GTA 6 Image

GTA 6 Image
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3 thoughts on “GTA 6 Image

  1. Hi, I’m a very big fan of gta I think u should a low use to have all kinds of cars like school buses and we should be able to build power own homes and make a gta game in U.S. like Ohio state or other states that would alsome …. Thanks

  2. Vegas!! Make it in the game….that’ll be so awesome

    Love you guys thank u for GTA games!

  3. michael gabriel

    this picture reminds of the empire state building plus the twin tower from new york city,palm trees remind of miami,FL plus walt disney world theme park in orlando.FL tought bet.las vegas might be a good option.decide if u want orlando unversial theme park to be good on gta vi,but vegas would better.,ya hard choice.

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