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Updated On: 8 December 2014

Rockstar GTA series is one of the most popular series of action-adventure, open world, crime and role playing games. Rockstar North is not just limited to grand theft auto only, but its base is GTA series only. Rockstar has recently launched the 5th Grand Theft Auto version and it leads to a huge success. So now all the die hard fans of GTA series are expecting a new adventure and excitement in GTA 6.


This article will give you all latest updates about GTA 6. Below, you can simply jump to portion, you are looking for.

About GTA 6:

Ever since the Rockstar release GTA 5, GTA lovers has already started questioning about GTA 6. GTA 5 is the most fastest selling video game in the history. The Rockstar earned  US$800 million in its first day and US$1 billion in its first three days. The sales history is the proof how much people love GTA game and now have huge expectation from GTA 6 than any other game. Even though it is less than a year when GTA 5 released, but GTA fans has already started asking, “When Is GTA 6 Coming” and even sharing there feature wishlist.

Ever since GTA 5 is launched, GTA 6 is always in news. Rumors about GTA 6 discuss the changes and wishlist GTA fans would love to see in GTA 6. The most wanted wishlist is one beautiful hot woman as the main character in GTA 6 along with other male character.


The Overwhelming success of GTA V is accumulating the GTA fans to expect the game release for next-generation console with improved graphics and gameplay elements.

Though there is no official announcement of the release date, but Rockstar has given a hint for GTA 6 that “We’ve got about 45 years worth of ideas we want to do,” Leslie Benzies, president of Rockstar North, said in a press conference. A lot of people are predicting the GTA 6 release date by following the previous leads, but the fact is still GTA 6 date is not announced. But considering the Rockstar strategy, it is expected to release sometime around 2018.

Title Release Date
Grand Theft Auto 1997
Grand Theft Auto II 1999
Grand Theft Auto III 2001
Grand Theft Auto IV 2008
Grand Theft Auto V 2013
GTA 6 2018?

After analysing the past GTA game we predict the next GTA 6 to release sometime around 2018 – 2020. In between we also expect some other GTA game to come. For example, GTA City Stories which is new title registered by Rockstar. You can know more about GTA 6 release date here.

Update On 16 September 2014:

Currently, all the rumors about GTA 6 release date is June – July 2017 are fake. We have many reasons to prove why is it so. First of all there is no direct official confirmation from Rockstar Games. Secondly, same website is writing about it every month just to remain in Google and getting traffic. If this news is true, they should write it once and done. But they are writing the same article almost every week by little modification. This simply means news is their mind creation for getting some extra readers to the site.

GTA 6 FEATURES (Rumor And Wishlist):

Here are the most wanted feature of GTA 6 from GTA lovers. The below list will be updated with more feature in future, when we get to know more wishlist from them.

GTA 6 Feature

Female Protagonist:

Most people have criticized the women’s role in GTA 5, but as GTA 6 is all about excitement at the highest level, so we would be expecting some female protagonist as the center of the story line. It could be innovative idea as GTA franchise is most popular among the world.

Bring 1970’s Back:

Many fans want GTA 6 to take place in retro look of 1970‘s. First reported by motoringcrunch, soon after it becomes a headline for many other sites to share their personal views on the idea. Even many fans in forums have shared that they really liked the idea of 70’s culture, as it was best suited for mafia’s as it includes all the corrupt government and all business owned by mafia’s.

New City:

Another feature we are expecting in next-generation consoles is that it would provide a great opportunity to break away from the cities they’ve already explored and move to a new city, it would be a great adventure and thrill to explore the new city.

More Adventure:

Another interesting thing is adding new professions, such as president of the united states or some leader of any political party, or the chief of some aliens. GTA fans also want to see some new city and places with extra adventure and thrilling experience.

Customize The Main Character:

GTA fans would love to customize the main character before playing the game. The customization of appearance, looks and cloths will be a great feature.

More Missions:

GTA 6 can be little more explored by providing more Money making Missions as: Like robbing banks mission, having a job like joining the army or the police. Such missions will give a more real feeling in the game. It will boost his temperament to get indulged in the game.

House Changes:

GTA 5 gives the opportunity to buy a house but instead of being stuck with one house there more houses must be provided and there should be change in online also as ability to buy an actual house instead of apartments, and most importantly there should be a feature to edit the house details also.

More Vehicles:

GTA 5 has various vehicles which is liked by various fans but still it lack the real feeling which came in GTA. So, there should be addition of some monster trucks such as 1967 Shelby GT500, Hot Rods, 1950’s Ford Pickup Truck,1950’s Chevy Pickup Truck or Chevy SS Camaros.

More Stylish Clothes:

GTA 6 must be little different from GTA 5, it will have the ability to buy any clothes for each character (including clothes from multiplayer) should be added, as this feature while more ralism and varity in character as it help in creating more real like feeling during game play.

Modification of Vehicles:

GTA 6  will have more advanced features with respect to vehicles as they should be able to modify the car by themselves such as adding the neon lights and speakers or different body kits and many interesting advancement according to there requirements.

Other Feature:

GTA user would also love to customize some vehicle and guns to the way they want. Many of the fans also want old health system to be back in GTA 6. The health determined by numbers 100 and the player die only when it sank to zero. Here you can find more GTA 6 feature listed.

GTA 6 Location:

GTA 6 rumors are getting viral day by day. Recent one is related whether the GTA 6 will place in Vice City, Houston or Texas. Although gamer are still believing that GTA 6 will be in American city, most probably in Miami or New York City. You can also read best 4 location for GTA 6.

GTA 6 Gameplay Trailer Video (Fan-made):

After watching so many fan made GTA 6 gameplay trailer, below is the best of all. The trailer is 3 minutes in length which focuss on female protagonist. We consider this trailer is definitely worth watching, atleast once. Until official comes, enjoy fan-made.

GTA 6 Images

So to all die hard GTA fans, we would also like to hear your suggestions on GTA 6. Kindly leave your valuable comments in the below comment box,,,,and stay connected for more updates on GTA 6.

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99 thoughts on “GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto 6)

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  1. I want next gta to be in New York again or Baltimore or Philadelphia or something like that. Deep and dark looking game (same feeling like that hip hop fighting game Def jam fight for NY haves.) One puertorican street crack dealer as protagonist, second female and third’s protagonist fat Italian or Russian Mafioso men like Tony Soprano. I want also put guns, drugs, and bodies to cars back trunk to hide, and throwing bodies to river or something. House break side missions around city so you can go to inside houses and stole stuff on those houses like there’s houses on list given by some sneaky street gang member. Ability to buy houses and garages. More realistic laws. Like cops start chase you if you drive too fast or drive through red lights. Bounty hunters trying to catch you randomly. Cops raids your house sometimes. Some kind of jail system. Gas running off and you have to go gas station. Jewelrys to buy and spinners to cars. Stereo systems to car and interior stuff. When you shoot camera flys automatically to first person mode. Stereos and tvs and other stuff to buy to house. Bullets go through walls and cars like on real life. Dogs, cats and birds to streets.
    No more unrealistic exblowing cars. Cars just start broke peaces or start burning. REALISTICALLY. If somebody shoots you to arm or leg you can’t use it. If somebody shoots you in head, it comes a text GAMEOVER and you start game again from situation before the shooting. Protagonists need to die or damage if car crashes. Broking bones and scars. Realistic bulletproof vest that you can wear like an other clothing’s. Illegal “underground” hospital/ doctors you can go to when you get shot and if you don’t go to them you die to blood loss and pain. Drugs to use. Alcohol. Selling drugs on corner. Small legal jobs like working on corner store or taxi driving. More realistic driving and everything. No more that fancy sports cars driving 300km/h jubbie bullshit. Realistic more everything. I want deep on streets game with that dirty city street feeling, not an jet flying bullshit. More powerfull pistol sounds and realistic damage. More bloody core. At the start of the game you have to buy cheap car or stole. Protagonist could be even homeless at the start of game and sleeping abandoned buildings. It would be cool to start from bottom. Chainsaws. Different kind of bullets to guns. Realistically damaging cars.

    • Realistic dark gritty down to earth street story game. That I want.

      • And button to open cars windows and hood or trunk. It’s stupid if characters broke the car windows when they start shooting. Why they don’t just roll them down? Easy.
        And you can only carry guns 2-3 pistols on pocket or waist. Bigger guns need bag or something. You can leave guns to car or apartment or hides. C’mon you can’t carry rifles on you pocket

  2. 1.) online customize character and cars.

    2.)cops are more realistic -if u speed or pass red lights.

    3.)create gang members or recruit gang members like San andreas

    4.)more heists robbing banks,clothing store,or random citizens

    5.) enter other players house to rob or kill them.

    6.)maybe instead of going back in time rockstar will create a futuristic them maybe not flying cars just looks ,new rather than old

  3. I would love to see a grand theft auto based on Australia and it’s stupid idealistic beliefs. I’m an Aussie and some of the places here have been getting worse. I mean look at our priminister . Gee he is a funny bastard and the drug import trade lol it gets better. Thanks to the gta franchise for making life fun to play games online again.

  4. Its grand theft auto not the sims. I like the fact that they give us characters that we have to learn to love throughout the game whether we like it or not. It makes it a little more down to earth despite the odd goings on in the game. I just think that being able to customize characters’ appearance and lifestyles will make them a bit harder to care about due to however many sudden changes you make to your characters during the game. It would kind of ruin the point of having realistic back stories and personalities. If they pull it off somehow I’ll be happy but in the meantime I’m not liking those ideas

  5. Make it to ware you can cuff people and plase them under arrest and make to ware you can listen to cb and go to current fires crimes and accidents make it to were cops give you a ticket if you run a red light and ware you can put a cb and police lights in Anny car and customize Anny car I would also like to run low on gas and have to fill up at a gas station and customize Anny car even police fire truck ambulance limo also make it were you can buy a paremedic sute a police officer uniform or fire sure at cloths store and enter Anny building or home and break into things and make it ware you can request backup or get called for backup I would really apreaciate if you put all of this in GTA 6 because I played over $500 in GTA 5 because the disk broke so with that $500 if you could put all this in the game or send me GTA 6 for free I might keep supporting your company thank you for your awesome games hope I get a free game or you put all of this on GTA 6 and one more thing please make it for PlayStation 3 love your games hope I keep playing /buying them thank you and goodbye.

  6. What I want to see in GTA 6 is:

    1. Make it were you can get a real job in free mode and make it were it interacts with the story( jobs are, cop, soldier, lawyer, store clerk, banker, farmer, drug dealer, arms dealer, act.)

    2. Make it were you can get arrested and either spend a night or days in jail or go to prison for years and the story pauses until you get out. You can also break out, but the cops will be looking for you for at least one in game year or serve your time get out and continue the story.

    3. Cops can be watching you, but won’t arrest you until you do something against the law so they can arrest you search your house and lock you up for a long time( in game time).

    4. Walk into any building or structure.

    5. Things you do impact the world and in game people impact the world too.

    6. buy and customize houses, apartments, trailers, cars, ect.

    7. sell houses, apartments, trailers, ect.

    8. buy land and property and destroy stuff on it to build businesses and houses, to either run them yourself or sell them.

    9. destroy buildings and stuff to make the property and land cheaper.

    10. make it were your car can run out gas and you have to buy gas for your car and your actions in the game affect prices of stuff in the game wether the prices go up or down.

    11. make it were you can get insurerence on your cars, houses, property, and other stuff.

    12. keep talk radios and keep putting your music on the radio, but make it were gta fans can upload their own music on there.

    13. put more tv shows, movies, strip clubs, bars, movie theaters, day and night clubs, ect.

    14. make it were you can get strippers, hookers, ect. pregent.

    15. customize your character, clothes, hair, beard(if a man), tattoos or upload clothes and tattoos, ect.

    16. one female character.

    17. join or create a gang and takeover territories.(in single player)

    18. were you can ride as a passenger in story or free mode.(you can drive if you want.)

    19. make were you can travel and live in all the previous GTA games and create new cities and towns you can move to.

    20. make it were you can become famous like a celebrity, criminal, businessman, ect. and then move to a small town and lie low for a while.

    21. beat the crap out of Lazlow whenever you want.

    22.kiddnap people and hold them for resume money.

    23. major stuff you do in the world in mission or in freemode like robbery, murder, ect. gets put in the news like radio, newspaper, and radio.

    24. make it were you can rent places like houses, cars, ect.

    25. were you can go on vacation.

    26. make a little more realistic(life like).

  7. Another think I’d like is MUCH more explorable buildings, maybe you can enter them with the same technique of stealing cars: with a punch you can break the glass and then open the doors of houses, and if there are strong.boxes, you can shoot at them so you can stole the money in it!

  8. it will be very interesting if we could participate reality shows or competitions as a spectator like oprah or dr ozs’ shows… additionaly if we appear in a copy of a real movie or tv show as a stunt or acting small roles like the walking dead , shameless , person of interest , 2 broke girls etc .. it would be fantastic , think about it rockstar !

  9. 1 – Graphics : This is very important ; vehicle , environment , people ( especially face ) , building graphics must be increased like 3 or 4 times .
    2 – Map : The map must be 3 or 4 times bigger ; at least 3 cities , lots of villages , historical places , copies of real buildings , museums , lunaparks or a disneyland , shopping malls , business centers , cafes , restaurants , supermarkets , nightclubs , bars , schools must be add and must be enterable.
    3 – Vehicles : The options of buying vehicles must be increased ( second hand , by car dealers , by random people on street ) and buying gas , using turning signals , open and put something in the trunk , manuel shifting , km or mph indicator , adding special things ( sunroof , loudspeakers , dvd player etc ) must be added.
    4 – Real life : We should consider that we are not playing a video game , we should do whaever we do on our real lifes such as ; reading papers , letters , books , novels , magazines .. food shopping and prepare ourselves meals using tools in our kitchen … living in a boat , yacht , caravan or a camp….hire a cleaning lady , gardener , driver , massage girl , servant… going to restaurants , cafes , malls , nightclubs , sports events.. etc….
    5 – Transportation : We should travel around the map by buying tickets via cruises , planes , ferries , boats , trains , subway and bus … we should move freely on every part of these vehicles ; for example using toilets , changing seat , asking something from hostess , seeing the view etc..

  10. First person view
    animals in multiplayer mode
    do not remove franklin,michael and trevor

    Xbox 360 only please

  11. I like getting to know the characters GTA gives us but i also want customization. Clothes, tattoos, houses, pets, cars, jewelry, hair, etc. And hell yes we do need a BADASS female character. I liked that 5 had multiple characters. That was a lot of fun. I really want more interaction though. We should be able to have love lives, family, friends, pets. It’d be cool to choose the occupation of the characters, and also their replies to other characters. Make them more human and real. I would love to have a fight club and it’d be awesome to have jacked up moster trucks for some mudslinging. Itd be cool if there were seasons and holdays and you could throw parties. Or maybe add supernaturals.

  12. children can not be added cause it is not allowed to ever play a game and be able to kill children thats why there are all adults in the games

  13. i want more maps and that you can kidnap people in the back of your car or you can find weapons in the back

    why cant you bring space into this because then there can be space launches

    and yeah why cant we buy more houses and we can have new animals

  14. You should also be able to turn cops off and on or atleast have a free mode. Its kind of stressful having to run from the cops every 2 minutes or after just a fist fight, it gets old and im sure most gta fans would like to explore and have fun and cause chaos in a chaotic game without getting the fun sucked out of it.

  15. I think you should be able to grab people and be able to drag them or hold them wherever you want them to go. For example, when using tear gas, which doesnt do anything but make people run, you can grab someone, even when they’re running and hold them there to suffer. With your invincibility cheat on of course so you wont die also! :D They can also die while your grabbing them so you can throw them wherever you like, such as off a cliff or building. It sounds messed up but i think it would be a cool and fun feature, not just for tear gas.

  16. Pascoal De Jesus

    1- GTA should take a bit of the sims and add it… it has been said before but it is what most people want, choices to do what you want and move on so you feel you have made an impact on the game…

    2- gym needs to be readded

    3- fuel for the vehicles, and more real life fearures such as children and weather and natural disasters? I’m not sure of capabilities but with technology today I’m sure there is a way.

    4- Creating yourself and home… need I say more?

    So far GTA has not let the world down and I’m absolutely sure we are in for one awesome ride on the next one… good luck team GTA!!!

  17. Be able to be involved with sports .
    Be able to hear about a football team or some . Like attending games
    Multiplayer campaign .
    Longer story mode
    Be able to migrate to other states
    Be able to have a real girlfriend
    Make friends

  18. I think that there should be more places to see and go for e.g more clothes, more shops bars..Etc and should be able to meet friends and do all sorts of stuff and there should be more stuff to do (in the wild life (monkeys. Tigers, bears etc and the sealife , you also should be able to stay under water longer and I think there should be a better wide range of characters instead of just Franklin Trevor and micheal there should be women aswell and better choice of creating your player and it I think it would be good if ther was a thing were people can drug deal to make more money or if you find drugs or buy them and take it, it could take you in this trippy sort of world were the player has to complete missions seeing weird things like aliens clowns different sort of colours and emotions but depending on the trip so if a bad trip it would be scary things (seeing bad stuf happen or good trip seeing good things .you should also be allowed to have a pet (dog ,cat,etc and more range of apartments, guns ,cars. I love gta5! But I think a lot of stuff could be improved and it would be so much better and more people would play it :-D

  19. How would that be,if they set the location as the whole world..!! :p and we could also make it to other planets.. :p :) !!??

  20. i think gta 6 should be in New Zealand because of the offroading and great spots for drug dealing + I should be in Auckland

  21. Everyone seems to have a wish list for GTA VI so here’s mine:

    – Being able to walk into all buildings
    – Petrol Stations. After a while you will need to fill up. You can fill up and pay or run and get one star. Different cars need different fuels. Prices change.
    – Female character that can work at strip clubs and as a prostitute …etc.
    – If the girl could do tumbles down the street into padestrians and stuff that’d be awesome.
    – Backflips. And can shoot enemies mid backflip (slowmo).
    – more money opportunities.
    – more comedy lines and funnier shit
    – Plastic Surgery, more expensive but can change character’s permanent appearance.
    – Skateboards/scooters(little kids ride scooters, cry when you steal them). Tricks for each, being able to skate the halfpipes. skateboards can be used as weapons. Can customize decks etc.
    – Rob homeless people or bums get $0-$2.
    – Celebrity cameos: Miley Cyrus, Dr. Phil, Tony Hawk, Justin Beiber,
    – Arcades with Pac-man, tetris, flappy bird…. etc.
    – I really like Argo’s idea of a fight club and animal poisoning.
    – More vehicles: unicycles, skateboards/scooters, pogo stick,

  22. Why not let you fly to a recent story map via airport…for instance when beating campaign, go to an airport and fly to los santos, liberty city or something or have that in a mission. Something to keep the game going like letting you decide to rob a bank or start a gang. Getting an actual job would let the game keep going maybe secret service or porn producer. Hey go all out….one character be a drug lord and the other a cop whooms after him or her and maybe a teen growing up in a twisted city, you would have all in one. If you use my idea I want something for it at least a free game or a job

  23. I want a armored suit like the preditor with a shoulder gun. I Want to be able to buy the powerful guns that these bullies have. I work 7 days a week so, it’s hard to rank up and protect myself in these dangerous Los Santos streets. Weponry that can be purchased with cash only would be nice. I’d pay 20+ bucks for chain gun right now! A private helipad would be nice too. Sutup my own apartment with a working arcade. A gym to work out. Play other players in football, b ball and bowling. Snow sometimes because, I’m from New York. I want to put on a snow man outfit and not move until another player comes by then surprise. Say hello to my little friend. Seen in a video. When someone is under my truck, I want them to die. I want, I want, I want because I’m selfish.

  24. What if gta 6 was set in the bay area like in oakland/san francisco

  25. - Pool (with Five-pin billiards too)
    – Luna Park, where you can go on the carousel
    – Use smartphone as a torch
    – More realistic driving, with air bag that pops out
    – More animals, like snakes (and if you get poisoned, you must go to the hospital to get the antidote) and horses (and possibility to ride them)
    – Better health management (if you get shot, yo’ll keep bleeding and moving slower, like RE)
    – Fight club where you can win more money or lose them
    – Tresors to find
    – Ability to buy bigger houses , even on sea with yachts etc…
    – Rope climbing/traversing

  26. Some great input going on here folks.
    My suggestions would be:

    #1 DON’T increase the map scale. The map is a comfortable size and easy to navigate but still large enough to feel well ‘traveled’ but DO focus on making more accessible buildings, structures and interactive content.

    #2 Create an offline Multiplayer mode, system link and split screen style.

    #3 Add some extra driving simulation like a Fuel gauge, Indicators and Gear change motions to the driver.

    #4 Create your own protagonist!! (who doesn’t like seeing themselves teabag noobs).

    #5 A wider range of expressions. The fact I can only reply in a manner that’s allocated by the comment made to my character gets tiresome.

    #6 A REAL crouch and lay action (inspired by the tea bag comment).

    #7 The ability to ACTUALLY impersonate a police officer or military personnel ect with access to restricted locations and Database’s.

    #8. Some kind of side job’s similar to Franklin’s repo business but enhanced, so when the main story is complete you can still frequently earn a reasonable amount of money and prolong the ‘playability’.

    #9 A varied selection of theme based safehouses, ranging from ‘Crack den’ to ‘Bachelor pad’ for a 1 bed apartment to ‘Bodge job’ or ‘Ritch boy’ for the billion £$€¥ mansions.

    #10 Keep doing your thing! I’m talking Carnage, Ridiculous Products and Advertisements, Consiracy’s, Mysteries, Easter Egg’s, UFO’s, Talk Radio, all the sh*t we love about GTA!!

  27. Thiago Reis Alves

    Chance de escolher namorada abastecer ,construir casas ter vários tipos de esportes tela dividida e BARATO

  28. In gta 6 there should be random snow days so u can buy snow Vehicles.more pets,old cars/trucks,casinos,and war zones and a jungle,arctic land and more jets and war cars and planes

  29. Gta 6 should take place in Mexico City. Think about it, it would be the most action packed GTA in history. They can do a thing where you pay cops or commandos to come fight for you. Or you can call the airforce and confirm an airstrike!

    • or focus on the drug cartel, how much more money would there be from missions if you were being paid big money for distributing drugs and guns

  30. I wish they could have kids on GTA that would be so cool and they should. Get any kind of girlfriend they want :-) :-)

  31. I also think you should add remote controlled vehicles like rc boats rc planes rc car rc trucks and rc helicopters.

  32. I think GTA 6 should probley have some stuff from GTA 5 and maybe have better and faster and cooler custom cars also bring a zoo to it and should be set in a new place like Australia or vice city or maybe London it would be cool in Australia because of the jungles and mountain’s and a city which is has beautiful beaches and places in with the map. I think the wildlife should have lions, elephants, rhino, and zebra’s and graiffes. And hope has cool clothing, weapons, haircuts, tattoos and cars and vechlies. I think they should bring children as characters come onto a game and the character (characters) should be good and cool and the game online should be better on GTA 6 then GTA 5 and more better graphics, techniques and displays in the game.I hope rock star makes GTA 6 better then any before and uses better control and should keep it on ps3 and Xbox 360 and ps4 and Xbox one.

  33. Hey rock star can y’all try yalls hardest to make GTA 6 in Texas somewhere thank you

  34. it should be lost of games such as ; poker , blackjack , bridge , backgammon , chess ( all games in gta 4 ) etc.. and olsa team sports such as ; beach volley , basketball , soccer ( could be 3 * 3 teams ) also casino should be added .. the other thing is , we have never seen ski resorts and snow vehicles in any of gta series , it could be interesting if they will add some sort of places and vehicles..

  35. and i want it to have is have split screen

  36. ruane van Tonder

    Bring everyone characters from sandreas intill now back

    Make the new GTA like whe can go into every place that have a door so you can maby rob or kidnep someone or sneak in the place to do naugty stuff with the characters girlfriend

    Keep the dogs and bring childern in the game or the wife can make birth of a child so you can keep them save from the enemies

    Bring alos back that you can by houses and add that you can build your own home

    Let us make the characters how they must look like maby whe want them do look just like us

    Pleas do my a big faviour put the new nissan skyline GTR and the FAMOUSE NISSAN SKYLINE GTR R34 V-Spec

    Make raceing for drift or you drive or you are with the people the bet on who are going to win

  37. I think there should be more to the maps and I think we should be able to fly to different cities of equal sizes and have missions to do there too, you should also add more responses from pedestrians on the sidewalks, and make the cops act like real cops, not just shoot you every time you are in trouble, also make move play es to go inside of available

    • I am a girl and I love playing GTA. I really think y’all should add girl chareters. Like when u first start the game it should allow you to choose a male are a female. I really think the will be great if the really happen.

    • Live this idea

  38. I think chop was super underrated. There was one mission in the beginning where you get to play as chop briefly, and I think it would’ve been fun if he was more incorporated. Also I love that you can download the ifruit app and play with him! I’d love to see that for gta6.

    • you should add snowmobiles like ski doo 550ss ski doo 400 yahama f7 polaris iqr 600 and atvs like honda 400ex all the name brands and dirt bikes like rm85 rm125 rm450 cr85 crf150rb crf450 yz250 yz125 yz 450 pit bike snow snowmobile track dirt bike tracks dodge cummins no fords chevy trailers so you can load up and go riding ramps so up can load up unload on a trucks a grage so you can fix your toys you shouldbe able to costom your toys the way you want them to look like the dodge cummins should blow black smoke out have stacks trucks pulls have a supercross snowcross you should aslo a bigger grage that will hold more then 10 car like 30 cars a lift so you can fix you car/truck and a grage so you can put like 30 toys in thereand fix up you should aslo and trail big enought so trucks and dirt bike/atvs to ride with mud holes and a car wash you should be able to play what ever song you want to when youare driving make the dirt bikes atv snowmobiles sound like real life

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