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Updated On: 08 November 2015

Rockstar GTA series is one of the most popular series of action-adventure, open world, crime and role playing games. Rockstar North is not just limited to grand theft auto only, but its base is GTA series only. Rockstar has recently launched the 5th Grand Theft Auto version and it leads to a huge success. So now all the die hard fans of GTA series are expecting a new adventure and excitement in GTA 6.


This article will give you all latest updates about GTA 6. Below, you can simply jump to portion, you are looking for.

About GTA 6:

Ever since the Rockstar release GTA 5, GTA lovers has already started questioning about GTA 6. GTA 5 is the most fastest selling video game in the history. The Rockstar earned  US$800 million in its first day and US$1 billion in its first three days. The sales history is the proof how much people love GTA game and now have huge expectation from GTA 6 than any other game. Even though it is less than a year when GTA 5 released, but GTA fans has already started asking, “When Is GTA 6 Coming” and even sharing there feature wishlist.

Ever since GTA 5 is launched, GTA 6 is always in news. Rumors about GTA 6 discuss the changes and wishlist GTA fans would love to see in GTA 6. The most wanted wishlist is one beautiful hot woman as the main character in GTA 6 along with other male character.


The Overwhelming success of GTA V is accumulating the GTA fans to expect the game release for next-generation console with improved graphics and gameplay elements.

Though there is no official announcement of the release date, but Rockstar has given a hint for GTA 6 that “We’ve got about 45 years worth of ideas we want to do,” Leslie Benzies, president of Rockstar North, said in a press conference. A lot of people are predicting the GTA 6 release date by following the previous leads, but the fact is still GTA 6 date is not announced. But considering the Rockstar strategy, it is expected to release sometime around 2018.

Title Release Date
Grand Theft Auto 1997
Grand Theft Auto II 1999
Grand Theft Auto III 2001
Grand Theft Auto IV 2008
Grand Theft Auto V 2013
GTA 6 2018?

After analysing the past GTA game we predict the next GTA 6 to release sometime around 2018 – 2020. In between we also expect some other GTA game to come. For example, GTA City Stories which is new title registered by Rockstar. You can know more about GTA 6 release date here.

Update On 16 September 2014:

Currently, all the rumors about GTA 6 release date is June – July 2017 are fake. We have many reasons to prove why is it so. First of all there is no direct official confirmation from Rockstar Games. Secondly, same website is writing about it every month just to remain in Google and getting traffic. If this news is true, they should write it once and done. But they are writing the same article almost every week by little modification. This simply means news is their mind creation for getting some extra readers to the site.

GTA 6 Platform:

GTA 6 is very likely going to release for the newest console PS4 and Xbox One. Considering high PC demand later Rockstar is also expected to launch for PC platform aswell.


Play Station 4 is the latest console in the gaming zone. Rockstar has recently launched some updates for GTA 5 for PS4. GTA 6 is mostly expected to release for PS4 as its the only latest console in the market by Sony and also it has a lot of scope to be utilized by Rockstar to improve the game.

Xbox One:

Another latest console by Microsoft which also received the updates for GTA 5. Xbox one also had the resources which is yet to be utilized by Rockstar to improve the performance and game quality.


Play Station is the predecessor of PS4 and now seems to have some limitations in technical terms due to which it is unable to support the latest graphic’s games. Considering the fact PS3 will be outdated by 2017 and not even getting support from Sony which ends in 2016. So Rockstar might not launch GTA 6 for PS3.

Xbox 360:

Similar scenario is for Xbox 360 version as it also have technical limitations due to which it doesn’t support the high definition graphics games. For GTA 6, this console also might get obsolete as its successor Xbox One is hitting the market with great enthusiasm.

For more read: Will Rockstar Release GTA 6 For PS3 & Xbox 360?

There is also a probability that till the time Rockstar release GTA 6, there may be some more high tech and upgraded consoles available in the market (i.e. PS5 and Xbox Two) and GTA 6 might also be available for those consoles too.

GTA 6 FEATURES (Rumor And Wishlist):

Here are the most wanted feature of GTA 6 from GTA lovers. The below list will be updated with more feature in future, when we get to know more wishlist from them.

GTA 6 Feature

Female Protagonist:

Most people have criticized the women’s role in GTA 5, but as GTA 6 is all about excitement at the highest level, so we would be expecting some female protagonist as the center of the story line. It could be innovative idea as GTA franchise is most popular among the world.

Bring 1970’s Back:

Many fans want GTA 6 to take place in retro look of 1970‘s. First reported by motoringcrunch, soon after it becomes a headline for many other sites to share their personal views on the idea. Even many fans in forums have shared that they really liked the idea of 70’s culture, as it was best suited for mafia’s as it includes all the corrupt government and all business owned by mafia’s.

New City:

Another feature we are expecting in next-generation consoles is that it would provide a great opportunity to break away from the cities they’ve already explored and move to a new city, it would be a great adventure and thrill to explore the new city.

More Adventure:

Another interesting thing is adding new professions, such as president of the united states or some leader of any political party, or the chief of some aliens. GTA fans also want to see some new city and places with extra adventure and thrilling experience.

Customize The Main Character:

GTA fans would love to customize the main character before playing the game. The customization of appearance, looks and cloths will be a great feature.

More Missions:

GTA 6 can be little more explored by providing more Money making Missions as: Like robbing banks mission, having a job like joining the army or the police. Such missions will give a more real feeling in the game. It will boost his temperament to get indulged in the game.

Adding More Realism:

Various features are present which are mostly admired by each and every fan but still there is a lot of scope for fun and adventure, in the the next gen Grand Theft Auto game. GTA 6 game engine can support destructible sceneries and the innovative idea is to think like battlefield where we can crumble some wall down or maybe explode some building with an airplane. And after that, the game memorizes that this building is on the ground and by the time game goes on the building starts to get builded again and we can watch the process by watching the workers working on the construction. This idea seems little bit simple but it will add more realism and adventure to the game.

House Changes:

GTA 5 gives the opportunity to buy a house but instead of being stuck with one house there more houses must be provided and there should be change in online also as ability to buy an actual house instead of apartments, and most importantly there should be a feature to edit the house details also.

More Vehicles:

GTA 5 has various vehicles which is liked by various fans but still it lack the real feeling which came in GTA. So, there should be addition of some monster trucks such as 1967 Shelby GT500, Hot Rods, 1950’s Ford Pickup Truck,1950’s Chevy Pickup Truck or Chevy SS Camaros.

More Stylish Clothes:

GTA 6 must be little different from GTA 5, it will have the ability to buy any clothes for each character (including clothes from multiplayer) should be added, as this feature while more ralism and varity in character as it help in creating more real like feeling during game play.

Modification of Vehicles:

GTA 6  will have more advanced features with respect to vehicles as they should be able to modify the car by themselves such as adding the neon lights and speakers or different body kits and many interesting advancement according to there requirements.

Other Feature:

GTA user would also love to customize some vehicle and guns to the way they want. Many of the fans also want old health system to be back in GTA 6. The health determined by numbers 100 and the player die only when it sank to zero. Here you can find more GTA 6 feature listed.

GTA 6 Location:

GTA 6 rumors are getting viral day by day. Recent one is related whether the GTA 6 will place in Vice City, Houston or Texas. Although gamer are still believing that GTA 6 will be in American city, most probably in Miami or New York City. You can also read best 4 location for GTA 6.

Recent rumours hints Rockstar is planning to inculcate the entire US map in Grand Theft Auto 6 including big cities such as Los Angeles, Miami  and many more.

GTA 6 Characters:

Grand Theft Auto 6 Characters are rumored to such an extent that even we sometimes feel that Rockstar might get confused about its main protagonist in the game. GTA 6 latest and most wanted character till now is a female which must act as a main protagonist or can be one of the main lead characters.

Dan Houser head writer for Rockstar Games has told that in a interview, whether he never thought a female character in GTA 5 in respond to this he said “We didn’t really think about it this time, That’s not to say that we couldn’t or we wouldn’t. This character set is just what came to us: it wasn’t, ‘we’ve got X and Y so we need Z,’ we weren’t trying to do it off a checklist – I don’t think that will ever give you something that’s believable or engaging.”

“In the future, could we do a game with a lead female character? Of course. We just haven’t found the right game for it yet, but it’s one of the things that we always think about. It didn’t feel natural for this game but definitely for the right game in the future – with the right themes, it could be fantastic. But for GTA V, this was the organic thing that came up, these were the characters what would display the themes we wanted to think about.”

Various fans have different opinions about the female protagonist. Some are in favor while others oppose it. Female character might be included in the game but seeing it in a lead role will not be a very fruitful for the legacy of Rockstar grand series Grand Theft Auto.

Apart from Female protagonist other hot news is that, Rockstar might put a drastic change in Grand Theft Auto 6 which might lead to a single main character who will lead the story. Though this news is not confirmed by any official sources but its highly rumored among the fans.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are also rumoured to be part of GTA 6 characters. Eva Mendes would be female voice for lead protagonist and Ryan Gosling may be a surprise character in the game which could play a descendant of John Marston, who was the protagonist in “Red Dead Redemption.”

You can know more about GTA 6 characters here.

GTA 6 Gameplay Trailer Video (Fan-made):

After watching so many fan made GTA 6 gameplay trailer, below is of such trailer. The trailer is 1 minutes 43 seconds in length which shows cool cars and fight. Until official comes, enjoy fan-made.

Watch More: Exciting GTA 6 Gameplay Trailer Made By Fans

GTA 6 Images (Fan-Made)

So to all die hard GTA fans, we would also like to hear your suggestions on GTA 6. Kindly leave your valuable comments in the below comment box,,,,and stay connected for more updates on GTA 6.

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  1. Christopher sanchez

    GTA 6 wishlist no.12: grand theft auto 6 should be realistic like the video game 50 cent blood on the sand

  2. Christopher sanchez

    GTA 6 wishlist no.8 clothing stores: when you walk into cool cats a man or a lady will walk up to you and say welcome to cool cats and he or she will hand you a large bag to put your accesserys and clothes in once you picked out the accesserys and clothing you like you’ll walk up to the cashier and he or she will ring up the price you’ll have to pay in order to get the clothes that you want before you leave. [note: cool cats was just a name i made up for a clothing store rockstar games gets to choose the names for all the clothing stores and rockstar games also gets to pick the price of the clothing aswhile.

  3. Christopher sanchez

    GTA 6 wishlist no.8 chians,earins,longe ties and bracelet’s: no1. if you bought a regouler longe tie with your suite when your character moves your regouler longe tie should move side to side aswhile when you move. no.2: short and longe chians should move side to side aswhile when your character moves. no.3 bracelet’s: the bracelet’s should move side to side aswhile when your character moves. no.4 earins: the earin’s should move side to side aswhile when your character moves.

  4. Christopher sanchez

    GTA 6 wishlist no.7 Cars: the cars needs to handle alote better then gta5 and insted of breaking the window break the lock using a crowbar or a lock pick of your choice.

  5. Christopher sanchez

    GTA 6 wishlist no.6 Money: when you go to a person house to get paid for completing a job for them they will hand the money to your character so your character takes his or her’s purse/wallet out and grabs the money out of the owners hand then you will see your character put the money in his or her’s purse/wallet . [for exsample: insted of the money floting in the air like in grand theft auto 5 [for exsample : when he or she hands you the money you’ll be able to see the money.]

  6. Christopher sanchez

    GTA 6 wishlist no.6: have the ability to go to the person’s house to get paid of doing a job for them in grand theft auto 6 and for the online series of grand theft auto 6. [for exsample: when you did a job for him he gave you money for completing a job for in grand theft auto online.]

  7. Christopher sanchez

    GTA 6 wishlist no.5: have loads and loads and loads of defferant jobs.

  8. Christopher sanchez

    GTA 6 wishlist no.4 Smoking: when you are smoking a cigar or a cigarette you’ll cough when you smoke 10 cigarette’s or 10 more cigar’s then you will start seeing smoke when you smoke more.

  9. Christopher sanchez

    GTA 6 wishlist no.3: it would be nice to be able sitdown at the dinnertable to eat and drink. [note: for exsample when you are close to the chair that is at the dinnertable you’ll have to hit the right arrow that is on your controler in order to sitdown.

  10. Christopher sanchez

    GTA 6 wishlist no.2: Let the character have the ability to smoke a cigar and a cigarette by pushing the touch pad once to bring up the menu of the salection wheel and to salecte the cigar you’ll have to hit the circle button once to smoke the cigar and hit the circle button twich to smoke a cigarette and to stop smoking a cigar you’ll have to push down on your right joystick 1 to stop smoking the cigar or cigarette that goes for drinking and eating. [note: Once you hit the circle button one time you’ll start seeing your character smoking a cigar but if you hit the circle button twich you’ll start seeing your character smoking a cigarette] the menu of the salection wheel will go away once you have salected the item of your choice.

  11. Christopher sanchez

    GTA 6 wishlist no.1: There sould be defferant types of clothing stores through out the map that has there own types of names,clothing and aceserys like hats,necklaces,rings,shoes,ties,socks etc. etc.. etc… that way we have a wide variety of clothing to choose from.

  12. Christopher sanchez

    please to who ever deleted my wishlist’s that i just started a few days ago don’t delete my new wishlist’s that i’m about to say i beg of you please don’t delete.

  13. Christopher sanchez

    for some resson my grand theft auto 6 wishlis’s got deleted for some resson but here is my wishlist/wishlist’s for grand theft auto 6.


  15. I’ve read most of these wishlists you people typed up and I really like a lot of the suggestions you’ve come up with. I’m hoping Rockstar will see this site (not too unlikely to happen since it’s Google’s first result for ‘gta vi’) and take some inspiration from it to make GTA 6 far more ambitious than today’s open-world games. Like you guys, I’ve been playing GTA since I was a kid, and during my gameplay I’ve thought of many big ideas that I’ve always wanted in their next GTA title. I am currently writing a several thousand word comment of my own to add to these dreams. It will be added as soon as it is completed.

  16. There should definitely be more realism in GTA Vl. For instance the whole farming idea and crop tending are pure genious. Buy and sell goods to neighbors, horseback riding, tending to animals etc. Players should definitely be able to walk into any establishment like they would in real life. Purchase their own houses instead of apartments..Have more of a variety of weapons, cars and missions that pay out more money. The game should have more clothing options, hairstyles, body modifications. There should be an option to play multiplayer without having to be online. And because not everyone can’t afford a ps4, you should make it for both ps3 and ps4 that way everyone is happy. There should also be an option to have a zombie apocalypse survival mode.

  17. alınbunualınbunu

    I want a map which contains 3 cities : Miami , Las Vegas and Chicago

    In Miami we can wander around the beaches , tanning , swimming , sailing , scuba diving .. all that kind of wafer sports .. we can sail with our glomorous yachts , boats , make races , . at nights we can go to the clubs , bars , fancy restaurants … we can do jobs like dj , barmaid , bodyguard , running a club , waiter , etc.. we can check into the hotels in the area , do jobs like receptionist , cleaning lady , hotel manager , etc.. we can wander around the city .. go to the miami heat or miami united fc matches.. go the malls , aquaparks , disneyland , movie theaters..

    What happens in Vegas stays in vegas.. We can experience this magical city again after the san andreas .. We can gamble , gain money , then go broke , gian money from the mission , gamble , then go broke again and again… We can do jobs like crupier , bodyguard , waiter , casino manager , check into hotels , go to amazing restaurans , shows , wathc street performers , watch elvis , go to the 51th area , hire a servant , bodyguard , driver , hitman , etc..

    In Chicago we can experience a mob life . They can copy some items from gta 5 such as roosevelt , valentine day’s masscacre dlc’s clothes , weapons , hairstyles , accessoires , etc.
    We can wander around the city , be a member of a mob , go to he matches of chicago bulls , chicago fire , chicago bears , go to the clubs , malls , enter governmental and private buildings , walk the frozen lake michigan in winters and sail our boats , yachts in summers .. We can do winter sports in the mountains near to the chicago . skiing , snowboarding , drive snow mobiles , races , fests , check into the hotels in mountains , walk in the snow , try to survive in the mountains , etc..

  18. You need to let us walk into any building you want to an stuff shouldn’t be locked an you should be able to put the height an size of your player

  19. Gta 6 needs better details like
    1-more shirt creases
    2-realistic walking and running
    3-ability to play basketball and other sports.
    4-more street performers.
    6-customizable bikes
    7- BETTER WATER and physics
    8-buying houses,phones gadgets
    9-numbers that are on posters-the ability to actually ring and someone picks up
    11-house parties
    14-wash your bikes
    15-house meals
    16-phone texting
    17-nose bleeds when fighting
    18-fly kicking,grappling and crowds forming and cheering around you when you fight.
    1:go into shops,buy stuff
    2-basically play like normal gta but with all the cheats this time.
    3-more characters.
    1-Black players and mix race.
    2-own hairstyles on and offline
    3-colleges, casinos,baseball with actual gameplay,basketball games( THIS IS AMERICA!)
    4-better music
    5-3 characters
    6-gangs and wars
    7:girlfriends and boyfriends holding hands
    8-ability to have a boif or girlf
    9-better brand names
    10:better cars
    11: Better scripts less of the same swear words
    12-can turn swearing off or on.
    las vegas
    vice city
    all places from the gta series.
    Please take this and read it!

    • Your right this is America and it should stay in america. Washinton D.C is a great idea also, if the idea of protecting the President of the United States pops up, should be able to play as the secret service or join the police force/army and the idea of joining DCPD would be awesome. Las Vegas and Detroit is awesome too. GTA 5 has so many restriction being offline towards customization like emergency vehicles and etc and clothing.

  20. Gta always has the best story. But u need to work on making many many longer like episode 1. 2. 3 and more that’s will be cool. And I personally like to see Trevor in next episode and some of the last episode characters like cj or wu zi mu chines character of gta San Andrea. Thanks rockstars. You change my mind about the best games.

  21. In gta 6 some japanese cars like the 1998 toyota supra and the nissan s15 should be added so that the people who like stancenation and the JDM style could have fun in the game with their favourite cars an if possible add some tuning to like camber the car wheel and make the car look better and more costumisable in some ways because in gta V you couldnt do much to the car and some of the bumpers and rims wouldnt be much use and in my opinion make cars look worst.

  22. i’d like to control my character’s hands in gta 6. for example i want to wear and take off the clothes, use key to enter the apartment and cars , go to restaurants and eat something with using fork , knife , spoon etc .. , able to write checks , able to use wallet and put money , photos , ids in it , put something to the pockets of clothes , write something , able to paint , able to use musical instruments , able to use household and garden equipments , turn on the lights in apartments , buildings , etc… , tickle people , shake hands with people , help injured or wunded people , able to hitchike , touch and give food to dogs cats , etc.. , do handjokes to the people , if someone about to fall down from a cliff , window or car hold their hands and able to rescue them , that kind of stuff ..

  23. nikoline-zen dokken

    also when you fly youre plane you can put it on auto pilot and go around in the plane
    same on car
    put guns and stuff in the back of youre trunk or a body
    sit in the passenger seat or the back seat
    more workers arounf places
    big ships and planes that fly and drive around
    people doing their normal jobs
    a car that i rellly wana see in gta iv /6 OPEL CALIBRA
    a family like the house is not empty and all boring

    mikeal, trevor lester jimmy tracy and franklin like we all love
    live with them online would be very fun

    buy big houses and fully customizeble
    take with you for eksample tracy or jimmy or everyone for go out and have dinner or play swim whatever

    more missions

    thank you for reading
    i relly love gta v i play everyday and i am relly glad for all the people who have created it
    BIG thanks to everyone
    i know i must be sooo much work to create it !! we are all very thankfull

    btw here is some more :)

    i agree with all off you players that gta 6 needs more
    what i want gta 6 to have is
    they need to improve the way of when you walk around with guns and gonna free aim
    its har to free aim they need to make it more like CAL OF DUTY easyer :)

    nr 1 wee want much more car cuztomasation on all cars
    nr2 improve the look of interior in the car for eksample cuztomise ewerything like needles colors and styling lights and ewerything and colors and much more in the car

    nr2 more cool car nr 1 my favorite car OPEL CALIBRA!!! 😀 so nice car ^^
    more packs like you can buy car packs and dlc

    nr 3 put in more stuff more militery bases like you can attack them and stuff
    and militery boats that you can drive and cariers with planes on it and tanks

    nr4 more air and attack and boat virecles

    nr5 zombie mode we want zombies and stuff and like we need to survive in freemode thats awesome and cool cars

    nr6 manual gear on the car and supported by rat and pedals like g27! 😀

    nr7 cuztomize inside youre house like you can buy stuff

    nr 8 you can coose that youre car need to refuel or not :)

    nr 9 the needles on youre car shoild moove and show when you car gets warm

    nr 10 big houses to live in like vilaes and stuf with swimming poole and customize the look of outside of youre house with lights and alarms and security cam and guard that you can buy to patrole around youre house

    nr 11 a garage where you can fix on youre car and a store where you need to buy things for youre car, can be ewerything new lights, styling lights and stuff and like you can dissesemble the car youre self and the put it back together and extra lights on youre car and they should work and deside wich direction they should be pointed at and much more 😀

    nr 12 more hairs styles, all the time i haw been at the place where you can fix youre hair and i always look for long hair, and they newer haw it :(

    nr 13 more support stuff like you can call inn an airstrike or a tank wich drives around by itself
    and you can drive around with a rc helicopters and rc planes, for fun

    nr 14 more custom colors like we can paint with emblems and much more stuff 😀

    nr 15 more options on the car lights xenon with colors red blue purple yellow and so on :)

    nr 16 tank, i was very very dissepointed the first time i set my self in a tank i tought that there would be screens in the tank and stuff but no, i only was sitting outside the tank with only a sight and thats it

    all other cars there is interior look and stuf but why not on the tank????
    btw i love the interior look in the choppers and planes! : )

    nr 17 haw a pet

    nr 18 have a koi pound

    nr 19 more options on the neon like strobe or flash

    nr 20 call in youre own team, helicopter and tanks and cars and see virecles or call in youre own army : )

    nr 21 atomatic guns on the chopper that shoots those wich try to attack you

    nr 22 call in a ac130 with guns and have a screen and you control it
    or have a team controlling it and you decide where it is gonna shoot
    for eksample on the cops or on annother player :)

    that was those ideas i relly want to happend! : D

    pleaaaaaasseee add a OPEL CALIBRA in the game!! i relly love that car :( : (

    and more
    i love the auto remote functions

    add winter add spring add the the same date as it is today att the cristhmas when i tt is
    add snow when it is snow
    add new year with rockest fiering into the air

    add like you can travle by plane and buy tickets to see annother city and stuff we would love stuff like that

    add customisation on the needles like different colors at buttons in the car tht lights up in colors that you can change add colors on the plane custom and so on :)
    add like you can change the hud in the plane with different colors :)

    remember those who make the game how more time and stuff you put into it hove more players wil buy more players wil play more people wil tel!! 😀 thank you for reading my toughts abt next game or gta 5 thaks.

    what we also want is no new carathers i like those it mikael trevor franklin amanda lester, tracy and jimmy

    would be fun living with them online
    instead of coming in to youre own house all empty and just dead silence idont like that
    would be fun to have someone in the house, and also take them wth you out on dinner
    swimming play game and so onQ

  24. Different walking style like shahrukh khan to impressed girls please put never wanted cheats more cheats 1000 more radio stations police clothes to join police department different pedestrian to like and say hi or say we love u more haircuts like fashion new clothes like jackets more clothes

  25. -Cars should use fuel therefore there so be a working fuel station with good animation.
    -There should be a lot of advance job opportunities to get money and take care of family needs.
    -There should be a working soccer stadium where the protagonist can involve in a soccer game.
    -Advance law enforcement. Escaping from the police shouldn’t be easy because they will do a lot of investigation no matter whether you have no star level.
    -GTA VI should contain the whole of America map.
    -Pretty long trip when traveling to different cities road transport.
    -More realistic and complex airports and deserts.
    -Real life events such as, constructions, accidents on road(participants arguing), etc
    -More trees.
    -More variety of cars.
    -Protagonist should be able to do everything which NPCs can do.
    -Lastly, children and old people should be included in game.

  26. jagraj singh rehal

    We can upload pics on fb etc nd people like nd cmment on it.
    We can get famous by playing games like nba soccer etc
    We can also fet famous by doing movies nd peples come nd take selfies with us nd.
    We can also do sex with buttons diff buttons diff actions.
    We can satart our business by purchasing land and constucting buildind which type og business we want nd also apponting workers etc.
    We can also buy houses in offline mode nd purchase things for our house like bed,tv,fridges,etc.
    We can rob banks houses shops everything in gta6
    More missions nd game never end in offline mode.
    We can enter every house nd every building in gta 6.

  27. I’ve played other games and have never seen anything with maps on the scale of GTA V. I also have worked with modeling and animation with programs that allow you to do 3d modeling, texturing and animations and understand a tiny bit of what it takes just to make water look like it has waves and ripples and how long that takes to render and I’m actually amazed at how realistic GTA V was. If you really want to know just how labor intensive all of that is, just sit through the end credits. I did and I’m pretty sure the credits took over a half hour to watch. Frankly, I think you simply got it right. Period. Things I would like to see in 6 are as follows.

    Being able to interact with furniture. ie. sitting at your TV or table or whatever.
    Absolutely no cheats in online and story mode.
    In online, I would like to see the…challenges go away completely. Make it as realistic as possible. Start out with a cheap weapon and you have to earn everything else by stealing. robbing burglarizing houses and then selling it at a pawn shop. Pawn it, make some money then go buy a better weapon. Boost cars and sell them to chop shops but shops don’t take just anything and the better the car, the higher the risk of getting caught…that sort of thing. Night clubs and such would work well to be able to have online folks develop friendships and create crews for jobs. Also provide jobs for strippers and such where players can actually interact. ie tipping the playing who strips. Another way for a player to make money online.

    Storywise, we all have fallen in love with Mike, Trevor and Lamar and Franklin so please bring them back in VI and continue with allowing them to build their respective empires. I could see several story lines here having outsiders come in trying to take over businesses and such and your writers did an excellent job of keeping us on the edge of our seats with V so I have every confidence that they will continue it in VI.

    If you do multiple maps…in online mode there would be a way to travel long distances for even a new player with no money…jump a train or a cargo ship. Just an idea.

    Tons of ideas have already been posted and I like many of them so I’m not going to re-post same ideas here.

    On last thing, New players are already encouraged to put money in an atm in online mode however new players have no idea where these are. AND as I found out the moment i stepped up to the first one I found, “BANG”…i was dead because someone was camping it. Realistic? maybe, but I wonder IF they got caught by cops or if cops even came. Would be nice to be able to know who killed you so you could return the favor or maybe a bounty system….:)

    Thats all for now!

    • nikoline-zen dokken

      i agree i relly love franklin mike and trevor :)
      and amanda jimmy and tracy :)
      would love to see them in the next game :) and lester

      would also be fun to when you come back to youre home that there is someone there, like get married and stuff
      or live with trevor or mikale and so on 😀

  28. I think in GTA VI you should be able to enter any building, have jobs like, police,fire,paramedic,construction,taxi,limo driver,store employees. You should have a speed meter showing how fast you are going. Getting gas,cars breaking down. You should be able to have gf or bf. Go to jail and really go to jail not just spown there. Get sick have to go to hospitals. Buy houses, go in restaurants and eat hace chats with the people walking bye have two kids boy and girl. Be able to take them to school. Get drunk and stay drunk for a while not 20SEC. Player model changeer like in gtaIII, please try to put some of my ideas in and make it for ps3 because not everyone has $400.00 in there pocket because its more money that you make. PLEASE MESSAGE ME WITH AN ANWSER SAYING IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT FOR PS3

  29. GTA 6 need several things to make it a best seller for months after it’s release.
    It should include things like:
    1) Offline multiplayer (split screen) 2-4 players
    2) Enter public buildings i.e. Malls, theatres, stadiums etc.
    3) Zombie apocalypse mode. Zombies like The Walking Dead. Need to scavenge for food, weapons, ammo. Build shelter. Similar to Day Z, hunt animals for food
    4) More car customisations like Nitrous, weapons, deployable road spikes. include customisable service vehicles, i.e. Police cars
    5) bulletproof glass for cars
    6) seasons and weather events (fire, floods, hurricanes where wind blows cars off roads)
    7) more weapons (some WW2 era guns)
    8) kidnapping for ransom money
    9) selling illegal goods i.e. Guns, drugs, people, stolen cars.
    10) better stock market. Actions in free roam have bigger effect on market
    11) ability to break/bring down building. Game remembers which building then slowly rebuilds.
    12) better law system. If caught spend time in prison or breakout.
    13) joinable Gangs (bikers, Mafia) ,gang wars
    14) Must eat to live and exercise to stay fit.
    15) relationships with people (girlfriend, friends)
    16) insurance for property and vehicles
    17) fuel for vehicles
    18) road works??
    19) Jobs i.e. Manger, police, army, paramedic, firefighter, drug dealer, hit man
    20) Rob banks in free roam offline. Requires planning
    21) Build and buy houses, garages (fully customisable)
    22) pay bail money for friends in jail or yourself
    23) Purchase islands and build home
    24) pets (dogs, cats) train them
    25) more sports i.e. NFL, Soccer, baseball, Tennis, golf
    26) torture people (tie to a golf cart and hit balls at them, wrench, extract teeth, water board, electrify, hammer and nails, cut off fingers) to extract important information like combinations to vaults or to sign over business to player.
    27) food outlets
    28) shopping
    29) hack people for bank details
    30) family (wife,kids)
    31) Zombie apocalypse again (MUST BE INCLUDED IF NOTHING ELSE)
    32) purchase boats and go fishing
    33) farming and farm equipment
    34) interact with neighbours (BBQ’s, talk to, join crew)
    35) manhunts if your crimes are bad enough (character on TV, CCTV footage of crime)
    36) wider range of cars (better sounds)
    37) climb the world (cliffs, building)
    38) customisable guns i.e. Scopes (red dot sight, holographic, sniper scopes), barrel attachments (suppressor, muzzle break), under barrel (grenade launcher, bipod, laser sight), magazine (drum-mag, dual clips, extended clips), selector lever (semi/fully automatic, 3 round burst)
    39) night vision/thermal goggles
    40) forests (dense, hide from police)
    41) realistic car crash (recked cars, towed, crumpled car)
    42) gun jams
    43) wide range of aircraft and parachutes
    44) revolvers (44. Magnum, .357 magnum)
    45) mounted machine guns (.30/.50 caliber)
    46) Purchase submarines (personal and large subs that can be walked around in)
    47) physics (bullet drop over distance, bullet flight time, hair/clothes blow in wind)
    48) go to gyms to train, learn to fight (learn to fly kick, roundhouse, flying double foot kick, submission choke holds
    49) take hostages when robbing banks (hold guns to head, threaten to kill if not paid)
    50) rent hotel rooms, movies
    51) in game earphones to listen to music and block out most of other sounds
    52) better time system (slow it down as it currently goes too fast)
    53) radio stations with a large variety of music (old and new songs)
    54) Ocean life (fish, reefs, sharks, whales, dolphins, alligators inland)
    55) more side missions
    56) racing (events at abandoned airfield or salt lake or something)
    57) abandoned houses, airfields
    58) underground cage fights, cock fight (betting)
    59) cargo planes/chinook with openable back door
    60) shooting car engine with a high powered weapon will disable cars
    61) lock cars or they will be stolen (to add realism)

  30. In GTA V, a lot is dependent on the player having GTA Online. You can’t access the BAWSAQ stocks unless you’re online (can access LCN though). You can’t purchase properties from Dynasty8 Real Estate website unless you’re online, and can’t actually purchase any safehouse properties at all.
    Then, the game is too short. Any hardcore gamers like me can play the game 24/7 and finish it in a few hours. I finished it in a week.
    Of course, can’t stress how 60 GB can easily handle those issues, but Rockstar has used those 60GBs for stupid side missions that most people have no interest in. For e.g. Strangers and Freaks.
    Honestly, they have been made just for the heck of it, not with an aim to entertain the player.
    Of course, there are so many more missions in GTA Online.

    So, if GTA VI is made without much of an ‘Online Dependecy’, maybe that will be enough to satisfy me.

    Another thing that would be cool would be to make the old places accessible. In GTA SA, VC, III etc. we can access the ‘Well Stacked Pizza’, ‘Cluckin Bell’, ‘Burger Shot’ etc. but can’t access those in GTA V. We can access those in GTA IV as well, but not in GTA V.
    Then, the old clothing stores like Perseus are missing, even though we’ve still got Binco, SubUrban etc.

    GTA VI can be pretty good keeping all of that in mind. Apart from that, I don’t care where it takes place, as long as the open world is huge.

  31. GTA 6 Should have it like GTA San Andreas where you can buy houses go to the gym. Heaven like the PC game The Sims where you can build your own house your own character and have it where you can wash your car paint it anyway you want customize unlimited options. Heavy where you can have your own job make your own family and still be able to go into bank robs banks rob people at their house is more real life stuff.

  32. Gta 6 Wishlist

    1:The ability to go into a police station and report a crime.
    2:groups of girls and boys with latest clothes you see today (tims, jordans, huaraches, nike adidas.
    3: More black players
    4: I know you can’t really put kids in GTA but there should be at least 2 missions with a baby being born or even a 5 or 6 year old i dunno…
    5: blood on knuckles when fighting
    6: Different fighting styles (fly kicking)
    7: Groups crowding around you when having a fight
    8: Pedestrians don’t just threaten to call the cops when you stand next to them.
    9: more enter able interiors
    10: ladders shouldn’t be on every single building
    11: skateboards, roller skates, updated music that we hear today
    12: indoor skate parks
    13: people walking into their houses and its the same person forever
    14: people getting thrown out
    15: people drunk at night
    16 the ability to give the homeless money( i feel so bad)
    17: decorate your house
    18: cut scene where they arrest you if you get busted by the police.
    19: more than one people to hang out with (go to restaurants, cinema, swimming
    20: down button for a nice talk and right button for swearing, cursing
    21: the ability to steal a gun store
    22: police actually have to find the suspect instead of when you blow something up they automatically know it’s you.
    23: people dancing (more street performers)
    24 your own body guards
    25: real bump mats. ( we know what you do Rockstar… the walls are flat.)
    26: people getting nose bleeds when we hit them
    27: old people just slowly dying
    28: more side missions
    29: female protagonists
    30: better physics (when we are falling our shirts should blow in the wind
    31: shoes fall off when we fall
    32: laces come undone have to tie them
    33: more animals
    34: This would be really good but a city creator where you join with sketchup so people can build there own houses!!!!!!!!!
    35: KEEP DIRECTOR MODE (people should still speak though)
    36: can buy different technologies
    37: real celebrities come once every month or something
    38: Less longer loading times
    39: Snowy weather (place covered in snow)
    40: Online players should compete for a spot to make the world news OMG THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!!!!!!
    41: couples walking together holding hands
    42: get your character stronger
    43: please don’t get rid of franklikn you could have at the start where a new character from vice city, calls him to help him out in the rest of the game. Better interiors no pictures
    43: people in their houses blasting music
    44: house parties
    45: car indicators
    46:hands in pockets
    47: police do searches on you for weapons
    48: more Easter eggs like 50 of them or 100!!!!!!!!!
    49: events like basketball, soccer,football,tennis,olypics,concerts
    50: people vlogging themselves
    51: never wanted cheat
    52: considering you are doing vice city im guessing the purple and green gangs are going maybe so you could have some of them come to vice city as a civil person or something
    53: knocking on peoples doors.
    54: On GTA 5 there are lampost that have *missing* posters on them with numbers you should be able to ring them and someone says have you found them?*
    55: schools introduced—no kids because its school holidays or something!
    56: more dialogue, different swearing (in a new city)
    57: very dramatic ending
    58: night clubs
    59: people cleaning the streets
    60: put insurance on all cars
    61: never damaged cars or cheats
    62: safari parks
    63: theme parks
    64: more things to do on your phone
    65: have a girlfriend or boyfriend forever until you press a button saying dump and a cut scene of your choice!!!
    66: churches
    67: drug dealing
    68: less annoying police
    69: anger mode
    70: better hairstyles and beards
    71: jewellery buying
    72: customizable tatoos
    73: easier race directions
    74: better waypoint directions ( change colour if its on the motor way or underground)
    75:getting girls pregnant lol i dunno
    76: earphones
    77: families crossing the road or just walking and talking without them getting seperated because we walk into them.
    78: more money to start with online
    79: apartment already when you start on gta online
    80: ticket issues
    81: little details in cut scenes like coughing or choking and farting that would be hilarious.
    82: people can rob your apartments and you can rob theirs gta online and not online
    83:any constructions need to be finished by the end of the month, year, day or even game
    84: the ability to sit on benches walls and fences
    85: scars from previous accidents
    86: gunshot wounds more realistic
    87: blood (from a dead person) should be less puddlish and should have different colours depending on the person
    88: piggy backs
    89: director mode you should be able to use money and go into shops clothe stores etc.
    90: i think the next GTA (6) should take place in Dubai or Detroit or even Miami.
    A VERY LONG LIST OF THINGS I CAN THINK OF BUT… trust me if you include all of these in gta we won’t need gta7 lol. please take these into care.
    Take your time reading this ROCKSTAR!!!!!!

    • let u be dress like a anytime law enforcement or firefighter or EMT or let her be more drugs leather me more different people not the same people letting their trip page break into people’s housesmore fighting more missions offline letter you can talk to people and let her be better truck vehicles mud bog four wheelers will there be more snow in placesLeatherbay better crimes better radio stations little bit better houses letter B better clothesLeatherby’s let you can take a bath or showerthe different places the different states

  33. Gta 6 should have more weapons than all the past games like have weapons like pistols, shotguns, SMGS, micro SMGS and micro machine guns, machine guns, snipers rifles, rifles, assault rifles, assault guns, grenades, bombs, c4s , plant charges, charges , explosions, dynamites , Molotovs , Molotovs cocktails, flames, flamethrowers , Bats, knives, knifes , fire wires , ropes, jerrycans, fires, nightsticks, machetes, camers, flowers, golf clubs, tennis racks , ping pong sticks, sticks, hammers, scooldrivers , axes, phones, tasters, stunt guns, guns , weapons, pepper sprays, smokes , smoke grenades, flags grenades, flash grenades, flashbangs, minguns, RPGs , bazookas panzer shreks , missiles, missile launches, launcheds, launches, grenade launchers , launchings , launchers , hand cuffs, cuffs, flash lights, lasers, lasers guns, scissors, shovers, paintballs guns, flares, flares guns, balls, snow balls, robots guns, scientists guns and weapons , gas grenades, tear gas grenades, tear gas , gas , crossbows . And the abilly both to custome all your weapons and the abilly to hold 2 weapons at a time like in San Andreas.

  34. Gta 6 should have Jetpacks like in San Andreas because it wasn’t in Gta 5 or 4 and I think they should put them in the game and also the abilly to custom them because that will be so cool and fun.

  35. Gta 6 should have different types of games modes like campaign, single player, online, multiplayer, split screen, zombies, and abilly to watch all of the game trailers and look at ingame screen shots, artworks and replay and edit videos of you in all of the games modes and should have different modes like cops n’ crooks, cops and robbers, protect the money trucks , the money vans , doing different types of sides missions like selling stuff for money , selling drugs, selling guns , selling money , selling houses and businesses, selling ice creams , selling cars , boats , trucks, ships , choppers, planes , helicopters, little small cars and trucks, protecting the city mayor, the government, the Vice President, the president, the police chief, the VIPs, the VIP , the FBI chief, the bosses, the boss and assassination the president, the government, the mayor, the VIP and assassination criminals, terrorists, fugitive, hidejack president airplanes, protecting the president airplanes and much more.

  36. Gta 6 should have co op offline and split screen while doing missions with your friends but also keep the single player and the multiplayer and other different types of games modes witch take us to my next question.

  37. Gta 6 should have different seasons like fall, winter, spring, summer and have people in the game wearing different clothes like in the winter people wear boots, gloves, hats, coats, jackets, sweaters, shoes, pants, sweatshirts, sweatpants, scarfs, suits and drink stuff like hot chocolate, hot cocoa, hot coffee, hot tea, beers, root beers , root beers floats and people smoking cigarettes like cigarettes, cgis , and other different types of cigarettes.

  38. Rockstar should put a Facebook, Google, YouTube, Google chrome, Google maps, Internet, Instagram in Grand theft auto 6 it would make the game feel real .

  39. Daily jobs.. All i want to do daily jobs with my character , full time or part time jobs . We should have a career on our job . Ex : truck driver in city and long distance , bus driver in city and long distance , commercial airplane pilot , host , hostess , city tour helicopter pilot , city tour bus driver , street car driver , conductor , commercial and trip captain , sailor , fisherman , emergency vehicles driver , cab driver , private driver , driver in the military , police officer , swat member , fib or cai member , soldier , private soldier , hitman , bodyguard , doctor , nurse , fireman , garbage man , pool man , gardener , servant , masseur , masseuse , secretary , personal assistant , delivery boy , courier , motorcyle courier ( food ) , postman , accountant , mechanic , cashier , janitor , consierge , housekeeping lady , supermarket manager , nightclub manager , hotel manager , motel manager , company manager , propert manager , bartender , waiter , waitress , counselor , private teacher ( sports and school lesson’s ) , lecturer , cameraman , reporter , anchorman , tv director , journalist , blogger , stunt , actor , actress , graphic designer , arthitect , engineer , contractor , builder , mentor , consultant , shrink , etc ..

  40. I want a map as big as the crew or just cause 2 . I want to roam with my car around the map . I want to see at least 5 big cities in detail . Also i want to go to the other cities via airplane , bus , train and ferry . It should cost 5 hours-in real time to reach southest point to northest point . We should eat and drink and sleep regularly . We should able to wander around the map , enther the buildings , do daily jobs etc .. If we damage to the buildings , other cars , traffic lambs , pay phones , post boxes , etc.. they should stay as it / damaged .. We should see that the workers repairs buildings , walls , roads , traffic lambs , etc .. We should pay speed ticket , illegal driving or crashing . If we commit a crime , we should pay our punishment in the prison . We have to hire a lawyer , go to courthouse , all that stuff . The punishments should change months / years or lifetime or dead penalty according to our crime . When we are in prison , we have to stay there until our punishment is over , we have to survive there . I want to experience a prison life .

  41. I love gta games ive been playing them since the first gta and I personally think if Rockstar would read this comment it could go far I think on gta 6 they should bring back Trevor as a drug lord as he is in gta 5 you should be able to make meth labs cut cocaine and I think they should have around 12 big drug dealers spread out through the map have it to where you can stash the dope in your truck/vehicle then from there you just walk up to someone and double click up and have it to where instead of your gun list pops up your drugs pop up have it to where you can only old so much then run back to your vehicle and grab more if the gang bangers or junkes didnt rob you its a M rated game you gotta have drugs in it and i most important make it to where you can do the drugs be a junky or a insane meth head like Trevor is bring back the biker gangs Rockstar needs to bring in more country redneck in there games have more then one trailer park I love how in gta 5 you can switch from people a drug dealer/use would be damn cool because you make the game kinda like real life but in none of your gamea you get to be a drug dealer or a user gta Chinatown wars was the only one make it towhere your vehicle runs outta gas if you push it hard it throws a rod make more diesels powerstroke cummins fuck the duramax lol make it towhere you modify your motor and lift and everything how you want

    • Cars should be more realistic
      We should be able to tell what type of car it is without having to look real hard. U should also make the name of the cars the same they are in real life because sometimes I can’t tell what type of car it is I just be having to go with it. And I should just be able to look at the car and tell what it is. I should be able to say that’s a Charger, Ford, Chevrolet, etc.

  42. Gta 6 should have more places to eat at like burger shot , diners , restaurants, places with drive thru , ice cream places, farms , bakerys , cakes places , ice cream trucks , fast food places, donut shops, coffee shops , bagel shops, super markets , shops, stores, buffeteds , Chinese restaurants, tattaglia restaurants, hot dogs places, hamburgers places, taco places, hot dogs stands , hot dogs trucks, breakfast places, Jewish places, sea food places , broccoli places , grilled places, foods stands , drinks and foods machines .

  43. Gta 6 should have the abilly to pick locks just like in mafia 2 such as picking a lock to open a car door, picking a door to open it , picking a lock to open a safe and much more shuff , and more picking locks shuff.

  44. Gta 6 should have the abilly to pick locks just like in mafia 2 such as picking a lock to open a car door, picking a door to open it , picking a lock to open a safe and much more shuff.

  45. Gta 6 should have good and better voice acting even on the next gen consoles .

  46. Gta 6 should have more features than Gta 5 or 4 like the abilly to go get a haircut, getting tattoos, going to the gym , going to get your car fixed, going to get your car wash, getting gas for your car, going to the paint spayed, going to the mod shop just like in Gta San Andreas or Gta 5 or mafia 2 , going shopping for food and drinks , shuff , buying games, buying video games, buying TVs , buying movie players, buying CD players , buying CDs , buying movies, buying game consoles, buying rugs , buying a mat , buying chairs, buying tables , buying windows , buying paint to paint your house or your car or your garage, or your mansion or your hotel, or your apartment, or your penthouse or your condole , buying a fan , buying a fire place, buying a air conditioner, buying heat , buying wood to build something, buying floor tiles, buying a picture, buying a coutch , buying curtains, buying blinds, buying pillows , buying a frame, buying status, buying any vehicles in the game when it unlocked, buying a toilet, buying a bathroom tub, buying a sink, buying a garbage bag , buying a towel, buying soap, buying a bed , buying a mattress.

  47. 1. Natural disasters. ( flooding , blizzards, tornado etc )
    2. Fully customize allvehicles and weapons
    3. Being able to destroy building etc….
    4. Huge map to include all of North America.
    5. Once you buy and customize a vehicle you can always have it in your garage.
    6. If you steal a police car, fire truck , ambulance or military vehicle, you can do missions for each type of department.
    7. You can buy house and land and customize it.
    8. Have a zombie / apocalypse mode.
    9. Have a reputation status. Bad and good. The more trouble you cause the higher it goes.
    10. Have Lan coop mode
    11. Have all 4 season. Spring, summer, fall and winter

  48. gta 6 should have more sports to play like baseball, basketball, golf, darts, tennis, pin pon, pool , ice skating, hockey, ice hockey, beach ball , kick ball , soccer, skateboarding and other fun mini games as well like hunting, race cars , playing videos games , playing cards, playing arm wrestling, hiking, jogging, yoga, going to the gym, playing paintball, parachuting, running, walking, races , swimming at the beach , swimming in your pool , swimming classes, suntanning, going to clubs, have a dance contest, have a contest, have a drinking contest, play spin the bottle, going biking .

  49. I would like to see in gta 6 the abilly to go to jail for sample if you get a one wanted star then the police arrested you then go to jail and if you have more stars then you go to court and go to the penitentiary where you are in jail then you can find a way break out or wait until you are released.

  50. They should add in Gta 6 the abilly to get fat or skinny just like in San Andreas you eat too much then you get fat if you don’t eat then you get skinny.

  51. Gta 6 should have 4 protagonists two are male and two are female one male is a good guy and the other is a bad guy the same goes with the females one female is a good woman and the other is a bad woman.

  52. Gta 6 should add a offline co op game up to 4 players.

  53. Gta 6 should have better sounds on cars and guns etc.

  54. Gta 6 should have realistic and real graphics even on the next gen consoles .

  55. I wound like to see Rockstar make the map bigger in Gta 6 like have a airport in each country then go there and then use your tickets to travel around the world and fly to each country and have its own map for sample if you are in vice city then you want to fly to Los santos in vice city it will have its own map the same goes with Los santons just like in the godfather 2 game.

  56. I think that rockstar should make Gta 6 for the Xbox 360 , PS3 , Xbox one , ps4 , pc .

  57. I think that Gta 6 should have better cops then Gta 4 or 5 and have different type of cops like the loco police , Sheriff department , undercover , detectives , swat teams , FBI , CIA , secret service , U.S. Marshals , state police , county police , the army , the Air Force , the national guard , the military , soldiers , lawyers , judges , prosecutors , k9s , snipers , command posts , riot shields , mayors , governments , presidents , Vice Presidents , mall securitys , guards , mall securitys , securitys guards , airport securitys , subway securitys , prison guards , jail guards , security camers , security metal detectors , security lasers , bank securitys , store securitys , hospital securitys , outscome officers , outcoms officers , RCMP , country police officers , cops on horses , cops on bikes , cops on motorcycles , cops on boats , cops on helicopters , the board patrol , hideway patrol , guides officers , school police , D.A. , hostage negotiations , homeland securitys , law enforcements , law enforcement agencies , cowboy cops , snow police , fall police , summer police , spring police , winter police , spike stripes police , road block police , flare police , task force agencies , agent , agents , men in black agents , government agents , beach police , parade police , coast guards , speed trap police , golf police , taser police , juggernaut police , smoke grenade police , tear gas police , gas police , armor police , flashbang police , police scanner , dispatchers , 911 operations , police animal patrol , police when kids don’t go to school .

  58. After reading all these posts some people have some good ideas but others are just dumb. For GTA 6 to be the next best game seller it should have new features such as going to jail when caught(that would be a cool experience), cars should run on gas(we need to gas up,maybe every 2 in game days),I also liked the idea of natural disasters( earthquakes, tornados, floods, Lightning storms-lighting should hit near the player or somewhere were it can be seen). Would be awesome if you could customize main character like in saints row 2, robbing banks, cash places would be a good addition to the game. One of the things I would love to see in the new GTA is more mods for cars that include: exhaust tips, rim size, tire size, more skirts, wings, bumpers(or just full body kits) and finally some neon lights for under the cars and in the cars (I’m a Car guy:-D)this would make people wanna play more because of all the customizations. The game could even feature car shows to show off the unique car ideas and for the best car people can get a reward of like 25k dollars (winner based on votes from audience or all people participating in the show). That would be another awesome addition to the game. Another thing that would be good is for the game to feature more garages both on and offline (people could save all their cool custom cars) and make the garages customizable with furniture and tool placements where you could go to access a section where you can go to design your own custom car or bike ideas. Also houses should be customizable (like in SR2). All these features could make the game the best GTA of all. I hope to see some of these in GTA 6, thanks for reading and please reply.

  59. Paramvir singh rai

    Having everything like real fighting improvement boxing , karate , Kung fu , can be employed , can sell buy property , vehicles , pets etc , can be a worker , boss , owner etc , injury improvement hit bullet in legs so problem in walking , sleep for some time neither accident , gym , casinos , restaurants , can be a police or army , have a family wife children , brother , mother etc , just imagine super hero powers hulk , iron man etc , can buy consoles and play , can buy interior of house , vehicles can have guns on them , bullet proof , can have
    Armor like call of duty advance warfare , can bath , brush , pee etc , if game stars with a child to man can be , can disease or any problem , can start with a female also , every house building should be open and can make a robbery by own , live in hotel , car petrol , vehicles can differ by mileage , speed etc , vehicles engine can down , tires out of air , all type of weather seasons , can be a farmer , tattoos, barber , broke building by missile , bomb etc , crash in to a building it house hand to pay money, can be a gangster or gang member and many more things like sports soccer, basketball, races , volleyball etc competition also win at national level or city etc , can get education have some adult things **x as u know but can see them , can borrow anything etc and unlimited things like real .

  60. i would like it if you could add the feature of having people to hire to do stuff for you.

  61. – natural disasters
    – if you kill to many people you will start seeing you face on t.v. and in newspapers
    – training muscles or getting fat like before
    – more ways to earn money online, rob houses, rob buildings
    – more pets and birds
    – more interaction with people on the street, people following you, starting a gang with people on the street. flirting, cracking a joke and people laugh, people looking at you when you look crazy. people recognize you when you come to same places
    – more daily situations, someone getting beat up and you can help. Two people fighting. people doing groceries, people renovating houses, people eating at restaurants, people skateboarding, more people cycling. people walking with grocery bags, electronics they just bought.
    – people on the street filming you with there phones, when you do something crazy
    – not 5 the same cars in one city block.
    – giving option to armour any car like karuma.
    – a big aquarium where you can break down the glass and the place floods
    – a big waterpark where you can go for fun or to create mayhem
    – getting a girlfriend, cheating on her
    – boat tours that go around the city, where you can invade
    – crocodiles, snakes and other dangerous animals that can attack

  62. There are some things that i could’nt understand at all in gta 5. The most irritating thing is ; we can enter lifeinvader building , fib building , maze bank arena , Simeon’s showroom ,Solomon’s office , Tequila-la bar,etc.during the missions . All buildings has been created in detail . But why ,.. why we can’t enter them in free roam both single player and online ?? What’s the reason for that , i’m really curious..Why did u create all these buildings in detail if we can’t enter them except the misisons ?? The map is big but full of forests , mountains , deserts , empty lands , ocean , etc.. Everyone is boring after wander around the map more than couple of times . There’s nothing to do in the map after finishing the story mode . The activities are very limited and clearly not enough . Most of the players playing story mode just for try new cars , clothes , tattoos , accessoires , etc . and close the game after that . They have to solve exactly this in gta 6 . They have to increase the gameplay hours by up to 100 activities , 100 optioned daily jobs ( could be anything ) 100 optioned property management ( not like gta 5 , make or lose money by your management .. hire or sack people , take care of everthing on your business ) , create and let us ENTER the buildings not just during the missions , interacting with npcs ( dating , flirting , helping , co-operating , build a friendship , meet your neigbhours , etc .. )

  63. * Miami – Orlando – Key West – Bahamas – Cuba based map
    * Realistic and huge map .. 500 sq miles.. Real buildings : Disneyland-Bank of America Tower-Espirito Santa plaza-Atlantis-Cindrella Castle-American Airlines Arena-Flamingo Park-Dade Jail-Miami Beach-Four Seasons-Intercontinental-Hilton-Mokai-Cameo-Set-Liv-Aventura mall..
    * Real time in game , not late 80s or 90s ..
    * 3 protagonists ( 1 female )
    * Able to customize protagonists.. height-weight-age-appreance-descent-character-abilities
    * Over 200 missions , 400 side missions .
    * Realistic gameplay..
    * Real life things.. eat-drink-use toilet-go to gym-get fat-gat ripped-marriage-get sick-get old
    * Able to live in a boat-yacht-caravan-camp-abondoned places ..
    * Customize all vehicles (air-land-sea ) , buy gas-open trunk-open hood-use wipers..
    * Lots of activities .. Surfing-sailing-basketball-soccer-bowling-squash-kiteboarding-fishing..
    * Daily jobs .cashier-waiter-front desk worker-bell boy-cropier-police officer-gardener-bodyguard
    * Enterable buildings .. shops-airports-casinos-hospitals-clubs-bars-restaurants-cafes-malls..
    * Able to go to a vacation on a cruise ship-hotels-summer houses-islands-summer camps..

  64. – It has to deserve its name : Grand Theft Auto . There should be missions like Gone in Sixty Seconds , Fast and the Furios series ( 1 , 2 , 4 , 5 ) Vehicle 19 , The Italian Job , Convoy , etc
    There should be missions that we steal a vehicle and deliver 80-100 miles away in the map .without crash . The map should include Chicago , Detroit , Cleveland , Indianapolis , Milwaukee and Cleveland ..snowy mountains , plains , farms , villages , towns and Lake michigan off course . The map should be 1000 square miles . Gta 5 was 100 square miles .
    We should able to buy gus to our cars . We should able to enter all tranportation vehicles as a passenger .

    – It has to be an open – world game . We should able to enter all buildings , malls , nightclubs , bars , supermarkets , cafes , npc’s houses , hospitals , offices , churches , train stations , airports , bus stations , bookstores , electronic stores , music stores , bijuteries , antiques , showrooms , museums , etc . Any building that we can actually enter in our lifes . Off course we should’nt enter except public allowed parts on all the military and government buildings . We should able to attend concerts , festivals , go to funfairs , bowling saloons , pool salloons basketball , soccer , football , tennis matches ..

    – We should able to communicate with npcs . We should able to say more than ‘ hey whats up.. how’s it going…you make me sick…i’m gonna kill you… ‘ There should be options during the conversations with npcs like life is strange or until dawn or hevay rain or beyond two souls.
    We should able to be friends with npcs . Dating , flirting , going out , hosting dinner , marriage , should be available .

    – Able to do food shopping . We should able to buy anything we want .. salt , sugar , tea , coffee , cheese , corn flakes , honey , egg , peanut butter , olive , bread , rice , spaghetti , chicken , steak , mince , fish , deli foods , ready-to-eat foods , frozen foods , quick foods , barbecue foods , canned foods , all vegetables , all fruits , all drinks , all garnitures , oils , etc.. there should be variety of different brands with different prices at different supermarkets and groceries in the map.

    – We have to eat regularly unless we don’t want to get sick or die in the game . We should able to prepare our meal in our apartments or houses . If we go to outside , we may able to take some food and put in the car . trunk would be a better choice , it won’t smell much . We should able to order food by phone or on the internet . We should able to go restaurants , cafes , diners , use vending machines or buy something at the street food cars . We should able to go drive in restaurants . It should’nt be like one meal for an option . We should able to choise anything from the menus in where we go .

  65. I believe the next GTA 6 should be a mob style game, based in Las Vegas back in the 70’s when the mob used to run Las Vegas. This will give you the ability to purchase casinos, to have the gambling, the dancers, the shows, the exotic vehicles, etc. The only other thing I request is that we are able to own mansions with helicopter landing pads on the roof, like GTA Vice City, this is a very realistic thing these days that you just couldnt get in GTA 4 or 5 that would made the entire game easier to commute through.

  66. Customization character for the main story
    More jobs
    Gyms were you can learn different fighting styles
    Make more cities and towns
    Be able to get married on and offline
    Add kids but only around schools
    Add more mission
    Make GTA offline be able to play with up to four players on the same console
    Be able to play basketball
    Add in hot coffee in expensive DLC
    Add more stranger & freak
    make a female altruist cult
    add mountains
    add more myths like an actual bigfoot, serial killer in the mountains, etc
    add in side missions like you can save people who get kidnapped, trapped under things, in car accident, and are on a sinking boat
    make design able clothes
    add more special abilities
    add special abilities for custom character

  67. We should able to use social media more effectively in GTA 6 . In the game there should be websites like facebook , twitter , instagram , youtube , blogs etc . and all players should able to upload videos , pictures , personal information , etc there . There should be bunch of web browser and websites to click , including music , sports , culture , news , tv shows , hotel reservation , buy concert , sports event , transportation tickets , buy or rent apartment and vehicle , blogs , forums , fashion , jobs , eating , dating , etc. We should able to buy and order anything in the internet . We should able to watch all episodes of tv shows , movies , news , sports events , etc . There should be at least 20 channels on the tv and each channel should have variety of different programmes in their daily schedule . We should able to go to tv shows as an audience , participate tv shows as a contester , act a tv serie or a movie as an actor / actress or figure artist or behind the scene . There should be famous people in the game and we should able to meet them . Oscar , golden globe , emmy , academy awards should be broadcasted .

  68. i’d be great if we see fully created underground system in gta 6. There’d be subway stations , subway construction areas , worker’s living areas , tunnels , canalization system under the city . These areas must be fully accessible . There should be lots of homeless guys live abondoned builidngs , properties above or under the land . They should try to attack and rob us unless we wear and act like one of them . There should be illegal cage fights , dog fights , nightclubs , bars , drug deals , etc all in underground and secret . We should’nt see these places in the map , we have to find and discover by ourselves .

  69. What i want to see in gta 6 is much more realistic game than gta 5 ;

    1. Hire a room in a hotel room , call room service for food , drink..Hire a motel room after a long drive and get some rest.. we should able to hire a dvd , use laundry , etc.
    2. Go to picnic with my girlfriend , wife , friends .. have barbecue parties , i wanna social life.
    3. If i get shot , i should go or call an ambulance to go to a hospital and receive treatment . I Shouln’t use my arm , leg , finger , eye before the treatment is over .
    4. I wanna ring door bells in the apartments and hide before the people opens the door . I wanna break into the apartments and steal jewelries , money , smartphone , etc
    5. Thre should be camps , meetings , social clubs around the map . aa meetings , youth camps , etc. and i wanna participate the conversation or competitions there . And there should be secret organizations , communities , sects like illuminati , scientology , opus dei , skull and bones , etc . We should able to enter one of them after very hard tests and challenges . There should be paroles to enter their meetings and if we forget the parole , we should try to escape immediately .
    6. There should be thieves that try to steal sth from us while we sleeping in our homes . They can create animations to show thief / thieves broke our window’s glass or disable the alarm or kick our doors , when we save the game .
    7. Ok , children under 18 shouldn’t be in the gam , but they can create 1-2 colleges so we can attend the classes , wander in the campus , go to parties , do some crazy things in the spring fests , do the killing cliche like scream 2 .
    8. We should able to have a conversation with other people , steal sth from them ( not just money ) . Another things is tools . We should able to use lots of tools , equipments such as ; fax machine , copy machine , pay phone , lighter , match , candle , fridge , owen , microwave , fork , spoon , knife , scissor , shovel , hammer , screwdriver , ax , saw , mower , etc. We should able to use every fonction and application of our smartphone and our laptop
    9. Every building , ok over %50 percent of the buildings in the game must be enterable . I wanna go to malls , movie theatres , supermarkets , hotels , nightclubs , bars , museums , sports centers , offices , restaurants , apartments , hospitals , police stations , airports , prisons , all stores , casions , hipodromes , etc.
    10. I wanna see a judgement system in gta 6. There should be courthouses , trials , investigations , etc. We should able to participate a jury and judge people . When we commit a crime we should get judged . Finally if we found guilty , we have to get sent to a prison to pay our time .
    If they add all in gta 6 , the game will be the bestseller forever . I didn’t mention about story , dialogues , graphics , vehicle and customization options , missions , bugs , glitches , etc.. because i’m sure they can get over all of them . They have 5-6 years until the game launches .

  70. I have been playing GTA since i remember myself. I actually played every single one, but i was never satisfied. I mean GTA is (in my opinion) one of the best games, but what i really wanted was a good graphic and realistic game. I hope you will like my ideas and i hope you will put them in the game:


    -Humongous map
    -Travelling from state to state OR even better from country to country
    -Travelling to islands
    -Being able to own islands (MONEY CAN BUY EVERYTHING)
    -Being able to buy houses and businesses
    -Being able to get a job (in-case someone wants to get money legitimately (A GAME FOR EVERYONE)
    -Robbers that steal you and everyone else
    -Being able to get married and have a baby
    -More realistic sex scenes (More enjoyable for adults-Changeable on properties for children)
    -Being able to flirt
    -Being able to hire people to do things for you: Designer, Murderer,WHATEVER YOU LIKE!
    -Being able to hire someone to build your own DREAM house-car OR do it by yourself
    -Being able to DESTROY houses OR start a forest fire
    -Natural Disasters
    -MORE SPORTS (scuba diving-wingsuit flying-paragliding-much more)
    -Being able to have babies
    -More realistic injuries (FEET:slow walking HEART:die)
    -Being able to get into Hospitals-Police-Everything that has a door
    -Customize Character (including sex-name-country you live in) at the beginning
    -Pet shops
    -Eating or else you will starve
    -Shopping (grocery-butcher-SuperMarket)
    -Everything on shops can be bought or stolen
    -Kidnapping (for money or just to grow them up and make them workers, whores, killers or whatever you want)
    -Being able to buy or build torturing machines (4fun)
    -Cameras so you can have some fun with the tortures (upload them and then the police would chase you)
    -I dont know if this is a good idea: Phrase selection so you can talk to people (flirt-make them hate you-friends-much more) that way your wife or GF could break up with you (if they busted you with another girl or something-being rude and stuff) I think it could be funny and you dont have to talk to someone but you have this option
    -Being able to organize a party and invite people
    -More buildings like Skyscrapers-Hotels-Much more
    -Being able to rob everything (banks-shops-houses)
    -Gas on vehicles
    -1st person-3rd person (changeable in properties)
    -Offline Multiplayer (2Players Limit)
    -More things to do on Web like (Upload videos-Dating sites-Food ordering-Tickets-HotelRoomOrdering-House and Car Buying or Renting)
    -Trips with planes and ships (many kinds of them like cruise ship and much more)
    -Being able to own planes and ships (drive them-hire someone to drive)
    -Classes for everything you do (unless you cant drive it even a car)
    -Aging system (Baby-Child-Teenager-Adult)
    -Timing system (Hour-Day-Month-Year)
    -Renting system (paying bills/month)
    -Islands (Public-Private) When you own an island you could name it whatever you want and change its properties (who can enter and stuff like that
    -Fishing and harpooning (with harpoon you can combine it with diving and kill whales and sharks)

    As long as I remember GTA is the same thing except the environment. In my opinion it gets boring.. I am tired playing the same thing all the time.. Every time i just run and kill. These ideas will change the whole game. I know its too much but What’s better? A game that is small and is like previous GTA’s? OR a game that is huge but it’s enjoyable for all kinds of people, is never ending (you always have something to do), is DIFFERENT, is AWESOME. Please consider of putting them on the game. Guys please reply me if you think these are good ideas, if something is not that good or even if you think that there are some things very good which i didn’t tell. Please just reply but dont be rude! Sorry for the long post.

    • Also:
      -Lockpicking ability
      -Being able to rob silently (researching the store or house by getting in, finding ways in and ways out, cameras and trying to sneak in and rob it silently) Like Payday3 (I think it would be a challenge)
      -Training your pet (Guard dog or whatever you want)
      -Jobs(Hooker, Drug dealer, Seller, Builder, All kinds of driver, Doctor, Cop, Fireman, much more)
      -Home Security (Camera and all that cool stuff)
      -Being able to take someones clothes when you take him down (Cops, Military, FBI, Doctor,Regular) (Effect:Avoid Detection)
      -Instead of ‘WASTED’ there should be an actual jail (Orange clothes, Penalty based on the actual size of it, Jail Break “you have to avoid security and the in-jail security highers up along with the stars”) (Penalty: 1month-50years (in-game time) ) That way players will try harder NOT to get caught and if they get caught they will try to sneak out!
      -Stars 1-6 instead of 1-5 (on 6th star all forces should come to kill you)
      -A button for ‘Surrender’
      -Being able to buy a hotel
      -Every business you own is a profit for your BANK ACCOUNT
      -Hire a lawyer so you can come through the jail
      -Critics that rate businesses (1-5 stars)
      -Website: Newspaper (everything you need to know about the best restaurants, Hotels, pizzeria, and more)
      -More Striptease bars (At least 1-2 in every city)

      That’s it (for now)

      I am a HUGE GTA FAN by the way 😉

      • I agree with all that and something else they should add maybe to GTA 7 since it might take awhile to render the idea and program every little detail in it. But what I was thinking about maybe country to country or city to city . Is that you should be able to purchase a plane ticket online for not alot of money to get to the next mission in another city say for EG:(Franklin was talkin to micheal and micheal said for franklin to meet him in San Fierro) The player than goes to the internet and another thing (They should add the airline ingame websites, and you should be able to pick which airline you want to go on) you go to the website and they have something like this:
        :Dropdown selection list:
        San Fierro
        Vice City
        Las Venturas
        Liberty City
        Los Santos *Depending on where you are flying out of*
        and you pick your destination and in this case that would be San Fierro.
        So the player would select San Fierro.
        2: *Maybe an addon* Player should be able to pick a seat.
        3: Airport Interiors with really realistic airport Ai.
        4: Go to check in counter and get your boarding pass.
        5: Walk through the airport and the Minimap will be a map as if your in Micheals house or franklins house so it only shows the map of the building and you can set waypoints to your gate. A big white G with your gate number next to it would be the Gate icon and when you get there you have to wait maybe an hour ingame time and then the agent will say you can board and you hand her the ticket, walk down the jetway and into a plane with a fully modeled interior and you have to remember which seat you were in, if you cant you can go to your email and the Airline you chose would send you a confirmation before hand with info regarding your gate, seat, time, etc. And you find your seat and the game will automatically switch to a cutscene of the takeoff or the devs will allo you to be in first person witnessing the takeoff, taxi, etc. There should be annoying passengers behind you or something Lol. Then inflight a total of 2 ingame hours you should be able to get a drink of whiskey or beer and walk about the cabin and then it should direct you soon after to sit back down its time to land and the devs should allow you to see the landing 1st person or 3rd person *I think 1st person would be even more exciting*. Then you go through everything again. Deboard walk into the destination airport and out to catch a taxi or steal a car. And thats it. Oh. And maybe you can come to the airport just for fun to shoot it up and kill cops hahaha. Thanks thats my big idea ~ Niko

        • I think that GTA 6 Should let you design your own character on story mode and play them based on your choices. The online characters should be talkable so you can respond in certain ways to actions, mostly because I get really tired on gta online when my character constantly gets hurt but makes no sound at all, unless the gta characters are just boss like that. Even in San Andreas you could play split screen so I think these suggestions would improve the game greatly.

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