GTA 6 Guide

What is Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6)?

GTA 6(Grand Theft Auto VI) is next rumored sequel to the Rockstar GTA open world GTA series. Last year Rockstar had launched GTA 5(Grand Theft Auto V) which was a massive hit in the market.

It is a action-adventure video game series created by Dan and Sam Houser, Leslie Benzies and Aaron Garbut. Gameplay focuses on an open world where the player can choose missions to progress an overall story, as well as engaging in side activities, all consisting of action-adventure, driving, third-person shooting, occasional role-playing, stealth, and racing elements.

GTA 6 is going to be launched for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

GTA 6 Guide

Is GTA 6 Confirmed?

Answer to this question is bit typical as though Rockstar has yet not officially confirmed GTA 6 but various other as well as Rockstar sources has given various hints, which forced us to believe in the confirmation for GTA 6

“We’ve got about 45 years worth of ideas we want to do,” according to Rockstar president Leslie Benzies(president of Rockstar North), “We don’t know what GTA 6 will be, but we’ve got some ideas.”.

GTA 6 Rumors?

1. GTA 6 release date has been tentatively set for July 2017

This is one of the biggest rumor till now, Cyberland has announced that GTA 6 was announced on E3 2014 unofficially and in that GTA 6 release date was tentatively set for July 2017. Release date for GTA 6 was expected near 2020, but now various sites are claiming for 2017 which is quite unbelievable as analysing Rockstar’s history for releasing the GTA series versions, its quite interesting as time gap between GTA V and GTA IV is 6 years, so if Rockstar is going to release GTA VI in 2017 then he going to do some thing which is OFF the trend.

2. GTA 6 New York or Houston or Vice City or Some where Else

With GTA IV went back to Liberty City and GTA V went back to Los Santos, now speculations are made that GTA 6 will return to Vice City.

Vice City is one of the best game in GTA series as it became the best-selling video game and over 20 million copies were sold. It was cited as a landmark in video games for its far-reaching influence within the industry.

Hence it is expected that GTA 6 will do a make over of Vice City with improved graphics and more realism in the game.

Platform GTA 6 Will Release

GTA 6 will be available for all latest platforms namely PS4 and Xbox One. The game is also expected to come for other platforms including  PS3, Xbox 360 and PC version.

Will GTA 6 be available for PS5? Well most probably Yes, if PS5 is released by the time GTA 6 gets ready to release. It will surely come for PS5 and Xbox Two.

Key Features Rumored In GTA 6:

Rumors about GTA 6 are endless but picking some them are as follows:

1. New Time Arena One of the most circulating rumor about GTA 6 feature is to see some new time arena is GTA 6. GTA London series was also a benchmark in creating new style in Game. It creates new theme and events in Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961, by this series Rockstar has taken us to 1960 which was a new time period for the game.

2. New Adventure – Now its time to see some new adventure and excitement in the game. Though, yet there is no officially announcement for GTA 6 features, but still people are buzzing around to get some hint.

3. Female Protagonist Another rumored feature, is to see some female protagonist in the lead role of the game play. This is one the interesting rumor as if this change comes in the game then it would be a drastic change for GTA series as well GTA fans. This amendment will change the viewpoint of the Fans as well as critics.

4. GTA 6: To Take Place In 1970What fans are expecting is to see some new arena in GTA 6. It may take us back to 1970. After seeing the history of previous releases of GTA except the last two, we have a vintage arena as GTA London series, GTA 1986 Vice City and many more. GTA’s last two series are based on the modern world and now all the fans are putting pressure to take back GTA 6 to 70’s arena. So we all are desperately waiting to see what Rockstar will be putting in GTA 6.

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21 thoughts on “GTA 6 Guide

  1. I want it for ps 4 ps the 3 xbox360 and xbox 1

  2. put it on 360

  3. For the main gta 6 character can it be a girl as an undercover cop.

  4. In GTA 6 can we travel in plane .will there be more varieties of houses we can buy .can we buy dogs cats birds much gb it will take to download.will it be multiplayer.can we have a girlfriend

  5. When is it coming out what is’n for 360

  6. gta 6 should enable us to drive skateboards,rollerskater,attend classes buy and grow pets like bird dog cat camel horse,ride on ahorse or camel it shoul feature desert and a realradio

  7. how many gb gta 6 for xbox one?

  8. Your friend got killed by one of the mafia and you want to avenge his death. However, the problem is that the Mafia is hot on your trail too. So you might want to kill the mafia that are trying to kill you first before going on out for a revenge.

    The game is played with a mouse and a keyboard. You need to drive using the keyboard while shooting some bad guys with the mouse. Your ammunition is limited, but you got three guns to which you can switch between. You can get more ammunition whenever you visit the store.

  9. Have a better couch and stealth system .

  10. Have the abilly to make your own gang and buy safehouses , Mansions , Turfs , Territories , houses , factorys , docks , boat yards , clubs , casinos , warehouses , guns stores , shops , stores , penthouses , police stations , fire stations , ems stations , hospitals , radio station towers , towers , airports , airports hangers , farms , gas stations , garages , taxi and cab depots , depots , business , golf courses , ships , boats , planes , choppers , helicopters , airfields , airstrips , yachts , road blocks , rooftops , airforces , bases , runways , trailer parks , diners , clothes stores that you can older your gangs to defend or sent just like the godfather 2 game .

  11. Add Gyms back from San Andreas .

  12. Gta 6 should have better cops then gta 4 or 5 .

  13. i would really like to see old cars ferrari dino jaguar e-type etc also please make it in kent and it would be good because u see nice cars there and for those who like to fly planes there are loads of bases to fly from also have jobs rockstar im annoyed that when i finish a game there is nothing else to do also add more weapons. another thing in real life there are KEYS for ur car u cant just open the door without a key add a lamborgini huracan and also even though rockstar put first person on ps4 on gta v put it on ps3

  14. id like to see changes made to the following; make the city somewhere like rio or paris.. or even keep it where it is but add more too it..

    The cars and bikes; i dont see why we cant have fully licensed vehicles like ferrari etc. thats a small part but it would make such a huge difference

    Accommodation; im aware this aint sims but being able to buy stuff for the house apartment etc would be a fantastic thing to allow, also add activities to do such as maintaining the house or garden.. or paying someone else to do it when money comes in

    Jobs: yes emergency services and taxi jobs are cool, but add some more like bank clerk which you could rob if wanted too, or a pilot which you could take seriously or kill hundreds of people. just something to spice it up a bit

    Weapons: i miss the katana tbh which i think was vice city the last time we saw it. add more guns.. people say less is more.. well more is more in this situation. chuck a cross bow in there.. and who wouldnt like to beat a poor blokes head in with a simple rock haha (on the game i might add not in reality)

    Missions: The only issue i have with GTA 5 is that some missions you dont get paid for any form of payment, i understand that some jobs are worth millions which is great but i just feel either a small cash payment on every mission or a knew weapon or something just to make it worth completing the smaller missions in the storyline.

    Extra: Tattoos to me on the game are quite a fun thing to do.. however there arent at all enough options. plus again just me being picky but ive never been to a hairdresses in my life that cut my beard longer than it was before haha, this also needs more customisation options

    On the whole i have just completed GTA 5 at 80 percent and i am continuing to 100. i found it to be an amazing part of the franchise and completely entrust rockstar to make GTA 6 another gem. cheers guys

  15. Yeah thats a good idea,i think that gta vi should map the previous gta series

  16. I think gta 6 should map the whole previous city of gta series

  17. the hitchhiker

    I think it should be set around the county of kent in England, nice scenery and lots of mentals around. And you could drive on to the train and go to france, pick up a few illegals bring um back, make a lot of money! 🙂
    Also its been a while since we’ve had some “er you slag” gaming.

  18. Parker Ledger

    they should put an asphalt track in gta 6 because there is a dirt horse track in gta5 and it would be cool for asphalt racing fans to see. have it on PS3, pc, Xbox, Xbox1, and Ps4 because some people don’t have the money to upgrade to a newer model gaming system. To also have more cars and maybe a late model or some NASCAR series cars for NASCAR fans with a asphalt track.

  19. we want gta6 now ps3 only.

    • PS3 Only? So you want Rockstar to miss out on thousands of dollars because you don’t like other consoles? Okay, well if you don’t want Rockstar to have funding for any more DLCs, Go ahead.

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