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GTA 6 Protagonist & Character

GTA 6: Protagonist & Character Ideas

GTA 6 protagonist and characters are creating a lot of buzz over the internet. All the die heart fans of GTA series are expressing their views about the changes in…

GTA 6 To Feature 6 Wanted Levels

GTA 6 To Feature 6 Wanted Levels?

As the news pops out for GTA 6 release date which is set to be 2017, here comes another news for one of the main GTA series feature, “The Wanted…

GTA 6 To Feature New Arena

GTA 6 To Feature New Time Arena

The Grand success of GTA 5 makes each one of us to think about GTA 6, its new features & its next level adventure. Rockstar has not yet officially confirmed…

GTA 6 Lead character Female Protagonist

GTA 6 Lead character Feamale Protagonist: Rumor

As various rumors are popping for GTA 6, recently was GTA 6 Take Place In New York City Or Houston. GTA 6 has tremendous expectations as it has some fabulous…

GTA 6 feature

Some More GTA 6 Expected Features

GTA 5 is emerging as one of the best game in the series till now, and this lead to over expectation from fans which will be surely satisfied by the…