there should be 10-15 cars.I think thats all i could think of.

    • i love your ideas im really wanting a female character too. Maybe rockstar will surpise with 3 rappers to voice the characters like maybe lil wayne, eminem, and nicki minaj. And maybe nicki minaj’s character is like a stripper trying to become a rapper and is a bad bitch like Who also knows how to fight and is crazy and her names is Ciara . and hopefully rockstar games put in gta 6 where u can pull at a bitches weave. And LiL waynes character is like rapper and is trying to help Ciara’s become a rapper and is Ciara’s BF and his name is like Ricky . And Eminem’s character can be like a new version of Trevor a lunatic and his name is like Jacob. And i’m pretty sure they aren’t going to have eva mendes and ryan gosling as the characters cuz rockstar knows we would be expecting that. And don’t get me wrong all three are gta material Nicki Minaj is a bad crazy bitch and a sex freak also one of the best female rappers and is the female counterpart of wayne. Lil wayne is small but fierce and one of the rappers and a sex freak. And Eminem is a the best rapper of all time and a rap god.

  9. What are Y’all talking about????? There Should Three male Protagonists and maybe one female as an Extra with her own storyline, Feature some Old characters in at least one or two missions (Bring in CJ and Tommy), Allow Physical ability building, Character should be allowed to own or buy a Pet… From Rotts to Exotic Cats (Maybe Crocodiles????), Allow Dating, Allow more Cities, Allow The character to not only be able to Use Airlines to get to another city (Can travel by air, Water or Land If they Have the Time), Y’all Should Put up Mobs, Yakuza, Biker Gangs, Mafia, Hood Gangs, Regular Gangs and allow character to Choose which he wants to belong (Or maybe make him work for Several of them), Getting pregnant shouldn’t be allowed!!!, The Cities Should be Maybe 7 Make it Internationally Based Put in Lagos (One Or two missions there), Afghanistan (Make one or two of the Characters Flashback to Their Fight as soldiers There), Smaller Tokyo (Smaller Because of the complex roads With One Mission there), Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City, And London maybe Add Paris, Add More Weapons (Even Bottles should be usable as Weapons to At least Stun the Opponent) And More Customization of Weapons, More Expensive Jewellery, A black market where Off mission robberies and stolen items can be sold (Very important) And Every Building should be Accessible And Can be Destroyed completely or partially Not only by Explosives But By Cars and Heavy Weapons/Firearms (grenade launcher or rocket Launcher) And Can be rebuilt Within a time frame depending on the Size, Allow Communication with Simple Game Folk but never allow Friendship, And Add Tow truck to List of Services, And allow Sales Of property too… That Covers It all Nothing Else is needed In the Game except these and A whole Newer But Awesome And Longer Storyline. And Before I forget make one of the male characters Gay ( I’m not gay tho I think it’ll spice up Game play Making a Gay dude Who kills Men Beat up Men and later regrets it????????????????) And Allow a Profile Of the Characters too Their Strengths, Weaknesses, Likes, Dislikes and Favorite spots too.

  10. My GOD “guys” … whats up with all dis BS about being a girl/Dating/Grocery Shopping …HAVING KIDS?!? … or the world got sucked in some sort of emo/”gay in the closet”/jerkoffNERD vortex… I NEVER though I would hear suggestions like this from GTA “fans”… these kind of suggestions r honestly blood chilling…. THIS IS NOT feking the SIMS…A girl character would ruin it for the true n Old GTA fan… honestly… Im no mysoginistic aHole, but to be honest ppls wht u should b douing in videogames is stuff that is OR impossible to do OR illegal to extreme lvls OR stuff like that sort.. but dating, n HAVIN FREAKIN KIDS shouls b enjoyed in real life I think… And If u cant there r porn websites for that… I think that the GTA world, especially nowadays, got contamined with this modern Hipster/ world tollerating cofffeee tasting crap, a bit too much for something like GTA… I think if they derail too much theyll fukk up the franchise real bad bruh..

    • Of course you are a “mysoginistic aHole”. First you think “female,” then you think “being a girl/Dating/Grocery Shopping …HAVING KIDS… porn sites…”
      Get a grip. Look in the mirror, see a sexist, misogynist. Yes, the phrase may be redundant, but I wanted to show you how the word is spelled.
      Then go out and learn three fundamental things: 1. GTA is a game, 2. most people do not think like you, and 3. the franchise will be so much better. You probably won’t like it, however, because it will obliterate your bigoted view of the world, and you won’t be able to do as well in the game. But you will be confused because if you blame it on the “girls” because they have so much power… you will totally contradict your own world view.

  11. No , GTA is a series that is macho in every sense

    Even prominent rockstar members have said it , A female lead does not make sense , please keep marry sue BS out of this great franchise

  12. Female character can be a Police officer who’s older sister (who is on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’) Kills someone or gets into trouble with some big time gang, so Protagonist get’s pulled in because she cant abandon her sister, cant get over her sense of responsibility.
    V Emosh, guys.

  13. Grand Theft Auto 6 having a Female Protagonist sounds Awesome and we all need cheat codes that’s important. I would like to see gta 6 have three playable characters just like how 5 was, speaking of gta 5 I like to see a DLC Not a download a physical game of Grand Theft Auto 5 Episodes from San Andreas. The story should have the other three playable characters Steve Haines mentioned in the “Monkey Business mission” the other three guys are like Michael,Franklin,and Trevor. I think the character just like Franklin is from the Ballas gang in Grove Street of course I think a good mission would be the playable Balla gets Michael’s daughter Tracey De Santa in the Ballas after saving her from the Families gang harassing her. The next character is like Trevor a dock worker who does a mission for Wei Cheng locking Michael in the trunk and taking him to the meat factory to be killed. The next is like Michael but very rich and is probably my guess would be a Serious Business man from Liberty City and can have anyone killed a playable character that has Connections. This could be a great Grand Theft Auto full DLC 5 physical game not a download.

    • Could be Nick from gta IV

    • I WANT A GIRL PROTAGONIST TO BE THE MAIN LEAD!!! I mean like srsly its not gay or whatever its just a platform for newcomers to step in. We have been playing gta for quite a LONG time now and we can relate this to life special thanks to the high quality graphics and violence which is not a bad thing as its reality. Honestly, dont you wanna see a woman punching old ladies and other guys ASS?!! Driving stolen cars and commit suicide by using a cheat . ITLL BE FUNNY !!!. ID WANT ROCKSTAR TO GET A WOMAN TO PLAY THE MAIN LEADDD!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I think in the beginning of the game you should have a choice to be male or female and mission differing from male and female probably all characters could become gender opposites to match the choice also making it a bit more realistic and there be a way of having all the cities in the world present we’ve got technology to do that and rock star don’t be shy to use licensed cars instead of cars that resemble them.

  15. No damn it! Having a female protagonist in gta?? Like wtf? Imagine having a woman doing missions like killing a lot of people or hitting them OR getting hit by men.. That would be totally weird guys! SO please no female character

    • tbh I think its not weird because mostly bad as games have them and I’m a guy just like lara croft most boys play the game then boys and I think it would be nice to have a female role because it will be very different and unique then having to run with guys all through the gta history I think it will be don’t try to be dismissing the ladies man its better to look at the woman while u play then men now don’t u think that is fruity

    • Not to mention that a female protagonist would just bitch and moan about constantly being in trouble (being shot, jumping out of a heli, being in a chase, even when starting a mission)

      • Talk about stereotypes.
        It would be badass to have a female character in GTA, all genders play the fucking game so it’d be awesome to have a choice in female or male.

  16. First, yeah they have mad it snow in GTA before.

    Second, y’all are stupid cause they already have done New York (Liberty City)

    Third, this is GTA not the Sims. Making “friends” in the street is dumb, go outside, get a life, that’s not what video games are for.

    Fourth, having babies like literally wtf is wrong with you people? This game is bout murder, theft, crime and angry, bitter, greedy selfish, people. Not family-dynamic, lovable, happy characters and happy endings. Grow up, if you can’t accept shit for the cold hard truth it is, then go back to the Disney channel leave video games alone.

    Fifth, a female protagonist is dumb as fuck.
    • Women aren’t allowed on biker gangs.
    • Women aren’t allowed in the Mafia.
    • Women aren’t allowed in regular gangs.

    • Mob daughters aren’t allowed to partake in family business nor are they allowed to take it over, that falls to the eldest son. If there is no eldest boy, then it falls to the bosses Capo.

    There are few to no women in crime, organized or not. So a female protagonist who could get pregnant, and “make friends,” would be fucking dumb. Totally deviate the point of the game, alienate the majority of GTA players (males,) and otherwise turn it into a pathetic weird ass mockery of the game it is.

    So please pc, idiot, feminist, hipsters on Tumblr. Leave GTA or any other game we enjoy the fuck alone.

    Sincerely, logical, sensible, realistic, people who live in the real world, and not in la la land where everything is wonderful and everyone is nice.

    • Kyle You Are like the Smartest dude here! No Female Protagonists ON GTA!!! They can come up later but Maybe like San Andreas as a Player 2 or something But NEVER as the Lead Protagonist

    • Women can’t be in organized crime? Have you not heard of Griselda Blanco? That woman basically ruled the cocain trade in the 80’s ????????????????

      • Stil it would be the dumbest thing for gta to make a female character the main protagonist of the game so may all the feminist please stop ruining the gaming industry?

        • Or heres an idea? Stop being a fucking closeminded whiny sexist who feels threatened by females? And go fap feist your frustrated feelings somewhere else than in a game and try to control it desperatly?

  17. Rockstar would never allow you to get pregnant. You don’t have children in a game like gta. Lol. And also some of these ideas seem an awful lot like a sims game. Yes they’re great ideas don’t get me wrong but I don’t see any of it happening. The female character though I can see that. That’d be Fantastic! And instead of giving her the image of a whore by her being a prostitute. Maybe she could be a mob bosses daughter or just a bad ass criminal, but female. There are lots of back stories she could have. And I don’t really care what race she is. Just want a female character. Lol. She could be the wife of one of the male protagonists? That’d be cool. Lol. I’m not saying this in hopes rockstar will see it I’m just saying this shit would be sick to see in a gta game.

  18. In the end they had to politicize game time you perform female character in the game. Probably because they want to attract gay people that play. It is a kind of social debacle.

  19. Everyone in the game should be white.

  20. There should be a girl protagonist Starts out in grove street merryweather kidnapps her family and gets 3 more of her friends to pay the randsome and kill the person who’s behind this

  21. I think it would be cool if the airport can take you to san andreas, liberty city, and vice city.. that would be crazy cool..

  22. There should be 4 characters the girl must be the richest of them all.She should have a 5 year old kid.

  23. For the female protagonist, the female should be a character that starts from being a drug addict or a prostitute with 1 kid then she does all the stuff to turn out to be a rich black woman. That female character should be like on of the girls of the movie “Set it Off”.

  24. ok 1st off gta5 rocks! if 6 comes out with no online mode pple are gonna freak, second, please make it so you could kiss another player if that said player accepts, my gf and i would love this, aswell as living together, sex etc, accessable buildings, better vehicles CO-OP campaign, bigfoot in online, megalodon, PLEASE PUT MEGALODON!! and more variety for vehicles, tanks, helicopters, planes, jets, etc, and if some1 steals a expensive car in online and tries to save it, have em pay a little 4 it, and faster ways to rank up, ive been kiking my own ass trying to get the thino tank, 8 more level up! oh and a campaign wher you can choice your own path, like 4 instance deferent story lines like in mass effect, wat you choose to say or do alters the sgory, and LOAD UR SAVED GTA 5 CHARACTER ONTO GTA 6 ONLINE! did i cover it? oh and make ifor ps3/xbox360, just with less dlc

  25. A lot features in San Andreas was awesome. CJ cud the gym and workout and gain muscle. Loved that!! I really like the concept of placing it back in the 70’s!! And we.get more for.the stuff we steal. Wanna be able to walk in more place like, restaurants, jewelry stores and buy things walk on more night clubs and.strip.clubs.. please and thank u!!

  26. I think that in story mode, there should be multiplayer. You should be able to have kids, get married, unlock all the guns, etc.

    • they said theyll make kids and if your a female or a male youll be friends with random people and youll be dating then proposed to etc. then youll be trying for a baby in bed

  27. I think u should be able to take showers anytime and brush their teeth cause their probably stink and they need to bring back cj and the hood and they need to let you sell weed and type in what u want then to say and they need to let them date

  28. I just want to say… since the first, the setting always on western like london, uk, etc. i think about something eastern.. sounds strange, yeah, but i think its just extra ordinary.

  29. I think there should be a lead female character and more hair and clothes plus what’s up with the hair u guys have so much technology u could make this game your best I would like to see romantic choices we could ale depending on your gender

  30. I think we should have a girl character because it would be cool.Also me and my friends decided we would like to have more animals and cars.Dont bring old characters back maybe you can in like one mission maybe or on the streets.But in all I really do think that you can get girlfriends and boyfriends and be pregnant or get them pregnant.Also make new friends on the streets.I think we should be able to go in any building.Also I think you should let the characters get to go to the gym and get stronger.My friends said in story mode you should be able to get pearcings.This is all for story mode.

    • A man that’s brave enough to do anything. No bad features. All real animals like bears. Change into an animal any time

    • U can still have apartment but u should be able to buy mansion are a really high price house all tha mission more money If u don’t have money to pay for rent u get kick out go in ever building be able to go out on a real date hang out with online friend at tha park go camping go to the water park are canoe down tha river are a inner tube down tha river make it more fun

    • They should be able to own pets and when u go tha park dog park let them run train them how to do trick also when online person in trouble there dog attacks tha person and they should be able to sit down on the bench anywhere live in mansion take trip to different island are bulid ur own house if u want are apartment should be a lot nicer also buy celebrities looking homes nicer cars make its so it snows heavy and road get close have were we can go skiing are do some kind of mission where u able to save someone from tha snow bring them into ur home flirt with cute guys on tha streets are tha beach invite them over have sex make this better then tha rest

    • This isn’t The Sims, this is GTA. Pregnancy would be ok, I guess. But the whole “Apartments and dating” thing shouldn’t be included. Because like I said, this isn’t The Sims. You should be able to get piercings, too. That sounds fun. Women can be just as violent as men

  31. GTA 6 should have Michael,Franklin and should make Trevor crazier than ever and should make the characters able to fly to different parts of the world. like Africa,Asia, Russia etc and improve the graphics although they are excellent but we need to make GTA 6 better. And add more cars and more clothes better hair cuts and more interesting missions # GTA freak

  32. They sould make the whole world as location and real cars like lamborghini ferrari buggati

  33. yall should also try and get the characters into any home they got to or anyone else home that would be great and the girl character should be named avery and it should be another girl she should hang with name chrissy or something lilke that the names are just for example

  34. Dylan ainsworth

    Shud be set in the uk

  35. You should put the city as DC and bring back CJ and Franklin and put 2pac in it.

    • i agree with you about bringing franklin back in gta6 but tupac and cj not at all.

      • c j back

        • Well they should brign Cj back and add some Mexican Girls And there Should Be mexicans and stuff Like Gangs like san andreas Did and We should Have it in Kansas city Missouri I wanna see my own House and stuff and It would be Cool Plus the sprint center You can have rock bands or something but its For free and you can crash partys and Have Like Where You can skate bord and stuff like taht

          • No thay can’t put your real house because thay wood have to go all around usa to remember all!!!!!! Those houses just to make the game that wood take for like 50 years so good idea but that would take forever. Sorry for bad spelling bye

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  37. You should make the location somewhere else such as Germany or Amsterdam

  38. The next city theme should be Washington D.C that would be sweet from the nations capital to the hood include Maryland and Virginia

  39. They should open all places and add more small interesting things to spark up the d fun in this game. They should have more e entails.

  40. We should be able to have a female charge tee and more charechters like tommy vercity from gta vice city or other old ones and we should be able to get inside any building we would like email me for more suggentions

  41. Yell should Make it in new York City and make it s it sunny and raining And snowing and I don’t think that yell never made it snow before on none of the games

  42. Is this fake? Rockstar never (at least not yet) announce a plan to make a next installment of GTA, I think this is fake. If this comment requires confirmation, than this is fake.

    • i think that it should be a female player you should be able to make friends that are just roaming the street we should be able to find boyfriends/girlfriends we should be able to get pregnant or get someone pregnant

  43. it would be awsome to have a female character since from gta 1 to 5 there is no female character…gta fans would like this

  44. Man! I would love to see a female protagonist!! I have been thinking the same thing!!!! Hell yea

  45. I think you should incorporate more characters and more pets and animals an new cars people and don’t just have a car disappear when it passes by you in 1sec. Don’t make up and guns or weapons. I think more people like the feeling that the guns are a real life firearm!!! And make the game more like real life. E-mail me I have other good ideas too!!

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