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GTA 6 news and updates.

GTA 6 Location Portland

GTA 6 Location Should Be Portland Says Real State

GTA 5 is in the news with its release on January 27, 2015 for its PC version. Rockstar is still focusing on its GTA 5 and alongside GTA 6 is…

GTA 6 Release Date

GTA 6: Location & Release Date Rumor [Update]

GTA 5 was launched in  September, 2013 and since than it became the fastest selling video game. After this success full launch, Rockstar is looking forward for its next verion…

Grand Theft Auto 6 San Andreas 2

Grand Theft Auto 6: San Andreas 2 Press Release Is Fake

Once again a fake rumor is added in the list of the GTA 6 rumors. The news is San Andreas 2 is already in the development and is ready to…

GTA 6 In Chicago

GTA 6 To Set In Chicago Is Fake News

To all the die hard fans of Grand Theft Auto series, here is a very important news for you. As GTA 6 rumors are buzzing all over the world, some…

GTA 6 to take place in 1970

GTA 6: To Take Place In 1970 (*Rumour)

Grand Theft Auto VI is making a hot market among the fans due to its release in 2017 claiming by various sites though we didn’t hear any official announcement. Again…