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GTA 6 news and updates.

GTA 6 Beta

Is GTA 6 Beta Coming Soon?

Big news for GTA fans as Rockstar has decided to finally bring GTA 5 to the next-generation consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 18. Rockstar has also scheduled…

GTA 6 To Feature 6 Wanted Levels

GTA 6 To Feature 6 Wanted Levels?

As the news pops out for GTA 6 release date which is set to be 2017, here comes another news for one of the main GTA series feature, “The Wanted…

GTA 6 Release Date Rumors

Rumoured GTA 6 Release Date Is June 2017 Is Real Or Fake

Eagerness for GTA 6 is just going to burst out, as here comes another rumor which says that GTA 6 release date is June 2017 with title “Return to Vice…

GTA 6 Lead character Female Protagonist

GTA 6 Lead character Feamale Protagonist: Rumor

As various rumors are popping for GTA 6, recently was GTA 6 Take Place In New York City Or Houston. GTA 6 has tremendous expectations as it has some fabulous…

GTA 6 Rumors Take Place In New York City Or Houston

GTA 6 Rumors: Take Place In New York City Or Houston

Friends, a lot of rumors are coming out for GTA 6 the most recent one was Rockstar Officially Registered City Stories Title. Now again, there is a rumor for GTA…