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GTA 6 news and updates.

GTA 6 Ryan Gosling As Protagonist

GTA 6 Rumor: Ryan Gosling As Protagonist

Friends Grand Theft Auto 6 is again back with a rumor and this time it’s really a hot, as Hollywood superstar Ryan Gosling is going to play the role of…

GTA 6 PC Discussion

GTA 6 PC Discussion: How Long Will It Take To Release

Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released for PC or not? This is a million dollar question as for now and also heart breaking question for all the fans who…

GTA 6 Release For PS3 and Xbox 360

Will Rockstar Release GTA 6 For PS3 & Xbox 360?

GTA 6 release date is too far to be predicted as currently Rockstar is focusing only on GTA V online mode and PC. Rockstar is all set to release much-anticipated…

GTA 6 Forum

Launching First GTA 6 Forum & Community

Update: We have shut down the GTA 6 forum because very less people were actually interested and lots of people were spamming making harder to manage. GTA 5 is going…

GTA 6 Confirmed Date

GTA 6 Confirmed In Development Is Very Old News

The whole internet gaming world is buzz with news, GTA 6 confirmed in development. But it’s a very old news which we shared almost a year back. The Leslie Benzies…