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Updated On: 14 June 2016

Rockstar GTA series is one of the most popular series of action-adventure, open world, crime and role playing games. Rockstar North is not just limited to grand theft auto only, but its base is GTA series only. Rockstar has recently launched the 5th Grand Theft Auto version and it leads to a huge success. So now all the die hard fans of GTA series are expecting a new adventure and excitement in GTA 6.


This article will give you all latest updates about GTA 6. Below, you can simply jump to portion, you are looking for.

About GTA 6:

Ever since the Rockstar release GTA 5, GTA lovers has already started questioning about GTA 6. GTA 5 is the most fastest selling video game in the history. The Rockstar earned  US$800 million in its first day and US$1 billion in its first three days. The sales history is the proof how much people love GTA game and now have huge expectation from GTA 6 than any other game. Even though it is less than a year when GTA 5 released, but GTA fans has already started asking, “When Is GTA 6 Coming” and even sharing there feature wishlist.

Ever since GTA 5 is launched, GTA 6 is always in news. Rumors about GTA 6 discuss the changes and wishlist GTA fans would love to see in GTA 6. The most wanted wishlist is one beautiful hot woman as the main character in GTA 6 along with other male character.


The Overwhelming success of GTA V is accumulating the GTA fans to expect the game release for next-generation console with improved graphics and gameplay elements.

Though there is no official announcement of the release date, but Rockstar has given a hint for GTA 6 that “We’ve got about 45 years worth of ideas we want to do,” Leslie Benzies, president of Rockstar North, said in a press conference. A lot of people are predicting the GTA 6 release date by following the previous leads, but the fact is still GTA 6 date is not announced. But considering the Rockstar strategy, it is expected to release sometime around 2018.

Title Release Date
Grand Theft Auto 1997
Grand Theft Auto II 1999
Grand Theft Auto III 2001
Grand Theft Auto IV 2008
Grand Theft Auto V 2013
GTA 6 2018?

After analysing the past GTA game we predict the next GTA 6 to release sometime around 2018 – 2020. In between we also expect some other GTA game to come. For example, GTA City Stories which is new title registered by Rockstar. You can know more about GTA 6 release date here.

Update On 16 September 2014:

Currently, all the rumors about GTA 6 release date is June – July 2017 are fake. We have many reasons to prove why is it so. First of all there is no direct official confirmation from Rockstar Games. Secondly, same website is writing about it every month just to remain in Google and getting traffic. If this news is true, they should write it once and done. But they are writing the same article almost every week by little modification. This simply means news is their mind creation for getting some extra readers to the site.

Update on 18th February 2016:

After the news of Leslie Benzies former president of Rockstar North quit the company rumours claiming that GTA 6 release will be delayed and to be released around 2020.

GTA 6 Platform:

GTA 6 is very likely going to release for the newest console PS4 and Xbox One. Considering high PC demand later Rockstar is also expected to launch for PC platform aswell.


Play Station 4 is the latest console in the gaming zone. Rockstar has recently launched some updates for GTA 5 for PS4. GTA 6 is mostly expected to release for PS4 as its the only latest console in the market by Sony and also it has a lot of scope to be utilized by Rockstar to improve the game.

Xbox One:

Another latest console by Microsoft which also received the updates for GTA 5. Xbox one also had the resources which is yet to be utilized by Rockstar to improve the performance and game quality.


Play Station is the predecessor of PS4 and now seems to have some limitations in technical terms due to which it is unable to support the latest graphic’s games. Considering the fact PS3 will be outdated by 2017 and not even getting support from Sony which ends in 2016. So Rockstar might not launch GTA 6 for PS3.

Xbox 360:

Similar scenario is for Xbox 360 version as it also have technical limitations due to which it doesn’t support the high definition graphics games. For GTA 6, this console also might get obsolete as its successor Xbox One is hitting the market with great enthusiasm.

For more read: Will Rockstar Release GTA 6 For PS3 & Xbox 360?

There is also a probability that till the time Rockstar release GTA 6, there may be some more high tech and upgraded consoles available in the market (i.e. PS5 and Xbox Two) and GTA 6 might also be available for those consoles too.

GTA 6 FEATURES (Rumor And Wishlist):

Here are the most wanted feature of GTA 6 from GTA lovers. The below list will be updated with more feature in future, when we get to know more wishlist from them.

GTA 6 Feature

Female Protagonist:

Most people have criticized the women’s role in GTA 5, but as GTA 6 is all about excitement at the highest level, so we would be expecting some female protagonist as the center of the story line. It could be innovative idea as GTA franchise is most popular among the world.

VR Compatibility:

It is expected that GTA 6 will be upgraded with Virtual Reality, which literally means that now players can even be a part of game itself. This concept though sounds dramatic but with current scenario of technology up-gradations and Sony’s playstaion with VR support along with Gran Turismo announcement that it will fully support virtual reality, are some proofs that GTA 6 will come with VR support.

Bring 1970’s Back:

Many fans want GTA 6 to take place in retro look of 1970‘s. First reported by motoringcrunch, soon after it becomes a headline for many other sites to share their personal views on the idea. Even many fans in forums have shared that they really liked the idea of 70’s culture, as it was best suited for mafia’s as it includes all the corrupt government and all business owned by mafia’s.

New City:

Another feature we are expecting in next-generation consoles is that it would provide a great opportunity to break away from the cities they’ve already explored and move to a new city, it would be a great adventure and thrill to explore the new city.

More Adventure:

Another interesting thing is adding new professions, such as president of the united states or some leader of any political party, or the chief of some aliens. GTA fans also want to see some new city and places with extra adventure and thrilling experience.

Customize The Main Character:

GTA fans would love to customize the main character before playing the game. The customization of appearance, looks and cloths will be a great feature.

More Missions:

GTA 6 can be little more explored by providing more Money making Missions as: Like robbing banks mission, having a job like joining the army or the police. Such missions will give a more real feeling in the game. It will boost his temperament to get indulged in the game.

Adding More Realism:

Various features are present which are mostly admired by each and every fan but still there is a lot of scope for fun and adventure, in the the next gen Grand Theft Auto game. GTA 6 game engine can support destructible sceneries and the innovative idea is to think like battlefield where we can crumble some wall down or maybe explode some building with an airplane. And after that, the game memorizes that this building is on the ground and by the time game goes on the building starts to get builded again and we can watch the process by watching the workers working on the construction. This idea seems little bit simple but it will add more realism and adventure to the game.

House Changes:

GTA 5 gives the opportunity to buy a house but instead of being stuck with one house there more houses must be provided and there should be change in online also as ability to buy an actual house instead of apartments, and most importantly there should be a feature to edit the house details also.

More Vehicles:

GTA 5 has various vehicles which is liked by various fans but still it lack the real feeling which came in GTA. So, there should be addition of some monster trucks such as 1967 Shelby GT500, Hot Rods, 1950’s Ford Pickup Truck,1950’s Chevy Pickup Truck or Chevy SS Camaros.

More Stylish Clothes:

GTA 6 must be little different from GTA 5, it will have the ability to buy any clothes for each character (including clothes from multiplayer) should be added, as this feature while more ralism and varity in character as it help in creating more real like feeling during game play.

Modification of Vehicles:

GTA 6  will have more advanced features with respect to vehicles as they should be able to modify the car by themselves such as adding the neon lights and speakers or different body kits and many interesting advancement according to there requirements.

Other Feature:

GTA user would also love to customize some vehicle and guns to the way they want. Many of the fans also want old health system to be back in GTA 6. The health determined by numbers 100 and the player die only when it sank to zero. Here you can find more GTA 6 feature listed.

GTA 6 Location:

GTA 6 rumors are getting viral day by day. Recent one is related whether the GTA 6 will place in Vice City, Houston or Texas. Although gamer are still believing that GTA 6 will be in American city, most probably in Miami or New York City. You can also read best 4 location for GTA 6.

Recent rumours hints Rockstar is planning to inculcate the entire US map in Grand Theft Auto 6 including big cities such as Los Angeles, Miami  and many more.

GTA 6 Characters:

Grand Theft Auto 6 Characters are rumored to such an extent that even we sometimes feel that Rockstar might get confused about its main protagonist in the game. GTA 6 latest and most wanted character till now is a female which must act as a main protagonist or can be one of the main lead characters.

Dan Houser head writer for Rockstar Games has told that in a interview, whether he never thought a female character in GTA 5 in respond to this he said “We didn’t really think about it this time, That’s not to say that we couldn’t or we wouldn’t. This character set is just what came to us: it wasn’t, ‘we’ve got X and Y so we need Z,’ we weren’t trying to do it off a checklist – I don’t think that will ever give you something that’s believable or engaging.”

“In the future, could we do a game with a lead female character? Of course. We just haven’t found the right game for it yet, but it’s one of the things that we always think about. It didn’t feel natural for this game but definitely for the right game in the future – with the right themes, it could be fantastic. But for GTA V, this was the organic thing that came up, these were the characters what would display the themes we wanted to think about.”

Various fans have different opinions about the female protagonist. Some are in favor while others oppose it. Female character might be included in the game but seeing it in a lead role will not be a very fruitful for the legacy of Rockstar grand series Grand Theft Auto.

Apart from Female protagonist other hot news is that, Rockstar might put a drastic change in Grand Theft Auto 6 which might lead to a single main character who will lead the story. Though this news is not confirmed by any official sources but its highly rumored among the fans.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are also rumoured to be part of GTA 6 characters. Eva Mendes would be female voice for lead protagonist and Ryan Gosling may be a surprise character in the game which could play a descendant of John Marston, who was the protagonist in “Red Dead Redemption.”

You can know more about GTA 6 characters here.

GTA 6 Gameplay Trailer Video (Fan-made):

After watching so many fan made GTA 6 gameplay trailer, below is of such trailer. The trailer is 1 minutes 43 seconds in length which shows cool cars and fight. Until official comes, enjoy fan-made.

Watch More: Exciting GTA 6 Gameplay Trailer Made By Fans

GTA 6 Images (Fan-Made)

So to all die hard GTA fans, we would also like to hear your suggestions on GTA 6. Kindly leave your valuable comments in the below comment box,,,,and stay connected for more updates on GTA 6.

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  1. GTA 6 should have Australian cars such as the Holden Commodore and the Ford Falcon old and new models. You should be able to start a family, pay mortgages, pay bills, ect. We should also have to go to court with a set date and time when you get busted. Also fully tunable cars; gear ratios, camber and wheel alignments, ect. Cars should also get regular wear and tear such as: blown head gaskets, flat batteries and loads more that can go wrong from safe and erratic driving. Guns also should have problems like jamming or back firing for old guns. You should also be able to get pulled over for speeding, unsafe driving and breaking road rules. Australia should be part of the map as well. GTA 6 should include some the the wonders of the world such as the Great Barrier Reef. Fishing should be an activity and depending on the weather, tides and location will affect what fish you catch (deep sea fishing should be included.) You should be able to catch sports fish such as marlin, grouper, GT’s, ect.

  2. Hii my name is Raimir meyer
    I want GTA 6 to be like the sims if you talk about the houses.. you can build your own house and buy everything to build your house and it takes days to be build. and when you talk about police i want them to make the gail work realistic . that when you get busted by the cops you get in prison for days so your player will be in jail till your days pas. and it work whit real days .so you have to play in jail have your own cell untill your day to get out comes. . and i the part of money i wanto gta 6 to have drug dealers so you can buy drugs or sell drugs and steal Cocaine from others .allot of kilo’s .. become millionair from selling drugs instead of mission.. so put more ways to get money. the clean way or the bad way. and in the part of the country . i want gta to put more lands o you can buy ticket at the airport or put some ticket agents around the land so you can buy tickets and take the plane to another land. put like 3 to 4 lands that you can go and live . and in the part of working . put some jobs available . like working in fastfood restorands or something or deliver pizza . and in the part of free roam . open some restaurants so you can go and eat or something .. put drivers lisence in the game that you have to go to driving school to get it. and if you driving whitout it ..cops can pull you over and ask for it . and if you dont have it . your car go’s to inpound untill you have 1 to get your car some hotels that you can pay to stay for days . pay everyday for your stay .. 5 star hotels.

  3. people doing their normal jobs
    a car that i rellly wana see in gta iv /6 OPEL CALIBRA
    a family like the house is not empty and all boring

    mikeal, trevor lester jimmy tracy and franklin like we all love
    live with them online would be very fun

    buy big houses and fully customizeble
    take with you for eksample tracy or jimmy or everyone for go out and have dinner or play swim whatever

    more missions

    thank you for reading
    i relly love gta v i play everyday and i am relly glad for all the people who have created it
    BIG thanks to everyone
    i know i must be sooo much work to create it !! we are all very thankfull

    btw here is some more :)

    i agree with all off you players that gta 6 needs more
    what i want gta 6 to have is
    they need to improve the way of when you walk around with guns and gonna free aim
    its har to free aim they need to make it more like CAL OF DUTY easyer :)

    nr 1 wee want much more car cuztomasation on all cars
    nr2 improve the look of interior in the car for eksample cuztomise ewerything like needles colors and styling lights and ewerything and colors and much more in the car

    nr2 more cool car nr 1 my favorite car OPEL CALIBRA!!! 😀 so nice car ^^
    more packs like you can buy car packs and dlc

    nr 3 put in more stuff more militery bases like you can attack them and stuff
    and militery boats that you can drive and cariers with planes on it and tanks

    nr4 more air and attack and boat virecles

    nr5 zombie mode we want zombies and stuff and like we need to survive in freemode thats awesome and cool cars

    nr6 manual gear on the car and supported by rat and pedals like g27! 😀

    nr7 cuztomize inside youre house like you can buy stuff

    nr 8 you can coose that youre car need to refuel or not :)

    nr 9 the needles on youre car shoild moove and show when you car gets warm

    nr 10 big houses to live in like vilaes and stuf with swimming poole and customize the look of outside of youre house with lights and alarms and security cam and guard that you can buy to patrole around youre house

    nr 11 a garage where you can fix on youre car and a store where you need to buy things for youre car, can be ewerything new lights, styling lights and stuff and like you can dissesemble the car youre self and the put it back together and extra lights on youre car and they should work and deside wich direction they should be pointed at and much more 😀

    nr 12 more hairs styles, all the time i haw been at the place where you can fix youre hair and i always look for long hair, and they newer haw it :(

    nr 13 more support stuff like you can call inn an airstrike or a tank wich drives around by itself
    and you can drive around with a rc helicopters and rc planes, for fun

    nr 14 more custom colors like we can paint with emblems and much more stuff 😀

    nr 15 more options on the car lights xenon with colors red blue purple yellow and so on :)

    nr 16 tank, i was very very dissepointed the first time i set my self in a tank i tought that there would be screens in the tank and stuff but no, i only was sitting outside the tank with only a sight and thats it

    all other cars there is interior look and stuf but why not on the tank????
    btw i love the interior look in the choppers and planes! : )

    nr 17 haw a pet

    nr 18 have a koi pound

    nr 19 more options on the neon like strobe or flash

    nr 20 call in youre own team, helicopter and tanks and cars and see virecles or call in youre own army : )

    nr 21 atomatic guns on the chopper that shoots those wich try to attack you

    nr 22 call in a ac130 with guns and have a screen and you control it
    or have a team controlling it and you decide where it is gonna shoot
    for eksample on the cops or on annother player :)

  4. Hi my name is Andrew, GTA 6 would be better with more realistic Police officers and cars. To start with the officers, they should be equipped with a tazer and hand gun. To start off they should talk to you first and if you run then they can taz you then if you have a gun they can pull out their gun. Then for the Police cars it would be better if there were a different variety of police cars, such as the 2014 Ford Explorer or Taurus, then a 2014 Dodge Charger, a 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe and 2013 Impala, along with a Crown Victoria, but make them look really similar and real. Also air support is another Police option, to depending on where you are in the map equals different agencies so if there is a desert then there should be a sheriffs helicopter but a different color than the city police, and if your in the city simply use a black and white helicopter but like the one in GTA5. As for SWAT situations use a armored vehicle that is black and looks like a bearcat with a turrent. I think this would make the police departments more realistic with the officers and cars. Also if there is a highway/freeway then there should be Highway Patrol/State Police/Troopers. Thank you.

  5. Hi my name is Brayden, I would really like if they could give us more opportunities with things like miss to heavy vehicles such as trucks and more heavy equipment. Maybe even they could put navy ships in the game and allow you to join services. It would be amazing if you could see the container ships sail in and out of port and even if you could command them or be on them when they leave. Also I think adding holidays on flights to other states or countries would be great. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but there is no kids in the game only adults. The main thing I would love to see us more choice in property and machinery and enable gamers to utilize this. Thanks

  6. I want to control my character’s hands in gta 6. For example for personal hygene , i want to shave my beard and hair with gilette or shaving machine . Hair and beard and hair at your under arms should grove day by day . I want to brush my teeth , water my face , use the sink , do my toilet after that flush it . It would be good if we can use soup , shampoo , bath jel , after shave lotion , towel , bath rob , etc . For all these we should able to control our character’s hands .

    We should able to rent the apartments or houses also . Much more option needed to on sale or on rent . And also we should customize our apartment of house if we want . For example i want to remove some furnitures that i don’t like . I want to decorate my own house in detail . We should able to make deals with a contracter and arthitecht for these changes . I want to use the cabinets and cupboards . I want to buy stuff and put into these . And pets .. I want to have a pet and live with it .

    Most of the commentators said that we should able to eat & drink properly .. I’m %100 agree with this . Why do you create all that restaurants – diners – coffee shops – tea rooms – cafes – bars – street vendors … if we can’t go into them and can’t order – eat – drink anything ? We definetely should , have to eat daily .. If we don’t eat and drink for long time , we should pass out … At the dining places we should order meal from the menu . Every place should have different menu and price list . If the place is really classy and facny we should have to make a reservaiton before . In the online mod we should able to go to places to eat & drink with our friends … And yeah supermakets and groceries should be open so we can go there and buy indregients for prepare ourselves or friends a meal ..

  7. mutantrockstarpesimibirak

    7 – As I said before , gta 6 must be much more realistic ; We should able to buy gas in order to move our vehicles . When we go to the gas stations , we should fill our thank manually . After that we should go the inside of the store and pay the gas , including some drinks or some snacks if we want . We should also able to choose not to pay and escape just after fill the tank .

    8 – Eating : We should have to eat regularly ,n order to keep our energy . So all restaurants , cafes , diners , vending machines , vendors , drive-in restaurants should offer us thousands of different option to eat . The prices should change up to the quality , service and place . Also we should able to buy ingredients from supermarkets , groceries , bakers , butchers and cook our own meal or hosting diners for our friends – neigbhours – family – homeless people – kids .
    For this , we should able to use all machines and appliances in our kitchen . Owen , microwave , fridge , dishwasher , washing machine , toaster , coffee machine , knives , spoons , spatulas , etc . Also we should able to order food on the internet , or by phone .

    9 – Check into hotels – motels …. We should able to check into small motels – luxury 5-star hotels – rent summary villas / houses . We should able to use all services there : Laundry , restaurant – bar – room service – pool – health center – sport centre – conference room – etc…

    10 – Public transportation …. We should able to use the public transportation around the map ..Bus – Train – Subway ( more realistic ) – Airplane – Ferry – Boat – Taxi ( more realistic ) and hitchiking . These vehicles must be crowded or empty up to the holiday – work days and working – night hours …

  8. mutantrockstarpesimibirak

    Please rocktar , make gta 6 much more realistic ;

    1 – Able to eat , drink , go to toilet , sleep , workout ( at our home , garden , gym , etc ) , shave , haircut , take a bath , do our personal stuff regularly.

    2 – We should able to use household machines , repairing tools , gardening equipments , musical instruments , electronic devices , painting , design sth ( arthitect , engineer , etc ) , read sth ( book , magazine , newspaper , article , etc ) , write sth ( by spray on walls , passwords , notes , plans , etc ) , able to upgrade our cars in the garages at our homes .

    3 – Let us talk to npcs about anything we would rather . Like sports , politics , weather , relationships , news , economy , etc . We should able to have relationship with them . Either a friend or girlfriend / boyfriend . Play games with them , marry / divorce , go to diners , go to trips , help in doing sth , ask about sth … And also if we like to choose we should invite them to our homes for dinner – tea – sleepover and get invited by them .

    4 – We should able to have a wallet and put our id card , drivers licence , our girlfriend’s photo , money , checks , condoms , etc in it . We should have a key for our apartments , cars , safe , locker , etc . We should able to buy personal stuff like games , toys , parfumes , shampoos , scissors , soups , after shave , drugs like painkiller – xanax – pills , newspapers – books – magazines , musical instruments like guitar – drum – piano – violin , different type of cell phones , home cinema , etc .

    5 – Some old stuff form old gtas : Home invasion – casino – jetpack – arcade games – drive a train – gangster terretories – workout – 3 cities from san andreas , 8 ball pool – air hockey – bowling – nightclubs – nightclub managing – cage fight – comedy clubs – cabares from gta 4 .

    6 – Able to hire people and do daily jobs : Servant , driver , gardener , pool guy , contracter , masseuse , cook , waiter , bodyguard , lawyer , hitman , worker ….. And daily jobs : Waiter – cashier – garbage man – janitor – truck driver – bus driver – commercial airplane pilot – conductor – doctor – shrink – correctional officer – police – lawyer – car dealer – contractor – bodyguard …

    7 – Enterable buildings : This is a must . We should able to enter all buildings that we can actually able to enter at our real lives . Like restaurants – cafes – diners – bars – nightclubs – malls – prison visiting places or prison if we commit a crime and convicted – hospitals – police stations – offices – car showrooms – sports centres – public offices – apartments – hotels – motels – laundries – music stores – electronic stores – book stores – supermarkets – libraries – museums – schools – college campuses – airports – train stations – bus stations – etc…

  9. They should have
    .real spedometer actions
    Pop the hood and fix the engine if messed up
    Add wide bodys breathers spoilers and all kinds of customizations for the carscars
    If your gonna carry guns make him /her have a duffel bag for rifles pistols and when the chracters opens up the gun menu it goes into an action cutsene and lets you see inside of it and pick your weapons
    You should also be able to enter all or nearly all buildings and smash through the glass of buildings with a car and drive through
    You should have an advanced Jump where if you clip the edge of anpther builfing from jumping from one you can catch it and pull your self up

  10. My GTA wish list
    1. I think you should add a sports to the like Soccer for example allow the player to live a good healthy and star life where he will have fans and be a role model, what’s going to be fun is if you become famous and fans always want to take selfies in the street. you can add soccer, music, acting anything but especially soccer.

    2. When there is damage make the system memorize it so it doesn’t disappear in front of the eyes.

    3.Put sharks and other Sea animals in water, Dogs, cats, birds, fish

    4. If you crash land or Land in a bush via the parachute make available some terrorists or pirates or even actual Wild Life like Wolfs, Bears and Cougars and if possible some Native People.

    5. as part of the missions given (optional) if I just started and need some money sell drugs and evade Police or even attempt to enter the airport with some drugs for big cash, if busted give opportunities and instructions on escaping before going to a maximum security.

    6. silencers for guns or dead quiet weapons like knifes and tactics or grabbing quietly from behind and dragging on the floor.

    7. More People, clubs, bars, Bouncers, mafias prostitutes.

    8. make most stores door open when you attempt to enter.

  11. plz plz plz release it for Xbox 360 doesn’t matter if the graphics are lil low



    1. All the major Sportscars , Supercars ( Sedans and SUV ) and HYPERCARS should have the ability to be CHIP TUNED . This will add more than 500HP to the cars. The Pegassi Vacca ( Seenn GTA V ) , would easily handle 1200HP .

    2. Advanced custom tuning for exterior aesthetics which are for appearence and functionality. Ability to SCULPT the body of the car to allow for increased down force , less drag and so on.

    3. The interiors of HIGH END MODELS of SUPERCARS , HYPERCARS , SUVs , SUPER SEDANS should be DIFFERENT even when STTOCK. Mods should include custom TRIM , AMBIENT LIGHTING , RACE SEATS , SKY ROOF (with lighting like Rolls).

    4. Speaker systems such as SUB WOOFERS should hacve a NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE in the loudness and quality of the tunes.

    5. As with interior the exhaust systems of stock Supercars and higher classed vehicles should be unique . We ALL noticed how the Übermacht FELTZER and Grotti CARBONIZZAIRÉ sounded the EXACT SAME. Custom Exhausts should be loud and should draw attention to the car such as ARMYTRIX exhausts

    1. Bring back Gang war missions in story mode.

    2. STORYLINE MISSIONS should be longer with more depth AND should have a bigger impact on the Population e.g if a Major Gangmember or High ranking cop gets killed we should see a spike in Gang Shootings and Police raids in houses.

    4. The news on the TV should correspond with STORYLINE MODE EVENTS as they unfold throughout the game’s TIME SPAN.

    2. Perhaps a custom GAME CLOCK should be introduced to cater for those that wish for LONGER DAYS with minutes (GAME HOURS PASSING SLOWER) or SLOWER IF DESIRED.
    4. DAMAGE to the Physical Environment Should be APPARENT and maintenance actions should take place

    This i all for NOW

  13. I just finished GTA V yesterday and last time I played any GTA, was 10 years ago with San Andreas on PS2. Here’s my thoughts about GTA V.

    I hugely dissappointed about the fact, that it felt exactly the same as the older GTA’s, right back to the GTA III. And meaning by that, is that it was so old fashioned in certain technical aspects and in gameplay as well:

    -Controls we’re so horribly sluggish, that it was sometimes pain in the ass to steer the player in some places. So there’s a lot of work to do on that aspect, controlling felt exactly the same as in the older installments of the series.

    -Car physics are almost the same as 15 years ago. They feel floating and are no way realistic in modern standards. A lot of improvements is needed on that area, huge reworking of the car physics geometry, steering geometry, mass geometry, damage engine, etc, etc, to make it much, much more realistic.

    -There’s only a handful of buildings to go inside and to interact with. C’mon, it’s 2010’s for christ sake, you need to do more than that. The amount of interactive buildings is quite much the same as in San Andreas…

    -Weapon wheel-system is one of the worst I’ve ever seen, far away from flawless Far Cry 3/4’s one.

    -Way too many buttons to remember in PC version. Scale it down, make it to be a bit more smarter to use than this mess we now have.

    -Camera was sometimes working well enough, sometimes it was also pain in the ass.

    -Health indicator was way too small and in completely wrong place, it was sometimes hard to see, that what’s your health status, cause it tends to blend into the HUD map too much.

    -And also, armor was pretty much useless in the game, it should last much longer time of ”bullet rain”.

    These are couple of things, that the devs need to improve in the next GTA, I’m sure many of players will agree on those as well.

  14. Cars should not disappear and if you follow them they should have a destination where they could stop and the driver gets outside and go to a house.

    The people should have different faces and you can talk to them nicely and also have a button to say curses to them. Once they are killed they will never get back or they will be brought to the hospital and get healed.

    You can enter all buildings.

    You can have jobs

    You can buy a house it may be small, or big or anything.

    You can have kids, babies, girlfriends

    You can have any ai girlfriend

    The house must be editable like Fallout 4’s Workbench

    You can use tv, and can put a custom one in My Documents

    like in GTA Vice City you can put a custom mp3 music

    you can have your car editable

    you can have a spray paint and you can be noticed by police if you have a star

    the main character is editable, in singleplayer and in multiplayer.

    you can only carry minimal weapons like 1 pistol and a submachine gun or a rifle.

    the first person should be like in cs:go

    you can carry a person like in hitman

    you can destroy buildings and the workers will repair the building

    you can destroy mountains.

    you can upgrade your small house into bigger ones

    must become more and more realistic

    sit on bench, lay down on beaches, you can put umbrellas on beaches, you can smoke a cigar, weeds, tobaccos

  15. 1) I liked San Andreas alot because of more involvement to do with varieties of mafias known to movies or history. So bring in chinese triad, yakuzas, Korean mafia (korean power=KP) Sicillian mafias, russian mafia, Czech gangs. Give us a choice to side with and start from there. Like allegiance of sort. Or create sort of guild.

    2) I like how we can jack cars but to make it more realistic put out more varieties of our choices to lockpick or carjack tools.

    3) AI girlfriends that has to do with the allegiance of mafias or gangs.

    4) Yes more weapons or accessories, varieties to change uniform fitting for missions.

    5) More renovations internal options to change in the properties we own would be cool according to allegiances of course.

    6) Create our characters is by far all of die hard fans’ favorites

    7) According to time periods create historical events points of time like 9/11 or Kennedy assassination, or terrorist bombings.

    8) According to training our physique change according to the amount of how we train our characters would be awesome but if not possible try to enable us that much in character creation.

    9) Please please add more in appearance options like more specific jewelry placement and clothes designs.

    10) Create designs on the phones or communication according to time periods. like options to design our phones.

    11) Yes please give out more options on designing our cars like more and more varieties on car paints, colors, logos accroding to allegiances.

    12) I like how we change from franklin to trevor to Michael. That’s awesome gameplay so keep it and add female character among the trio. One intelligent and cold, one brawny and strong, one sexy and resourceful. That would be awesome!!!!

  16. So my GTA 6 Wishlist are:
    1) Have the ability to cook
    2) Buy ingredients from the supermarket, and be able to hold a bag that contains them.
    3) Be able to go shopping to malls
    4) Be able to carry a pillow and sleep in your bed!
    5) In older GTA’s, cars just quickly disappears! That is the thing I do not like! So in streets, pedestrian AI’s should have a destination, where they could stop and the cars will not disappear!
    6) Be able to choose an AI girlfriend
    7) Pedestrians must have different faces (hell yeah! I Love It!)
    8) Be able to have different jobs!
    9) I love stealing, stealing is my passion (there should be stealing everywhere!) hell yeah!
    10) Have the ability to eat food normally, like we usually do! (like we hold a piece of corn dog in our hands and eat it slowly and have a button to automatically eat it)
    11) The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree my fwend! and that is all i could give ya all mates!

  17. Be able to marry your girlfriend, make kids, watch your girlfriend give birth. be able to do other jobs, buy and sell cars, houses and other staff, pay mortgages, take a bath, have sex, open the fridge, cook. Make more cars that run out of fuel. In other words make it even more realistic, be able to initiate intelligent conversation with people through selection of topics.

    • I agree with this comment like when playing online we should be able to date people and kiss them and do other stuff i hate how on online gta all you can do is get prostitutes but you cant date any body you actually play the game with that would be fun and they should add cruise boats like for when people wanna go on vavations like to puerto rico and all that AND let. Our online players talk

  18. i really think that rockstar should make the format for xbox 360 to man i feel so left out without any money to buy a xbox one every time microsoft makes me feel bad anyways
    1.we should be able to eat sleep refill gas i cars
    2.this game should have a female charecter
    3.this game should have a varioty of new cars like the new bugatti,ford gt,chevy firbird,
    4.this game should have a large varioty of weapons katanas,ar 15,50 caliber (hand held),etc
    5man i just really wanna have some good times with thjs game and ad more freakin animals also pet shop for german sheperds

  19. You should put it in real world for the game and dont just give the good guns to the cops give them to the whole world add parties yhat you can have ,viltual islands be able to fly in the airplane ,also that you be able to hold act as they would in the real world be able to buy more beverages,own houses make it easier to buy buildings or penthouse for sale

  20. Here is a list of things that I thinkfleetline e included…

    1. More stealth: If you kill someone you shouldn’t get caught automatically unless someone sees you. Also if you eliminate all witnesses before they call the police then the police shouldn’t come.

    2. More weapon variety: There should be more weapons, not just guns, but all weapons in general. Such as a variety of knives (stiletto switchblades, butterfly knives, etc.) You should also be able to have syringes with poisons or sedatives in them, so you can choose to kill or to put to sleep. There should be revolvers added, blow guns possibly, throwing knives, and crossbows.

    3. More cars: There should be more cars available. Such as 1960’s Chevy impala, 1950’s Chevy fleetline, and lots of other cars. Those are just some old school cars, but should also be some other luxury cars added and other types.

    4. More music: Whether they add more radio stations or add more songs there should definitely be more music. There should be a large variety of music from oldies, rock, rap, and funk, etc.

    5. More realistic: You should actually have to eat in GTA VI. You should be able to work out, learn different fighting strategies, and be able to free run.

    6. More customizable objects: You should be able to customize objects more such as cars, guns, and possibly even bikes.

    7. Do the crime do the time: If you get busted you should have to do the time whether its for something big or something small. If you go on a killing spree you should get life, and while your inside you can plan an escape. After you escape you should have to lay low for a while and get a new identity. If your in there for something else you should be able to free roam in jail or prison. If you do go there should be real life prison gangs inside such as La Eme, AB, and BGF.

    8. Do not make him an alien: You should only be able to carry a few guns on you and keep a few magazines on you as well.

    9. More clothing: There should be a large variety of clothing. There should also be a large variety of disguises and costumes.

    10. Sleep: You should have to sleep or else your character will start hallucinating after awhile.

    11. Relationships: If you don’t have a girlfriend in the game then you should be able to get some of the female’s numbers.

    12. The jackpot: You should be able to go into a variety of locations and rob them. If it is a big heist then you should have to plan it out before. You should also be able to rob them blind.

    13. Buildings: There should be a lot more locations that you can go into such as restaurants, banks, peoples houses, and lits of other places.

    14. Home invasions: You should be able to do home invasions on people and hog tie them before they wake up or give them a sedative from a syringe and rob their goods.

    15. More gangs: There should be a lot more gangs in GTA VI. They should have their own park where they hang out at. Also include more parks.

    16. Recruit homes: You should be able to take at least 3 members of your gang with you in GTA VI like how you could in GTA SA.

    17. Jobs: There should be a variety of jobs you can do. You should have a fake PhD so you can do a variety of jobs. You should also have contract kills so you can be a hitman.

    18. Homicadal Maniac or Silent Assassin?: You should have to get fined when you kill innocent civilians. If they were to see you committing a crime you should put them to sleep, but do not kill them. You should also be able to move bodies around like in the game Hitman. Also you shouldn’t break car windows unless you are being chased. Other than that you should always lock pick or use a crowbar.

    19. Using and selling: You should be able to use drugs such as marijuana or alcohol in the game and it’ll have realistic effects. You should also be able to sell narcotics, and guns.

    20. Multiple characters: The game should at least have two characters, hopefully one a female.

    21. Custom characters: At the beginning of the game you should be able to customize your characters appearance.

    Those are just some of my ideas, hopefully they add some of this stuff. Thanks for reading!

    • 1. They should make a microphone that you talk through and whatever character you are says what you say
      2. You should be able to go an animal shelter and you can adopt a dog or cat but the limit is 5-7 animals for each character

      Those are the only things I can think of

    • 1. Casinos
      2. Leave all buildings enterable during missions open for the free world
      3. Option in stock market website to type in a number of stock to buy instead of having to click the +1 several thousand times. This is one of the few things that I think an autoclicker is good for.
      4. A 3rd person speedometer
      5. By far the most important, make the speeds of the cars the same as the advertised speed on the website. Getting cheated out of half of the Adder’s top speed capabilities is not fun or enjoyable for any of us.

    • I feel a hundred percent the same way of this gentleman it should do everything that he said it’ll make the game so much more fun more addicting and it’ll make people want to play more to try to be better than the next player so therefore it’ll open up the world even more so please have to play more to get more and with the status all that you guys should make a pretty penny on this game because this game will be the best game for 2024 Christmas

  21. 1. there should be a very deep canyon and very high mountain where scanchez rider could do stunts.
    2.there should be some festivals &carnivals.
    3.we can also cut the trees or plant one.
    4.there should be about 5 to 10 spy gageted car.
    5 the player can also get into some of the buildings such as hospital,police station,fire department etc .
    5 we should be able to report for our stolen things.
    6.if we are injured or hit by some the game should tell us what ingury we have get and what operation should be done to be healthy.
    7.we can also do some sugery like face surgery,hair transplant etc.
    8.there should also be some death matches at the mountains & canyons.
    9.when go to swim while wearing clothes the clothes should get wet and then we have to change them

  22. GTA 6 should take place in Chicago with another San Andreas type feel except use colors like red, I think more interaction with utility’s and objects in the home would benefit the game, also a track list with boosie, lil Wayne, future, meek mill, Drake, jayz , kanye West, lil durk(especially if it’s in Chicago), chief keef, r Kelly, j Cole, Kendrick Lamar, t.I., would really take the game to a new level of accomplishment, I think a mysterious story line that leaves suspense, through out the whole game almost like a movie this new GTA 6 should be so good it has a double disc to complete it a 48 hour game to complete, real scenarios, love, mystery, pain, fortune, betrayal, deceit,

  23. Please Just Do It For Ps3 and 4 please And Put The Female As The Main Character With Cool Clothes for Female.You Should Be Able to make RelationShips Like Flirt with a Guy or A Girl.Buy Your Own House Find Jobs and have a family.Get hungry and Eat buy Food and Staff.Children must also be part of the A Long distance to other Cities.Hike people when driving.


    • They should make it to were your mudding on fourwhellers trucks etc. To were you get stuck in the mud and can call someone to come pull you out and add more may cities

    • 1)Lottory
      2)gas for cars, Gas stations, tow truck you can call if your car runs out of gas
      3)challenge npcs to drag races
      4)campers to tow
      5)fishing and hunting
      6)personal pilot/ driver
      7)osprey helicopter plane
      8)lift. Kits
      9)natural disasters/ hazardous weather
      10)call a kidnapper on someone
      11)paintball gun and tazer
      12)realistic driving physics
      13)customizable engine sounds
      14)amphibious vehicles
      15)submersible jets
      16)aircraft carrier with military npcs
      17)phone/camera/furniture store
      18)character slowly grows facial hair
      19) cops can pull you over and give you a ticket or even dui

      • Yup all those sounds good too, to make game lil more reality by eating when hungry, sleep when tired, fill vehicles up when out of fuel. Most what we do for real put into GTA 6….

  25. Carlos delgado

    Just make GtA 6 just like in real life when can travel around the whole world and go to jail due timeand breaking into people’s houses rob them and have all the clothes we have in real life like Jordans or Nikes Aeropostale American Eagle and stuff like that and timberlandsmy house’s payment pay the bills go to hospital and join gangs input like famous people and we can rob them take their house their money or carjust made GTA 6 way better than GTA 5and have a boyfriends or girlfriends and have petsthey make our character is how tall we want them or short

  26. Jdbbd hdhbdjjb hsjkao jdbxh hjwvdkn hugjdb gdvkkap vominos jshxj

  27. I believe it would be fun to have multiple cities. Along with a lot more heists missions to play. It should have at least 20 cars from each category such as (muscle, imports, classics, sports, and super cars). It’ll be fun to have natural disasters such as (snow storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, meteorites, tsunamis, floods, and forests fires). You should be able to customize your vehicles in more ways than one. Such as, adding more power to your engine. Making it reach faster top speeds, and handling it better. Add tons of more rims, and body and ground effects. Along with different tones of paint vinyls. Add numerous different sets of head & tail lights. Along with a numerous amount of guns with attachments, and looks to make them have aim & percision. You can take on roles as portraying cops, fire fighters, and military personnel. It’ll be awesome to have different holster and belts to hold your fire arms, like ( dual wield pistols and shotgun or machine gun strap on the back). You should only be able to carry what your body can hold. Like for instance two pistols on your side, and shotgun on your back. Along with a snub nose strapped to your ankle or the back of your belt. It will be cool to show your body armor with bullet holes in it. You can take a few spare clips like 3, and have a ammo belt to show your shells and other ammunition. To keep it realistic so when you run out of ammo, you gotta run and get away or hide to evade them. Also walk in to places and rob them solo without doing a mission. Boost cars and sell them to make money. Have a personal stock of guns in your house to interchange your weapons out. If you wanted to carry something different, but always have a small supply of ammo. And always go to the gun store to re up and buy newer weapons.
    Have your own custom character to build and change appearance over time

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